Modern-ish Twist

Yesterday I was busy! I started out the day with an itch to do another watercolour πŸ˜€ So I surfed the net and found this pic .. I thought it would be a nice wc when I got it done .. so I dived into my wc stash and found some nice pinks, reds, greens and colours between and started to sort and cut.

What I thought would look really neat, is putting a border just inside the edges of the picture. I’ll do this either black, dark green dark blue or whatever dark colour I have kicking around. I’ve been putting squares up and down off this thing most of the afternoon .. I’m close, but not quite there yet .. I can almost see the flowers in this .. there are a few spots that are giving me issues, but it’s just a matter of finding the right square to put there .. I do love working this medium and do have a lot of fun with it. I will quilt the flower to hopefully make it stand out more. I am struggling in a few places with this, but it’s not going to perfect overnight .. this one is just going to have to be picked at off and on for a bit until it IS right .. because right now it’s not.

I also picked up a book yesterday (Thank you Daddy!!) I’m interested in doing some abstract work – small little quiltlets, but I have NO idea what on God’s green earth I am doing .. soooooo I needed a book that explained some of the techniques and tools used for this medium .. the magazine that my dad picked me up seemed to be more for more experienced fibre artists – i’m a pure rookie and well needed a abstract quilts for dummies πŸ˜€ They didn’t have that, but what they did have was fabric art workshop by Susan Stein. She shows you how to do 27 different techniques and from reading them these are actually pretty simple .. I am much more confident now with trying this medium. This book is great and I’m going to have a blast with it!

I was rather disappointed in the bookstore we went to .. granted Windsor’s not a HUGE city or metropolis, but our Chapters here is pretty big .. their section on quilting was a piddly 2 stacks – and these are the short stacks too .. I was taller than them! This book was the only one like it in the store. bah!

Lots of little stuff done ..

Another day with stuff accomplished, but not a red letter day like yesterday … but still a nice productive day.

While watching the Tigers play tonite, I decided to put that time to good use and finally frogged the Underground Railroad blocks .. so those are all done and ready for me.

All of the pieces for these blue Sister blocks was cut out, and I pieced 4 of them. I opted not to do the draw the line then sew, then cut. What i did do, was make sure that these squares measured 3″ and then put them right sides together and then cut them in half for the HSTs. After they were stitched and pressed, I squared them up. Yes this took a bit longer, but I knew that my pieces were good to go and that sewing them together wouldn’t be aggravating. I didn’t have to spend as much time hiding wonky seams like I did yesterday – so it did go faster in that regard. Four more of these left – the the Ohio Star blocks πŸ™‚

I changed my mind about the backing for the Ohio Stars – It was a yellow cream with red berries and blue flowers on it – quilt pro doesn’t take these to size and it makes it tricky to figure exactly what the scale will be – and that is just way to much math for me to bother with .. so I did it the old fashioned way .. i pulled out my choices and then put the blue sisters block on top of it .. I showed it to reg and he goes .. well definitely not THAT one .. guess what “THAT” one was .. yup – the orginal fabric I had picked LOL .. so I pulled some paisleys that I have and one was all various shades of pink and just didn’t look right … I decided on this one because of the blue and cream in the pattern .. I have more than enough of it and it’s a good compliment to the rest of the quilt . the Ohio Star blocks will be near the red Double X blocks and the Sisters Blocks .. so I needed something that would go well with those colours.

Last night I cut all the squares for the summer mystery quilt for August 9th. I made a few changes in my fabrics and these are the final ones .. no going back now .. they are cut – my first mystery πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I joined a new list a few days ago – this list is called abstract challenge .. there is a monthly challenge based on a concept, and you need to create an 8″ quiltlet that shows this concept .. you can use any embellishment to help you do this .. paints, buttons, lace, ribbons, rickrack – whathaveyou .. I’m really looking forward to this and can’t wait .. This is really going to stretch my creative muscles in a way I would like to grow them ..

So didn’t get HUGE amounts of stuff done, but did get a lot done – little things that needed to be done – But I do have a few really neat things to look forward to – the challenge, the mystery, getting my blocks done for my quilt, then attaching the border – Not much longer till I have all the blocks done .. wow .. I need to think about my next project – heheheheheheh – Like that’s ever been a problem

Do You Believe in the Fabric Fairy??

This was a full long day. Full of good things (surprises) and frustrating things (previous post) – but it was a busy day πŸ™‚ .. Can’t complain about days that are full of ‘life’.

I had been taking breaks while sewing up the set of the sisters blocks and was checking email .. I suddenly hear this sound scrap swishy (?!?) I’m like what the devil is that .. I looked under my cutting table in case Shadow was into something again – (She was keeping me company today and had been checking out all sorts of things), but saw her looking under the dresser where I put my fabric .. I sit here and just watch her taking swipes at the cutting mat that I put under there to keep it out of the way .. You’d think it was a critter than she had never seen before and kept taking swipes at it LOL – I was actually surprised she didn’t hiss at .. I would have totally lost it then – She has the the sweetest most delicate little hiss . I call her Princess Hiss .. Poor Baby .. (this was actually an action shot of her swiping it). Needless to say .. she did NOT like it one bit and after 5 minutes of taking swipes at it she got bored and walked away .. tail flicking like mad LOL

My dad stopped by as well today .. he and Kyle went to my aunt’s while they were galavanting across the creek in Detroit yesterday and she sent a care package of fabric for me .. I was just saying something about the fabric fairy and voila! FABRIC πŸ˜€ .. It’s some really nice stuff too .. and there’s even a reproduction print in there – yeah me!! Also on one of my lists, another lady had some flannel that she wasn’t going to use at all and gave up on selling it .. well she posted to the list that she had this and all we had to pay for was the postage .. again the fabric fairy heard me πŸ˜€ .. I was just saying that I’m getting to the point where I need to do something about finding some flannel for my 1800s quilt as I’m going to use that for batting. And here it is .. this is the only way I could get this flannel too .. The fabric fairy DOES exist!!

Later I opted to not cut the pieces out for the last 8 sisters blocks .. on another list I’m on, there is a summer mystery that starts on August 9th and I hadn’t picked out my fabric yet. So I spent this afternoon doing that and later on I cut out all the 5″ squares that are needed for this. This is going to be my first mystery and I’m pretty excited about it .. August 9th is still ohhh so very far away! But the fabrics are cut out, put in baggies to keep my velvet paw (shown above) from wandering off with my squares. Oh speaking of the velvet paw .. she’s back and peering under the dresser again LMAO!!!!

So this was a busy and very good day! Kyle found my missing box of goodies; the fabric fairy blessed me twice; I got the tricky set of Sisters blocks done; picked out my fabric and cut it for the mystery; and got the basement cleaned up

Welp it’s late (not as late as normal for me), and I’ve been up since 5am and it’s almost 2am .. I’m whacked and heading to bed πŸ™‚

Tomorrow .. the other 8 sisters and maybe the Ohio Star blocks πŸ˜€ wow this is getting close – *kittyhappydance*

I’m my own worst enemy somedays :S heh

You know, I just couldn’t figure out for the life of me why my rectangles in these sisters blocks were giving me so much grief .. my test block went off without a hitch .. so – I decided to get very extra steps .. with each star point that I did, I square up the pieces .. the squared pieces would be 4&#0190″ square, so i squared them up and then realized immediately, that my rectangles were cut for 25/8 x 45/8 – Oh Bloody HELL!! NO freeping wonder – AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH – **deep breath** Okay .. no big deal, sew my seam an 1/8″ shorter – well that worked .. my block laid flat – whew!

I discovered another issue while doing this .. with my ‘testing’ my sewing and doing the speed piecing method, I did those HSTs at a spot-on &#0188″ seam, well my math / directions etc called for a smidge less .. so my HSTs aren’t exactly 25/8″ when finished .. talk about being your own worst enemy. I’m going to end up with squished points on these stars, but some will be okay.

So these next 4 blocks with this blue, will be done VERY carefully .. but they will be a nice flat 11″ unfinished block πŸ˜€

Thank God I only have 8 more of these blocks to go after these 4 – the strips are cut out already so I can correct the rectangle for the next 8, and will do my smidge seam for the HSTs .. those blocks might actually be ‘perfect’ .. heh .. I certainly don’t have to worry about this quilt being perfect .. it’s well past that LOL

Good things do come πŸ™‚

My son has been trying to get back into my good graces by doing some yuck work in the basement .. well in his workings yesterday he found a box that I’ve been crazy looking for – you know … the one that is listed in my projects to find?? The one with my dyes, green pigma pen, pooh bear stamps, handing quilting thread and all those betweens?? I asked him this morning to please keep his eyes open for a box that had this stuff in it .. wouldn’t you know, the little darling said, “Oh, I found that yesterday!” I dared not hope too hard – but he brings it up and voila! There’s my missing stuff .. the box wasn’t labelled so no wonder I couldn’t find the blasted thing!! But I have my fabric dyes again – oh and novelty buttons that I forgot I had .. altho, I thought I had more of them – He’s going to keeps his eyes open for other sewing related stuff .. this is just GREAT news!!!!

Blue Sisters in progress; piecing methods

Tonite I tried a technique that I’d not done in a long time. My HSTs were a wee bit wonky, so I decided to try speed piecing to see if it was my cutting or stitching. I really am not fond of this method for several reasons;
1) It seems to take forever to get the lines drawn;
2) I am crouched over my cutting table longer than I wanted to be and
3) my smaller rulers are MIA at this point and time, I know that one is broken, I found it when I was packing up the basement before we moved (GRRR – KIDS).

I really do prefer chain piecing – for me that is the quickest and most accurate way to piece. You rather get into a groove with doing the pieces.

I just happened to be looking around when I spotted my corner marker ruler that I don’t use anymore and saw my 11″ cutting mat – light bulb went off … I can sit at the machine and do my lines, stitching and cuts. Well that’s what I did and I have discovered that it’s not my cutting or sewing, it’s my pressing .. I’m dragging the iron over these pieces and it puts them out of whack! Well there’s that problem solved πŸ˜€ So in the meantime, I’ve my HSTs done for 8 of the blue Sister’s blocks and only 3 sewn up .. it does take longer – or so it seems … I’m not sure at this point, because even though I started later, I fully expected to have the 8 blocks put together tonite .. ah well .. there’s the 5 to do tomorrow (later today actually :S) and then cut out the other 8 blue sisters blocks. I’m still moving forward – slowly but surely .. I’m sure the the rest of these will make up in no time at all

Moving along …

Today was productive πŸ˜€ Not HUGE productive, but definitely moving forward.

I finished the inner sisters blocks so those are all done now, and have cut the strips for the 16 outer blocks. I had 2, &#0189 yd pieces of blue that I really liked and wanted to use and happend to get lucky as these strips needed 16 7/8″ and I had 18″ of each πŸ˜‰ **kittyhappydance**.

Please pray for no cutting mistakes .. because there is no room for error .. BUT if I do mess up, I have 2 other blues that will fit in nicely here .. matter of fact, if I didn’t have enough of the two blues, then I would have used this other 2 FQs as fillers – so it works out.

My adjustments worked for these blocks .. I did &#0188″ seams instead of my smidge less, and my blocks were just about spot-on! Heh .. only 16 more to go (!)

Since I just have these blocks and the 8 Ohio Stars to make, I’ve been starting to think about my borders .. I played with a few tonite and I really like a few of the 9 patch and 4 patch variations – but this border is only 2 &#0189″ wide .. so I think that either an alternating block border or just a strip would be better .. the quilt has it’s own personality and a pieced border isn’t going to be necessary ..

Now the other thing that I was thinking that since I am doing quilt as you go, then maybe i should just add my strip on when I put the pieces together .. this will just add the 2″ or so at the one side. And they should (hopefully) be square-ish when they are put together. Oh this quilt measures 100&#0189 x 100&#0189″, so a wide border will not be needed to finish it off – matter of fact, I think that it will pull away from the flow and design of the quilt top

Why write notes if you don’t review them …

I thought I would try and save some time by reposting the previous pic of my inner Sister’s block .. well i looked at it and it was the one that was all wonky .. Heh .. to bad I didn’t look at it before I started to sew this one up. **Future Note to Self: Go back over your previous notes you twit!! (@@) Might have saved some frogging. Nothing to major though.

Lately my cutting seems to be off a bit, not sure why – the ruler’s not moving – I might not have the fold lined up properly. So I’ve ‘adjusted’, I’ve gotten in the habit of making my seam a smidge – no not scant – smidge less than &#0188″ just to leave myself some wiggle room – well I’m also doing that when I cut .. just a few threads past the lines .. well combine the smidge with a few threads on a block that has a lot of pieces, and you are looking at &#0188 – &#0189″ of extra fabric sticking out the edges when you make a block that has this many pieces. With less pieces, it’s not that much.

If I had looked at the block before i started to sew, I would have went – ahhhhh .. and not made the same mistake twice .. see what happens when you don’t come back to something for a bit?? Creates all sorts of mischief with yourself LOL

At any rate, I fixed it as I went along, and while I’m going to lose the points on this block, I’ll know what NOT to do for the other 3 inner Sisters and the 16 outer Sisters.

Well, it’s after 4am (again) I’m off .. let’s hope I can sleep .. was up til round 9am yesterday, then slept to 2pm I think .. I dragged all day with sleeping like that :\

You know .. I’m wondering why all the pics I take of my blocks look ‘off’ .. I KNOW they they are squared, but you sure wouldn’t think so looking at this picture …