Hyperdrive … engaged!

The definition of hyperdirve has been redefined today LOL. I’m in a state of shock of what I managed to accomplish today. Seriously, it was a lot even by my turbo speeds.

  1. Quick summary of today; printed out the tissue paper for mum’s star, quilted it, removed 99% of the paper, and got the binding put on – still needs to be sewn down
  2. Yoga mat – deciphered two patterns and cobbled them together to one for me, with lots of reverse stitching and rereading instructions thinking WTH???
  3. Getting reacquainted with my quilt books – yes they were found!!!

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I think I got it .. maybe

quiltlayoutThis is something I’ve been batting around in my mind for a few days now – well more than a few days.  I’ve been thinking about this the whole time I was working on it.  I wanted to use motifs that were mum’s passions – she loved cats and gardening  she loved to read and a million other things, but you could find her outside in the garden soon as the weather broke – her and I would be so excited when we saw the first crocus pop up through the snow – the true harbingers of spring – never mind that weasely rodent pfft .. as if I would believe an overgrown rat!  Crocus – you can believe them for sure!

So I finally decided on using cat paws, tulips and gardening tools.  I went back and forth on this a million times – did I want the pink entwined to be negative space, did I want to use coffee cups .. ugh.  These thoughts would follow me to sleep and when i woke.  I put it up on my design wall and stared at it, put it on the floor and stared at it.  I knew I wanted a looser motif for the center, matching triangle corners seems like a good idea.

Like I said, I think I’ve got it, I’m sure this will evolve as I work on it the one thing I know for sure is the center block and I really like the idea of the cat paws wandering around the center block – the gardening motif may change and so may the corner motifs.  As it is, the paw motifs might be side by side like the cat is walking – I’ll just have to see what I find.

Least the first block is a definite LOL

Blanket Stitch Graduate

20150222_22533120150223_015233I can honestly say that I’ve got blanket stitch down pat now LOL. Was a bit awkward getting started and getting into a groove.  I opted to use my machine for the stems after strategic placement of fusible web.  The idea of going through all the layers of the bias strip stems I found rather daunting to do on my first go round of hand applique.  Continue reading

Mum’s Entwined Star

I just love the variety of looks you can get with HSTs. I wanted to do this with the bandanas I picked up at Michaels the other day – I had a hard time cutting into them as I was terrified I wouldn’t have enough or would make a cutting mistake. I worked it out in Quilt Pro then sent my numbers off to my quilt list. And my math was confirmed.

20150221_02275020150220_23233940 HST later and a lot of VERY careful sewing it was coming together.  The original measurement of the bandana were 22” x 22”,  The material said 100% cotton but it felt really weird – even to account for sizing – really slick / slippery.  So I washed it .. and it did prove to be cotton LOL .. went down to 20” x 20” – yes panic ensued as my measurements were for a 24” star – ya that wasn’t going to work anymore.  Sooo back to the drawing board – or rather resize and run the rotary chart in my program lol.  Finally it ‘grew’ to 18 1/2Continue reading

Quilt Plotting .. Pin Cushions

I was thinking about the bandanas I picked up yesterday and that they were HUGE when I opened them up – I didn’t want to do an economy block that freeken big – so I started to plot .. hee hee .. yes no surprise to anyone I’m sure. I’ve mentioned before I love to design with HSTs and love the look they give. I designed Kyle’s Spinner quilt all with HSTs.  You can get so many unique looks with just one simple block.

mums entwined starI’m finally at the point where I can do something for my mum.  She passed in 2006 after a 25 year battle with breast cancer  I plan on hanging this in my sewing room so her and I can sew together once again  Mum taught me to sew by hand, by machine, do garment construction, embroider etc etc etc So with the bandanas I came up with an entwined star block – it started out at 24” but is now down to 15” – it was at 18” but I washed the bandanas and lost a few inches LOL  I plan to start on this tomorrow.  One of the bandanas got all wonky in the wash – totally out of skew – I just might rewet it and try and block it into shape

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Time out for girls!

What an absolutely fantabulous day!!! I got some awesome girl time with my gf. As well as quality time at a fabric store and a quilt store as well as Michaels LOL.  You’ve heard me mention before that I wanted to make a bag for my yoga mat – I just didn’t know which one I wanted to use.  The issue with one was double drawstring openings top and bottom – the other had a too wide strap (easily fixed I know) and the shoulder strap was way to wide  Soooooo I’ll use most of the design from this one but certain refinements from this one – this one told me of the short comings they found for themselves and I tended to agree with them – to short of bag, really weird pocket style etc and she even mentioned 10 layers of fabric – ya no thanx.  I’m going to use most of the first tutorial with certain refinements (such as a bottom to the bag) Continue reading

Weekend Sewing

20150214_191711One of my quilt lists planned for a weekend frenzy of sewing; what grand and great plans I had .. life has a nasty way of sticking it’s nose in where it definitely doesn’t belong.  But that’s okay – I got some stuff done – and I had a really good time chatting with my fellow quilt addicts.  And I even won a block of my choice.  it was the perfect weekend to stay in and sew as the temperatures plummeted to sub zero in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.  My one dog found his own unique way to deal with the freezing temps – I swear he’s part cat!!  There was even frost on the windows up stairs which is where my sewing room, yoga loft, and bedroom are – it was quite toasty in my sewing room – especially once my iron got turned on Continue reading