3 Down, 9 To Go

20150404_03502020150404_035029This evening was spent plodding along picking fabrics, cutting pieces to fit the templates, sewing them up, ripping some out, slowly sewing along and pressing blocks. and getting stabbed with pins on every block LOL  You’d think I’d develop callouses or be turned into a human pin cushion at this point.

I was hoping to get a full set done, but three will do – they are done right and almost everything lines up and the smidge it doesn’t, I can live with 🙂  After all in the great scheme of things, the bits that are off will not be seen when it’s all put together.  And I’m not displaying or exhibiting it – but putting it on my bed.

20150404_035038This quilt has been a true stash buster  I’ve not counted up all the individual fabrics I’ve used – I know I’ve only used yellow, orange, purple and red for the blocks and green for the background, but I’ve used a bunch of FQs, bits left over from other projects, some of my hand dyes, my own hand dyed batiks – I maybe actually count up the fabrics – if I get brave enough – that’ll just say how much I really had in my stash and every quilter manages to keep that a secret LOL

I’m happy with my progress and the way that everything is shaping up – the colours are working – even though there wasn’t to much planning behind each block other than to have the colours work well together and compliment each other.  It’s really turning out well – I think I’m almost in a state of shock regarding this LOL  I wasn’t sure how it would all work out, but watching it grow and fill out is very exciting.

Here’s what my wall currently looks like.  I’ll need to move a few blocks around to get them all on the wall LOL  Nine more and then the jig saw puzzle begins LOL


5 thoughts on “3 Down, 9 To Go

  1. Ooooh, they’re gorgeous. The wall looks amazing! I have a blue and yellow partial set… somewhere. You’ve inspired me to look for it. Not to actually work on it, mind you, but to look at it and fondly remember the days I wasn’t working on four deadlines at once. 😉

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