Waxing and Dyes

20150401_19593720150401_200018Between the hacking and coughing today I had a blast playing with my dyes, fabric paints, wax and glue. Although the glue version had to be nixed LOL  First thing I did was the textile paint on the yellow with leaves and sunset greeny with paw prints and then I ran out of paint PFFT!!!!  I wasn’t too worried as I did (operative word .. DID) have green dye.. The package I had of Dylon would do about 2 – 2 1/2 yards of fabric, so I started to hunt around for fabric to add to this.  I did do 3/4 yard of white muslin that I had here for just that purpose  I scrunched it up to tight and / or didn’t mix it up good enough at the beginning so it’s more white than I wanted it to be, but I can always do another batik with green when I buy more.  I did a bit of that on the yellow leaves and the paw prints – i really like the effect it gave me and want to play with that more.  I’ve always loved hand dyeing and this is just the icing on the cake for me. Continue reading


Block 4, Set 5

20150331_065622Happy Dance!! Block 4 of Set 5 is done 😀  It turned out pretty well me thinks!  A few zigs when there should’ve been a zag, but that’s okay – no puckers and I’m good with that!  I can deal with a few flat spots in my arcs.  As far as I’m concerned it adds character and this quilt is going to have a lot of character LOL.

My greens are getting to be slim pickings so I’ll be making some more.  I’ve done some research on resist dyeing with wax and glue.  I’ll be using yellows, oranges and reds I think for the backgrounds and then use various shades of green over it with maybe cats or butterflies or maybe some abstract designs or see what I can find in the house to use as a stamp.  I’m getting geeked just thinking about it.  I need to remember to pick up some puppy training pads for protection for my table.  I used them the last time – they are great as they are waterproof and totally disposable and I can get them at the dollar store . Even better.  So my three days off which start after I finish work tomorrow night will be filled with fabric dyeing and sewing!  WHEEEEEEEEE

Time out for girls!

What an absolutely fantabulous day!!! I got some awesome girl time with my gf. As well as quality time at a fabric store and a quilt store as well as Michaels LOL.  You’ve heard me mention before that I wanted to make a bag for my yoga mat – I just didn’t know which one I wanted to use.  The issue with one was double drawstring openings top and bottom – the other had a too wide strap (easily fixed I know) and the shoulder strap was way to wide  Soooooo I’ll use most of the design from this one but certain refinements from this one – this one told me of the short comings they found for themselves and I tended to agree with them – to short of bag, really weird pocket style etc and she even mentioned 10 layers of fabric – ya no thanx.  I’m going to use most of the first tutorial with certain refinements (such as a bottom to the bag) Continue reading

Weekend Sewing

20150214_191711One of my quilt lists planned for a weekend frenzy of sewing; what grand and great plans I had .. life has a nasty way of sticking it’s nose in where it definitely doesn’t belong.  But that’s okay – I got some stuff done – and I had a really good time chatting with my fellow quilt addicts.  And I even won a block of my choice.  it was the perfect weekend to stay in and sew as the temperatures plummeted to sub zero in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.  My one dog found his own unique way to deal with the freezing temps – I swear he’s part cat!!  There was even frost on the windows up stairs which is where my sewing room, yoga loft, and bedroom are – it was quite toasty in my sewing room – especially once my iron got turned on Continue reading

Baby Shower Day

20150201_095406[1]20150201_095534[1]Today was the big day for my gf baby shower.  I was rather grumbling a bit that it was at 10:30am on a Sunday, but with today’s blizzard (which is still going on 12 hours later) I’m glad it was early Smile  It was a truly wonderful shower – no games thank God!!  Just breakfast buffet, a cafe bar (OMG it was awesome) and wonderful times with great friends.  Even with the snow coming in like it was, there was an awesome turnout!  I was so busy helping with the gifts I didn’t notice she had reached mine LOL.  Honestly, I teared up when she was looking at it and reading the label – I could hear the emotion in her voice – it’s so nice to know that she loves the quilt.

Continue reading

Tidbits …

I‘ve not managed to get much done this past week at all short of figuring out my borders for the kitty convergence. They still need to be printed on tissue paper, but getting home after midnite last week, I wasn’t so inclined to cut and print. :\ And of course I’m slow in when I get up, so that doesn’t see me bursting with energy to get it done. I WILL get the few sheets I need, cut and printed this week tho. It’s rather sad that I know it’s a matter of maybe 2 hours work and I’ve still not done it. **sigh lazy lazy lazy LOL

On the work front, I do have good news. The first 2 weeks of work were for training ending in a written test that I needed to get 90% on in order to pass and start on the next phase of my training. Friday was the day of my test and I was tickled to get my score back of 97% 😀 Yes it’s an open ‘book’ test as it were, but you still needed to KNOW how to find all the answers and know that they were the right ones. I missed 2 questions and funny enough, they were the same 2 questions that I missed on the previous tests. Ah well .. I passed and today I will start on my next leg of training which is called ‘nesting’. For the next 5 days I will be paired with a senior agent and will be listening to their calls for tech support. We’ll be “Y-Jacked” together, meaning both plugged into one phone, and I’ll be able to listen to him/her take the calls. While listening, I’m hoping to be able to have a puter next to them so that I can search and do the rest of the call while they do. Maybe with luck I’ll feel confident enough to actually take a call today .. I was told during training that the sooner you take a call, the faster you adapt and the better you do – so I’m hoping to try one call today. We’ll have to see how that goes. So this week, I work 4pm – 1am, Monday to Friday. This is likely my last weekend off – we’ll have to see how it goes. Kyle has his confirmation in May, and I need to have that nite off, so I just might see if I can schedule my weekends to be Tues and Wed for May. And his grade 8 graduation is June 22nd, so to ensure that I get that nite off, I might have to schedule that I have tues and another nite off in June.

HPIM2845.jpgI did get a wonderful surprise from Aune in Finland on Friday. I had sent her some tissue paper as she wasn’t sure what it was, and she decided to send me some of her gorgeous hand and sun dyed fabrics. I was totally stunned to receive such gorgeous fabrics .. I never expected this! The one on the bottom right is sun dyed and had salt used on it as well. The one on the bottom left was one that used a technique called pushing up. Aren’t they just gorgeous! And what a nice feel they have .. I think I might use these in a convergence quilt .. they do see well suited for it 😀 Aune thank you very much again for the gorgeous fabrics. Like I mentioned before, these are too dear for tissue paper.

HPIM2847.jpgHPIM2848.jpgSpeaking of fabric, I ordered some a while ago and I hadn’t shared the with you as yet. I got these on sale from the spiders web and just feel in love with the batiks. I’ve no clue what I’ll be doing with them, but I’m sure something will occur to me. I was looking or some background / blenders when I tripped over the batiks, and they were a good price ,so how I could i resist 😉 The piece with LOVE on it and the metallic is an FQ .. and I’ve no clue what I’ll be doing with that one. I just liked it and I thought it would be a cute piece to have. Of course since I have it .. nothing is jumping up and biting me on the nose at all. BUT, I do know that it will speak to me when the time is right. It’s really out of my normal buying pattern. I can honestly say I’ve nothing in my stash that is even remotely like that! I was looking for more oranges, but there wasn’t any there on sale.

HPIM2842.jpgOf course Pixel isn’t one to stand by while other excitement is going on in the house and be ignored! It finally got warm enough here that we opened the windows. Boy did that feel GREAT .. having fresh air thru the house – it’s almost like a cure all tonic! Well Reg went and opened Kyle’s bedroom window, BUT he forgot that the screen is only on one side. So he opened the side with NO screen. And Pix being Pix .. said thankyouverymuch and out he went. Course I didn’t know this .. I was watching something on tv getting harassed by Shadow, when I was starting to wonder WHERE is Pix?? It’s not like him to not be here and try to hog attention all for himself from Shad. I was looking around and wondering just where he was. Reg was talking to me and I interrupted him because I thought I heard something and asked him to turn down the tv. I listened again, and heard it .. MROW .. I look at the front door, look at reg and jump out of my seat and send poor Shad flying … I open the front door and there’s Pix, on the front porch, nattering away about being let in right NOW! Let me tell you, the first thought was Thank God that he didn’t run into the HUGE male next door (prolly 25 lbs), Pix, while a tough cookie, is no match for that cat .. specially since he doesn’t have front claws. He was likely gone in total 30 minutes. Long enough that I was wondering where he was, but he came back. Needless to say, we are carefully watching which way the window opens after THAT! Doesn’t he look pleased with himself the BRAT! LOL

Art Illusion Mystery

I just can’t seem to help myself 😀 I’m not complaining, but here I am – off doing another mystery that I squirreled away. Now I don’t do them all mind you .. but this one appealed to my sense of style and design.


Part 1

As usual, my cutting table looks like a war zone when I start to plot and start. For this one I wasn’t even sure what my background colour would be .. I tend to be at almost a critical shortage of that right now .. sooo I’m going scrappy with this one 😀 Granted I’ve ordered from Joann’s .. but by the time they got to cutting my order, they don’t have the 3 yards I ordered (a week ago plus), and I jumped on another great sale – and of course every fabric that I ordered – SOLD OUT! Where’s the justice in this world!?!?!? PFFT!! Ah well that just means that I have to stretch my creative colour muscles and see what I’ve got to work with.

Now I had a few issues with this pattern; The fabric guidelines were vague to obscure – in a conversation with a lady at the company that sponsors this, she said she can’t wait to see what colours I come up .. my response .. Me either!! Ya’ll know how I feel about using a whole square to create a HST then do nothing with the resulting orphan .. well one step required that, so I reworked it to so I didn’t have that orphan 😀 And another step the amount said to make for one block part wasn’t all used .. so I basically printed out the final layout, counted the blocks there, and went from there .. even with these hiccups and whatnot .. now this could just be me missing vital stuff or just being quirky .. but this pattern is gorgeous and i’m glad that I’m moving forward on it :D.


Part 2

I’ve spent all day choosing and cutting, choosing and cutting .. choosing and cutting … well you rather get the idea I’m sure! I’m pleased with my final fabrics – this is going to be end up as a very delicate feminine quilt with a lot of floral fabrics. Amazing what’s lurking in the bottom of your scrap bag .. heh .. If I don’t use all these bits and pieces that I’ve cut, then I’ve at least got 2½” strips or pieces ready for something else 😀 So that works for me .. tomorrow I start to piece 😀