Waxing and Dyes

20150401_19593720150401_200018Between the hacking and coughing today I had a blast playing with my dyes, fabric paints, wax and glue. Although the glue version had to be nixed LOL  First thing I did was the textile paint on the yellow with leaves and sunset greeny with paw prints and then I ran out of paint PFFT!!!!  I wasn’t too worried as I did (operative word .. DID) have green dye.. The package I had of Dylon would do about 2 – 2 1/2 yards of fabric, so I started to hunt around for fabric to add to this.  I did do 3/4 yard of white muslin that I had here for just that purpose  I scrunched it up to tight and / or didn’t mix it up good enough at the beginning so it’s more white than I wanted it to be, but I can always do another batik with green when I buy more.  I did a bit of that on the yellow leaves and the paw prints – i really like the effect it gave me and want to play with that more.  I’ve always loved hand dyeing and this is just the icing on the cake for me.

I actually did the glue first then went to the green paint – while I was painting, the glue spread out to much and it was just a hideous blob on the fabric – totally covered the piece – so to the kitchen I went to wash it out before it totally dried.  I was rather disappointed as I wanted to play with glue technique a bit, but lesson learned.  Glue Gel next time,  not just plain white glue.  So left the leaves and paw prints to dry and went and washed the glue off.

20150402_00122020150402_001215Got back upstairs and started to play with the wax.  It was a lot of fun!!  My favourite are the two on the right in the green row. The kid loves the red / black ones. on the right  They weren’t meant to be red :\ ooops! Those were actually a previous dye I did to create orange and it just didn’t turn out right and were more red than orange. It was more red than I wanted it to be so it was perfect for this experiment.  I figured that no matter how it turned out, they wouldn’t be to red anymore LOL and it definitely isn’t super in your face red anymore LOL

20150401_203620Lesson learned – use a thinner brush for my next go at this and I will do this again – I can totally personalize my fabric to ME.  I’m hoping I have enough greens to finish this now – but I might not – I’ll just have to make more if that’s the case or pick up some FQs. I learned that I can layer the dyes / paints between waxings; I did a quick boil to remove the wax, but think it would just be easier to use hot water in the sink to work the wax out.  I’ll have to research more for colour combinations and the effects that dyes will have.  It’ll be a lot of practice to nail this just right – I’m sure I got luckier than I should’ve and my guardian angels were working overtime LOL  Cept for the glue pieces fiasco – and no I didn’t take pictures of that mess  LOL

Oh I have to share this, I am definitely a clever Scots woman!!!  For the wax I used tea lights from the dollar store and my coffee cup warmer – no separate melting pot or boiling water required. Kept the wax at a steady temperature and no mussing with anything.  Grab the tea light, put it on the warmer and just have to wait bout 10 minutes and im good to go. I also picked up puppy training pads from the dollar store for my work surface. The plastic backing is perfect for protecting my table and the other side is great for absorbing excess paint oh and my brushes were from the dollar store too.  I LOVE saving money and it gives me more money for fabric Smile

I just might start the next bock sets tonight – printing out the foundations on my new quilter’s paper and using my new batiks – at the very least I can set it up so it’s ready for me to start tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Waxing and Dyes

  1. Thanx T! I had a blast with it and learned so much .l the easy way this time haha. I’ve dyed my own fabrics for years. Almost every quilt has one of hand dyes in It


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