Maniac Monday ..

The battle of the fleas is heating up ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve turned myself into a flea warrior and will not quit until they are all dead! My battle plan is easy .. critter baths, and oodles of vacuuming and washing. **sigh ..

Yesterday it took me bout 3 hours to vacuum my house .. now I don’t have a big house – it’s roughly 1000 ft2, and that’s mostly on one floor .. 3 bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen. We have hardwood floors and ceramic tile, with this crappy industrial stuff in the bedrooms. I used the shop vac and got just about every nook and cranny. Moved the couch, tv, tables, stove (not the fridge or water cooler), got on my hands and knees and got in all the edges too. I didn’t move mum’s entertainment center .. it’s just to bloody big. Critters are still scratching, but I will not give in. What I think I need to do is also buy a flea comb. For some reason with the cats, the fleas really stick to their furr and we spend forever picking them out. So baths for the critters and then the flea comb and vacuuming in all the nooks and crannies too .. I didn’t do kyle’s room (bugger didn’t pick up his floor). There was NO way I could bend over by the time I was done with the sewing room – nor did I move a bunch of stuff in here, but i will have to. Kyle is going to vacuum his room when he gets home from school and my room as well.

I did get a LOT of great ideas from this page here for natural flea prevention and plan do use some of these ideas .. the eucalyptus and the borax sounds good to me .. I still have to figure out the basement – i am NOT looking forward to that!! Figure i can use the “sprinkling” idea down there

Before I did the house, I got the flannel pieced for my 1800 quilt – I wanted to get it done before kyle went to school so he could put the machine down for me – heh .. I’m calling this section “frankensection” as the back is pieced for this one too LOL. But it’s all basted and just waiting for me to quilt it .. I’ll try in a bit as my back is protesting from the abuse from yesterday and Sunday (dog bathing), if I can’t, I have my rhodendron wc or gran’s quilt to work on.

I could have had my 97 swap quilt finished last nite too! I just rather ran out of steam on it tho. I did get 4 more patches sewn down and have the last 4 pinned :D. WOOO HOOO .. I’ll finish that tonite watching “The Biggest Loser” That’ll be something off my list! I think next I might work on gramma’s quilt next for tv hand work .. I’m going to tie this one (first time ever) and finish up the binding – just one side left and there’s still the hand qulting i started while up North in Bobcaygeon ..

Sunday Stitches, etc ..

T oday I decided to try to cut out the fabrics I needed for clue #1 of Carmen’s all in the colour family mystery .. I’m not back to ‘normal’ yet (whatever that is??) so didn’t want to aggravate what progress I’ve made by overdoing it. This time around, I wanted to do red, in a mini size .. each clue will end up 4 ยฝ” unfinished. I think that it’s going to be just darling!! I went for a more ‘masculine’ taste this time .. altho the red floral on white rather kills that .. BUT maybe they won’t notice?? ah well .. what can you say .. it’s not girly girl.

Not only did I manage to cut out the strips for clue #1, I actually managed to sew it ๐Ÿ™‚ I put the strips on ‘backwards’ for one and that rather threw off my married seams so whacked it out a size a bit, but it sure gives anyways, so I’m not entirely to worried about it .. heh .. note the penny for size comparison. This is my first ‘mini’ and I actually pretty excited about it .. let me tell you .. sewing one up is a wee bit different than other pieces I’ve done .. You’ve got to be spot on for each and every seam .. if you’re not .. boy you can really notice it .. but there’s no way I’m frogging this .. nuh uh ..

I did manage to get 8 more patches repaired on my 97 swap quilt. What takes the longest is ripping out the old stitches and making sure that I’ve gotten all the old material out of there .. if not, then you can see it .. Today because the green fabric was fraying at the seam edge, I stitched the patch right on top instead of under the green .. I’m hoping that is the worst block to repair .. Granted this is for me and I’m not expecting this to be perfect nor am I doing this til it’s perfect .. functional really does work for me in this case .. I figure I can make all the mistakes on this one. So after tomorrow’s football game, I should have another set of 4 patches done .. maybe 8 in total .. and if that’s the case, that’s the whole quilt repaired .. then there’ll be some spot repairs in other areas .. not to sure how I’m going to do them yet – I’ll have to think about it.

I couldn’t stand to watch the cats and dog scratch like fiends anymore .. so they all got baths! yes even the cats .. I did the dog outside so I wouldn’t have to bend over the tub .. it was easier, but I was still done in after that for a few hours. Then it was a matter of waiting for Shadow to make her appearance .. Pix is always around – but Shadow makes her own schedule – she comes up at nite when everyone’s in bed .. pfft .. I had no clue if she was a howler yowler or not and if I would have skin left after I was done .. it’s not her nature to go after anyone, but trying to get away, she might take a substantial amount of me with her .. Kyle managed to grab her and bring her up .. She got washed in the kitchen sink ๐Ÿ™‚ and i have all my skin too! She didn’t say a word until afterwards when I was drying her belly .. she growled at me – heh .. after all she went thru, I figured she’d had enough and let her go .. under the couch she went to clean herself off .. Pix was as easy as I thought, but he fought me more ..

So no bites scratches etc .. I’ll be having to do all the animals again this week .. I’m going totally militant now … the one shots haven’t worked, nor the collars, and we will have to be more evil with cleaning – if this doesn’t work, it’ll be treatment at the vet and a professional bombing of our house .. so .. flea killer grace is on the move ๐Ÿ™‚ tomorrow I will vacuum every nook and cranny . I think I can handle to do that . .but with my back, there is no way I can do the whole house by myself .. I might have to get the kid to wash the floor .. naw .. I’d rather cripple myself first .. it’ll be done right the first time ..

7 Sections Done

I did it! All the pieces that I had basted are now quilted!! A few days later than I wanted it to be, but ah well .. what can you do! I spent the past 2 days just taking my time quilting up the rest of the sections.

I did have one moment of worry that my machine was going on vaca and not taking it with me!! At first I thought it was my basting .. this is the one where I did thread basting – I’m thinking to myself .. oh I couldn’t have done it that badly!! Then I noticed (after I was just bout done) that the stitching was pulling and laying on top of my quilting .. I’m like .. I KNOW I didn’t change the tension! But then I sat there thinking .. with all the stops and starts, twists and turns, I betcha that either I or the quilt hit the tension and changed it. The thread wasn’t pulling thru freely either. So I actually finished quilting (Why??? I have no bloody idea as I knew I was going to frog this bit (?)), and then unthreaded the machine, changed the tension back to 3, (it was at 5), rethreaded it and started again ..

Well that fixed it .. All I had to do was rip out that quilting and start again .. of course this was the last section that I had to quilt!

Reg pulled up mum’s machine for me, so now I can piece the flannel that I have left from the other pieces and make enough for one more piece for section #8. Heh .. for this one I’ll even piece the back .. I have to piece one section back too ..

It’s hard to believe that I am sooo close to being finished!! Seriously .. I just have to trim these last sections down, attach them together, get more flannel next week, then ditch stitch all the way around the piece quilt, quilt the borders, bind it stitch it down and it’s actually done (!) This is the home stretch .. seems so hard to believe after all this time .. WOW!ย  I know this seems like a lot, but in reality it isn’t.ย  This is just bits n pieces that are all part of finishing a quilt.

So next steps are to do the piecing of flannel and back, baste and quilt that one section.

Once I get this piecing done, I might start cutting the piece for Carmen’s colour family mystery .. that started yesterday and while I have all week, I can just cut the bits that I need to make a mini ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll have to see.

Colour Family Mystery – Clue 1

This weekend marks the start of the OST (One Stitch At A Time) October Month Long sew-in .. which has now officially launched this with the release of her mystery – All in the Colour Family that I was part of testing on Labour Day weekend, but couldn’t post pics. These were my fabric choices. We needed dark, medium, light, pale and white ..

At the time I wrote this, I have been unable to cut due to back spasms .. I am better today and have actually sewed, but not sure I’ll be cutting yet … we’ll have to see. No more sharp, stabbing pains .. more like a steady burning now .. So I’ll sort of cheat .. I do want to share the fun I had with this mystery with you, so for now, I’ll be posting my test piece pics .. I’ll still show my new piece, but not until I can cut it and figure the math for it .. LONG story .. but it involves math and with pain killers, not even gonna trust it right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, here’s Clue #1 – kind of makes you wonder, hmmm?? she’ll be releasing a clue a week – so stay tuned for more

I hope to be cutting my choices for the actual running of the mystery .. I want to do a mini this time around and in red me tinks .. so when i have that done, i will definitely be sharing that with you ..

Back at it again .. finally!

Finally the sharp, debilitating back spasms appear to be gone .. now it’s just the deep ache (burning ache) instead .. I was actually able to go to WalMart tonite and walk around for a bit … mind you, I had to use the cart to walk and support myself, but there was none of the ‘bring-you-to-your-knees” pain that I’ve been experiencing for the past 3 days .. or is it 2?? I’ve not sewn a stitch since the last entry where I pieced 3 sections on my 1800 quilt into one.

Tonite I did get some quilting done, not as much as I wanted, but enough to keep me content .. altho i could likely keep going, I want to stop now, take a hot bath and try to get to sleep at a somewhat decent hour .. last nite I tried to sleep from 1am on . didn’t finally fall asleep until like 5am .. I know I heard Reg’s alarm .. that so was not a fun / comfortable nite for me at all .. and I was still spasming last nite too.

I have now gotten 2 more sections totally finished quilted .. I wanted to do three tonite and sew them up, but I’ll leave that part of the construction until I’m feeling better. I’m going to have Reg set up mum’s machine (does zig zag) for me so I can piece the flannel for one section, then that only leaves me 1 section to buy flannel for and also getting flannel for gran’s quilt .. that is next on my list, as she should be home now from down South and it’ll be getting cooler up there now.

I’m not cutting for a bit either .. just the bits that I need to do for piecing the sections of this quilt. Carmen’s colour mystery started tonite and I haven’t cut anything for it … but I have a week until the next clue .. until then, later on today, I’ve a post scheduled that will show my first clue from when I tested the pattern on labour day weekend. I’ve a few posts that I’ve scheduled for later times – might want to subscribe to the feed for this blog as I’ll not always be posting that they are up on the lists.

So that’s it for tonite – early stopping and a hot bath .. maybe by not pushing myself (it’s not like i’ve a time limit on this quilt), I’ll heal sooner and be back to normal – well at least MY normal self

Hope you are having a great weekend!!

meme (sort of) tag’d

Non Quilt Related Posting ..

Heh .. this has been interesting .. I graduated in a small town bout 45 mins out of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis / St. Paul) .. and Prince WAS HUGE as he was from Minneapolis! But I was such a little headbanger / old skool funk / rappper (now there’s a contradiction of terms if I’ve EVER seen one!!) back then that I really only heard some of these songs as I was walking down the corridors in the dorms LOL – but still do like / despise / hate / love some of these songs .. mind you the research to do this has been interesting .. found just what I needed to hear quick 30sec clips at Last FM.

You know what I don’t see on this list is Cory Hart’s, I Wear Sunglasses at Night .. that was soo HUGE my graduating year .. and we would just crank that thru the dorms .. but like i said .. Megadeath, metallica, iron Maiden, Led Zepplin, Motley Crue ๐Ÿ˜€ .. those are what I mainly listened too .. yeah like any school, we had preps and burnout rockers LOLOLOL .. Oh I went to a Jethro Tull concert and Motley Crue concert my graduating year – now that was FUN!!

The rules:
A) Go to Music Outfitters
B) Enter the year you graduated from high school in the search function and get the list of 100 most popular songs of that year
C) Bold the songs you like, strike through the ones you hate and underline and/or italicize your favorite. Do nothing to the ones you donโ€™t remember (or donโ€™t care about)

* bold italic: turn up the volume and sing along loudly (chair dancing – not lap dancing – may be involved)
* bold: turn up the volume and sing along softly
* italic: leave the volume where it is but smile nostalgically and possibly hum
* plain: leave it be if I’m not paying attention, maybe look for something better if I am (or I don’t know the song)
* strikethrough: change the station
* red strikethrough: lunge violently at the radio and break one or more fingernails trying to change the station as fast as possible

1. That’s What Friends Are For, Dionne Warwick, Elton John, and Gladys Knight
2. Say You, Say Me, Lionel Richie
3. I Miss You, Klymaxx
4. On My Own , Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald
5. Broken Wings, Mr. Mister
6. How Will I Know, Whitney Houston
7. Party All The Time, Eddie Murphy
8. Burning Heart, Survivor
9. Kyrie, Mr. Mister
10. Addicted To Love, Robert Palmer
11. Greatest Love Of All, Whitney Houston
12. Secret Lovers, Atlantic Starr
13. Friends And Lovers, Carl Anderson and Gloria Loring – ???? unknown
14. Glory Of Love, Peter Cetera
15. West End Girls, Pet Shop Boys
16. There’ll Be Sad Songs, Billy Ocean
17. Alive And Kicking, Simple Minds
18. Never, Heart
19. Kiss, Prince and The Revolution
20. Higher Love, Steve Winwood
21. Stuck With You, Huey Lewis and The News
22. Holding Back The Years, Simply Red
23. Sledgehammer, Peter Gabriel
24. Sara, Starship
25. Human, Human League
26. I Can’t Wait, Nu Shooz
27. Take My Breath Away, Berlin
28. Rock Me Amadeus, Falco
29. Papa Don’t Preach, Madonna
30. You Give Love A Bad Name, Bon Jovi
31. When The Going Gets Tough, Billy Ocean
32. When I Think Of You, Janet Jackson
33. These Dreams, Heart
34. Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone), Glass Tiger
35. Live To Tell, Madonna
36. Mad About You, Belinda Carlisle
37. Something About You, Level 42
38. Venus, Bananarama
39. Dancing On The Ceiling, Lionel Richie
40. Conga, Miami Sound Machine
41. True Colors, Cyndi Lauper
42. Danger Zone, Kenny Loggins
43. What Have You Done For Me Lately, Janet Jackson
44. No One Is To Blame, Howard Jones
45. Let’s Go All The Way, Sly Fox
46. I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On, Robert Palmer
47. Words Get In The Way, Miami Sound Machine
48. Manic Monday, Bangles
49. Walk Of Life, Dire Straits
50. Amanda, Boston
51. Two Of Hearts, Stacey Q
52. Crush On You, Jets
53. If You Leave, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
54. Invisible Touch, Genesis
55. The Sweetest Taboo, Sade
56. What You Need, INXS
57. Talk To Me, Stevie Nicks
58. Nasty, Janet Jackson
59. Take Me Home Tonight, Eddie Money
60. We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off, Jermaine Stewart
61. All Cried Out, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam With Full Force
62. Your Love, Outfield
63. I’m Your Man, Wham!
64. Perfect Way, Scritti Politti – STFU
65. Living In America, James Brown
66. R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A., John Cougar Mellencamp
67. Who’s Johnny, El Debarge
68. Word Up, Cameo (still chair dancing … )
69. Why Can’t This Be Love, Van Halen
70. Silent Running, Mike + The Mechanics
71. Typical Male, Tina Turner
72. Small Town, John Cougar Mellencamp
73. Tarzan Boy, Baltimora
74. All I Need Is A Miracle, Mike + The Mechanics
75. Sweet Freedom, Michael McDonald
76. True Blue, Madonna
77. Rumors, Timex Social Club (yup – still chair dancing to this one too)
78. Life In A Northern Town, Dream Academy
79. Bad Boy, Miami Sound Machine
80. Sleeping Bag, ZZ Top
81. Tonight She Comes, Cars
82. Love Touch, Rod Stewart
83. A Love Bizarre, Sheila E. (seriously Prince-ish :))
84. Throwing It All Away, Genesis
85. Baby Love, Regina
86. Election Day, Arcadia
87. Nikita, Elton John
88. Take Me Home, Phil Collins
89. Walk This Way, Run-D.M.C.
90. Sweet Love, Anita Baker
91. Your Wildest Dreams, Moody Blues
92. Spies Like Us, Paul McCartney
93. Object Of My Desire, Starpoint
94. Dreamtime, Daryl Hall
95. Tender Love, Force M.D.’s
96. King For A Day, Thompson Twins
97. Love Will Conquer All, Lionel Richie
98. A Different Corner, George Michael
99. I’ll Be Over You, Toto
100. Go Home, Stevie Wonder

Well so that’s that .. 100 songs later and I’m still glad (for the most part) that the mid 80’s are GONE! LOL

Okay since I wasn’t officially tagged .. I’m just going to email this post link to Carmen, Joy, Tracy(of course), and Bobbie (she already did this .. ) and let’s see what they come up with shall we??