New Direction

20150317_053851I decided to change direction a smidge. Instead of sewing sections or doing the hardest parts first – as in smaller to larger, I decided to go from the top down – be more exacting than previously and sew slower than before – if that was / is possible .. Amazingly enough it appeared to work. Even with my oh so careful pressing, it still went a bit wonky – I might just have to keep the paper on to help me – I’ll take the other three blocks apart over the week and see if the top down method doesn’t work a bit better for me … Needles and fingers crossed 🙂

I’m not looking forward to frogging those three blocks, but I’m not going to be happy about this until I do.  And with the effort and work I’m putting into this, it really does need to be the best I can do it and I really do need to be happy with it – I can handle the odd pucker as those can be hide with lots of quilting LOL  or even applique if its really bad LOL

Last Week’s Progress

20150314_230103Progress was made during the week amazingly enough. This shift ending at 1am is kicking my butt. I’m sort of on a midnight sleeping schedule but am so brain dead when I get home that I’m rather useless for much else LOL .. Altho I do get stuff done Each of these blocks takes me over an hour to make and that’s only if I don’t make a mistake and have frog stitch it – I named one of them my problem child. Progress is slow but steady and I am having fun – it is going to take a long time to get all the blocks done for this quilt. Continue reading

Weekend Quilty Binge

20150307_212419Three days of no major quilting was rather painful. The only issue with working is that it cuts into my quilting time LOL. But need a pay check to pay for fabric.  Although I did take a bit each night to sew down the binding bit by bit.   Finally on Friday night there was just a bit left of the binding to do and the hanging tabs, so I took the rest of the night to finish it up.  I’m happy with how it worked out.  I had my doubts all the way through working on this, from the background, the applique, and the quilting.  Most of the way through, I knew I wanted to do hanging tabs with buttons – and I sewed them on using my sewing machine LOL.  I do love a good workaround that doesn’t look like one!  It all came together nicely and turned out way better than I could have expected.  Once I pic up another dowel, I’ll hang it up here in my loft near the top of the stairs. Continue reading

Quilt Plotting .. Pin Cushions

I was thinking about the bandanas I picked up yesterday and that they were HUGE when I opened them up – I didn’t want to do an economy block that freeken big – so I started to plot .. hee hee .. yes no surprise to anyone I’m sure. I’ve mentioned before I love to design with HSTs and love the look they give. I designed Kyle’s Spinner quilt all with HSTs.  You can get so many unique looks with just one simple block.

mums entwined starI’m finally at the point where I can do something for my mum.  She passed in 2006 after a 25 year battle with breast cancer  I plan on hanging this in my sewing room so her and I can sew together once again  Mum taught me to sew by hand, by machine, do garment construction, embroider etc etc etc So with the bandanas I came up with an entwined star block – it started out at 24” but is now down to 15” – it was at 18” but I washed the bandanas and lost a few inches LOL  I plan to start on this tomorrow.  One of the bandanas got all wonky in the wash – totally out of skew – I just might rewet it and try and block it into shape

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So far .. not to bad


I’m actually surprised and impressed with my progress so far .. using freezer paper and liquid starch has made a world of difference .. so far at least .. but honestly the hard part for me is done .. I just wanted to see how it was going to look .. felt like I was playing pin the tail on the donkey .. all those yellow dots are pins lol.  I may actually make the stalks longer as I will have the room .. we’ll just have to see. Continue reading

Blowing the dust off ..

20150116_175432.jpgTo say that it’s been a while would be the understatement of the century – I packed up my sewing room to help a friend out in 2012 and it stayed in boxes as life .. happens. The only good thing about it was that when i moved last May, the second worst room to pack in the house was mostly done 😀 That being said – unpacking 2 years later tends to leave the memory fuzzy as to where on earth everything went. Worst of it was, I couldn’t find my machine oil – so off I went to buy some, as well as thread for piecing, and a new rotary cutter blade. No idea where my sharpener is – all my saved blades are rather useless without it. For the most part nothing was killed to badly in the move – I’ll hold a separate requiem for my long ruler later – I only lost 6″ of it so it was still ‘usable’ to an extent.

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Devious colour Challenge

On OST, I have the fun job of being a moderator there .. my duties are pretty easy and lots of fun. We are an active list, so that means devising some way (or ways) to torture, ummmm entertain our members. Since I can’t always depend upon my muse to give me patterns on demand, I volunteered to be the “Challenge Mommie / Queen”. I’m good with that .. I can always think of ways to challenge myself and others as I always like to be extending my quilting techniques / skills.

Well one of my tortures, entertainments is underway – I’m running a wee bit behind, but that’s okay – I’ll catch up in good time. I spent most of yesterday and today working selecting my blocks and colours. Oh the challenge you say? Easy … Using the letters in your name, choose colours and blocks – but you must have 3 colours 😀 and only repeat your letters when you run out.

initial colour.jpgI trashed my first attempts. I just had wayyy to many blocks and I didn’t want it THAT crazy! Mine will hopefully end up as a lap quilt .. least that’s the plan at this point and that’s the way I’m designing it. Carmen found a really cool site for colour names and that has proved immensely helpful and actually helped me move forward on this .. Heheheheh – essentially whatever I have in my stash goes! So this will be a stash buster challenge for me as well – and I’m doing another twist on this .. I’m going to do mine scrappy 😀 I think that I’m going to have a lot of fun with it as well .. Oh I know the colours are really dour in this layout, but by the time I got to that point the last thing I wanted to do was scan in my fabrics and place them here and there .. the hope is that the background will be green if I have enough of it kicking around .. if not, then blue or purple (which I KNOW I have plenty of kicking around) With this one, I’m using 10 blocks used twice, and since this challenge isn’t being run monthly, that’ll be 5 blocks a month for me – I think I can handle that. This will give me a nice break while doing all that quilting that is waiting ooooh so patiently for me …

I’ve also been researching for the next challenge for OST with help from a few friends – so between the research and playing with this, I’ve not done much else – I have knitted about 2″ on my Kitchener socks – but I’ve not pulled my yarn for my January KAL yet tho .. I think I had better get moving on that.  Time to send Kyle to the basement for my yarn …

At any rate, I think that I’m going to pull some stuff from my stash and cut up some blocks and stitch a few – we’ll see – I’m pretty tired as someone decided to play a telephone version of knicky knocky nine doors this AM .. was I happy – NOPE .. did they know … oh yeah 😉