Last Week’s Progress

20150314_230103Progress was made during the week amazingly enough. This shift ending at 1am is kicking my butt. I’m sort of on a midnight sleeping schedule but am so brain dead when I get home that I’m rather useless for much else LOL .. Altho I do get stuff done Each of these blocks takes me over an hour to make and that’s only if I don’t make a mistake and have frog stitch it – I named one of them my problem child. Progress is slow but steady and I am having fun – it is going to take a long time to get all the blocks done for this quilt. Continue reading

Weekend Quilty Binge

20150307_212419Three days of no major quilting was rather painful. The only issue with working is that it cuts into my quilting time LOL. But need a pay check to pay for fabric.  Although I did take a bit each night to sew down the binding bit by bit.   Finally on Friday night there was just a bit left of the binding to do and the hanging tabs, so I took the rest of the night to finish it up.  I’m happy with how it worked out.  I had my doubts all the way through working on this, from the background, the applique, and the quilting.  Most of the way through, I knew I wanted to do hanging tabs with buttons – and I sewed them on using my sewing machine LOL.  I do love a good workaround that doesn’t look like one!  It all came together nicely and turned out way better than I could have expected.  Once I pic up another dowel, I’ll hang it up here in my loft near the top of the stairs. Continue reading

7 hours of quilting later

20150301_054543All through yesterday I had thought I had totally lost what little marbles I seem to have left – and trust me, it’s not many most days! Initially quarter circles were speaking to me for the background – I got a smidge of the way through and then they didn’t speak so much – so I let it be overnight and looked at it the next day. Nope – didn’t work so much for me afterall – so out they came!  The whole background of this quilt is negative space to highlight the flower pot and flowers.  I really love the idea of doing little circles, totally love the look they give and seem so whimsical and carefree.  The idea of doing little circles on my 15K almost brings me to my knees in tears.  It just is not going to happen and then the idea of having to rip out all the tissue pieces later makes me want to gnaw my wrists open.  And yes I’d do tissue paper marking for the circles – my eyes would cross otherwise – they’d cross with the tissue paper marking anyways – the circle quilting came out amazingly easy – that should’ve been a clue as to how much I was in for LOL Continue reading

Hyperdrive … engaged!

The definition of hyperdirve has been redefined today LOL. I’m in a state of shock of what I managed to accomplish today. Seriously, it was a lot even by my turbo speeds.

  1. Quick summary of today; printed out the tissue paper for mum’s star, quilted it, removed 99% of the paper, and got the binding put on – still needs to be sewn down
  2. Yoga mat – deciphered two patterns and cobbled them together to one for me, with lots of reverse stitching and rereading instructions thinking WTH???
  3. Getting reacquainted with my quilt books – yes they were found!!!

Continue reading

Blanket Stitch Graduate

20150222_22533120150223_015233I can honestly say that I’ve got blanket stitch down pat now LOL. Was a bit awkward getting started and getting into a groove.  I opted to use my machine for the stems after strategic placement of fusible web.  The idea of going through all the layers of the bias strip stems I found rather daunting to do on my first go round of hand applique.  Continue reading

So far .. not to bad


I’m actually surprised and impressed with my progress so far .. using freezer paper and liquid starch has made a world of difference .. so far at least .. but honestly the hard part for me is done .. I just wanted to see how it was going to look .. felt like I was playing pin the tail on the donkey .. all those yellow dots are pins lol.  I may actually make the stalks longer as I will have the room .. we’ll just have to see. Continue reading

Braving the Next Step

For better or for worse, I’m on the path to losing my mind. Again LOL .. it’s not happened yet – not even reared it’s ugly head, but like a storm on the horizon, it is coming LOL. I know that sounds ominous – but there is a reason that applique is not my favourite thing or my forte – it generally drives me crazy and I’m not very good at it all. Continue reading