Hyperdrive … engaged!

The definition of hyperdirve has been redefined today LOL. I’m in a state of shock of what I managed to accomplish today. Seriously, it was a lot even by my turbo speeds.

  1. Quick summary of today; printed out the tissue paper for mum’s star, quilted it, removed 99% of the paper, and got the binding put on – still needs to be sewn down
  2. Yoga mat – deciphered two patterns and cobbled them together to one for me, with lots of reverse stitching and rereading instructions thinking WTH???
  3. Getting reacquainted with my quilt books – yes they were found!!!

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Kitty Convergence

I know I wanted to get going on quilting the Big Fan quilt, but I changed my mind 😀 Like that never happens 😉 I’ve been dying to try convergence quilts and figured I try / test a small one to see how it worked out and ended up looking. I’ve had this plotting in the back of my mind for a week or so now, it was just a matter of getting the right colours together that would look really good done like this.

HPIM2812.jpgThese are the 4 fabrics I finally settled upon. A kitty batik (that I thought i had more of :'(), a tulip fabric, some bright yellow and a nice blue green yellow medley … These all just really great together and the compliment each other nicely!  I was really hope that these fabrics would look great using this technique.

HPIM2813.jpgHere’s the first part of the convergence done. Hmmm .. not to sure about this .. that yellow is too ‘light??’

Now a side point here .. in his book, Convergence Quilts, Ricky Tims says to use 12″ – 14″ pieces, well my kitty batik was only 9″ wide, so that dictated my fabric sizes.

HPIM2814.jpgHere it is after the 2nd convergence .. Not to shabby me thinks, but my lack of a larger piece is rather making this look ‘blockier’ than it should?? Not sure if I’m saying this right, but I’m thinking that I should have maybe done narrower pieces to have more?? Or to create more of a distinction .. Also I’m thinking that the yellow just isn’t the right tone .. altho in a traditional quilt this would have rocked 😀 But I do like it .. Not to shabby for my first attempt me thinks!  Now after both convergences, this measured up at 13½ x 14½”

HPIM2815.jpgTA DA!!!! The final top with borders .. The borders tend to make it look more like the original squares I used almost .. but I’m still okay with it being my first attempt. It’s nice and bright and fresh and spring-y like! I do rather like this!!

After putting a narrow frame around the inner top and then adding a 3″ border – this quilt measures out at 20¾ x 19¾”.

Now this is just one method in his book .. this is the book that I ordered as a Cmas present from Reg that didn’t make it here on time. But I will play some more .. there’s an awesome gallery in here that is chock full of gorgeous quilts to give you inspiration and ideas!

NOW I’m off to do the motifs for the big fan .. and I’ll likely baste this one at the same time too.

Sharing & Plotting FQs

What a great day .. and a LONG day .. but when we head over to the states, it usually is .. We didn’t do our usual shop fest as Kyle was with us and you can imagine a 13yo boy and shopping .. altho he did have fun, and got a few basketball jerseys as seriously ROCK BOTTOM prices .. regular price between $85 – $100 – and these were 85% off .. yup .. a football jersey for $15 .. like we could say no (!??) .. not to bloody likely .. got Reg’s wardrobe for his coaching during games – still need to find black dress pants in his size, and we are already starting on Kyle’s Cmas gifts 😉 Sure beats doing it at the last second .. granted we “might” pay more, but we are tripping over some pretty sweet deals!

I left the 2 of them at the mall (Game Works) and headed over to Joann’s .. I didn’t pay full price for a bloody thing .. not ONE .. how cool is THAT?? I was primarily hunting for asian fabrics, a brayer (forgot that again – GRRRR), angelina fibres (couldn’t find them), foils (couldn’t find them either), a book or pattern on bargello quilts – now I found a book, but all the quilts in it just did NOT appeal to me .. they were blech! And no pattern .. oh and adding to my paints .. the luminere this time was on my agenda!

I grabbed another set of paint, 2 more dyes and another stamp. Everything but the paint was on sale, but I was armed with several (yes several) 40% off coupons .. It would have been great to get the angelina fibres and foil too .. I’m all set now to play with fabric painting, dischariging with bleach and gel – I just need to get some of these ‘projects’ done and out the door so I can play without them hovering over my head.

The regular FQs weren’t on sale this week, but they had novelty FQs for 99¢ – so I grabbed 3 of them .. pretty and colourful butterflies, asian writing on red (does anyone know what it says? Can you help me out please?) and a black & white zebra type print .. I’m starting to concentrate on my Black and White fabrics now .. I think that a B&W quilt is just so stunning and dramatic .. imagine that accented in red .. nummy!!

They had the cottons for $1.00 off a yard, so I got ½ yard cuts of this black and white and another green batik .. this one has seam neat orange-y browns in it too .. and it rather gave me an idea .. yes I was thinking again. I had remembered the oranges I had picked up a few weeks ago .. and started to look at the orange in this fabric .. and it has some ‘browns’ too .. I just grabbed those last week think .. I wondered how they would all look together and thought to myself .. I bet they look GREAT .. and they weren’t even bought at the same time either ..

Remember that over the past several weeks, I’ve picked up oranges, browns and another green batik .. well I got to thinking that they would all work very well together .. Reg thinks this green is ugly .. well is an odd combination of sorts .. but put alongside the oranges, browns and the other green batik, it’s just stunning .. they actually all go together (!) I have ½ yard of the lighter green batik, ½ yard of the green orangey one, and the rest are FQs .. not sure what project I’m going to do with them, but i’m sure that something will hit me .. Carmen’s been working her fingers off desiging for OST, so there are a TON of choices there if I have a brain fart ..

We were able to keep the Pistons game a secret from Kyle .. they have some of the ramps closed to I-75, and we used the excuse of having to go the back road to get to the freeway .. The Palace of Auburn Hills, is the exit before Great Lakes Crossing, and there is a back road to get there from the mall area .. heh .. so we actually managed to get there without seriously arousing any suspicion .. Reg was toying with Kyle a bit and he started raise his eyebrows, but when we went past 3 of the entrances, he didn’t think about it .. we did a HARD right turn into the parking lot, Kyle looks up from his book, gets this goofy grin on his face and goes “Awesome!!” LOL .. well worth it .. oh the Pistons won 117 – 109 and I got some GREAT seats too! We all had a GREAT day 😀 And kyle only managed to drive me a smidge crazy LOL

Before we headed out to the mall, we stopped at Barnes & Noble and I got quiltmaker magazine and another book – this one by Iris Johansen .. I really do like her writing style.

Stalemate (Description)
Eve Duncan has turned down the job twice already. Her skill and devotion in identifying murder victims and helping bring their killers to justice may be world-renowned. But Eve works exclusively for law enforcement and the families of the innocent, and the man on the other end of the phone is many things—none of them law-abiding or innocent.

One of the world’s most wanted men, little is really known about Luis Montalvo except that he is extraordinarily dangerous and that he never takes no for an answer. Now he wants Eve’s help in the worst way. For he believes they have something in common—and he’s about to prove it with a grisly warning.

Eve will leave everything and everyone behind, even the man she trusts and loves the most, Atlanta detective Joe Quinn, to travel to Montalvo’s luxurious armed compound in the Colombian jungle to identify the skull he has recovered. She has agreed to this devil’s bargain to save an innocent family, but also for a reason she can’t admit to Joe, to the CIA, to anyone. For the man in the jungle has promised to be able to give Eve what she wants most of all—the key to unlocking the darkest and most painful mystery of her past.

But Eve is in more danger than she can imagine. As she gets closer to identifying the skull, she finds herself caught between two ruthless killers with no way out. Now, with everything on the line, Eve Duncan must make the most chilling choice of all. And if she’s wrong…she’s dead.

About the Author
Iris Johansen is the New York Times bestselling author of Killer Dreams, On the Run, Countdown, Firestorm, Fatal Tide, Dead Aim, No One to Trust and more. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia.

I get to get an extra hours sleep and tomorrow is football .. life is good 🙂

More Fabric Frolics .. .

G oing to the States to shop is fun .. but man is it a LONG day and I’m usually whacked afterwards .. One good thing, we left earlier than last time and breezed right on thru the tunnel and were in Auburn Hills within an hour. Did our usual shop there – Reg got some clothes for coaching during games, we both got new shoes, and Tiger’s gear; Reg a dryfit hoodie and me a lined pullover, and I sooo desperately needed new slippers and grabbed some deerfoams on sale ..

hehe .. Reg and I BOTH were smart this time .. I got dropped off at Joann’s and spent a happy blissful hour in there. Armed with a 50% off one regular priced item coupon, I was well armed for an hour by myself with all the fabric!! Of course I headed to the fabric first and foremost .. saw that the the fat quarters were again (still?) 99¢ – YES!! So keeping my challenge in mind, I grabbed more colours that I wouldn’t normally use .. well one colour .. I got some brown FQs, and I also found some green batiks that I couldn’t say no to.

Isn’t this little FQ bundle the cutest (this was the ONLY thing I paid regular price for) I was eyeing this the last time I was in there and thought, what the heck .. purple IS my favourite colour and these are co-ordinated .. there’s a project waiting for this and I do have a sort of IDEA for it too – but that is for later. Oh I raided the remnant bin, but showed great restraint in taking 4 home and only took 1 home as I wanted to do the FQ bundle .. I figure that if I go in there and spent $30 – $40 when we go, then I won’t get the highbrow .. not that Reg would say anything, but I don’t want to feel like I have to hide or make excuses .. so I practice restraint 😉 and it works for me 🙂 as I get to shop at Joann’s when we head over, and Joann’s is a special trip for us ..

Next stop was the textile paints .. YES!! I finally got my paints .. this is what I used my 50% off coupon for 😀 😀 😀 I even managed to get the dyes on sale too .. didn’t even realize that they were on sale either! How cool is that .. oh and the most adorable dragon fly stamp for discharge (also on sale)

While I was waiting for Reg after a sweet hour in Joann’s, I had to chuckle at all the women being dropped off by their husbands – they weren’t going to park the car, they went off and did their own thing .. LOLOLOL

After this we headed to Oakland Mall and got some of goodies (shoes, slippers, jeans (reg)) and headed for Barnes & Noble .. Like Chapters I’m disillusioned about their quilt books .. yes they have more, but they have them stuffed in the furthest corner, next to the fire exit that is draftier than swiss cheese .. Pfft I didn’t get any quilt books as I can find them cheaper online .. but did grab a joint effort by the Kellermans and a Braun book I didn’t have . I’m likely out of sync now, but that can be fixed easily enough.

From Publishers Weekly
The second collaboration by bestsellers Jonathan and Faye Kellerman (after Double Homicide) offers two thin novellas that dedicated fans will most appreciate. In the first, My Sister’s Keeper, Faye Kellerman’s LAPD detective Peter Decker makes an extended cameo role in an inquiry into the murder of an activist lesbian California state representative, Davida Grayson. Grayson, who was the focus of threats from politicians and members of the radical right opposed to her support for stem-cell research, is found shot to death in her Berkeley office; an uninspired pair of local police find that the dead woman’s personal relationships, rather than her politics, may have motivated the killer. The second story, Music City Breakdown, gives Jonathan Kellerman’s consulting psychologist, Alex Delaware, a little more to do after Nashville detectives probing the stabbing murder of recording artist Jack Jeffries learn that Delaware had been treating the dead man. The solution is as unsurprising as that of My Sister’s Keeper. (Nov. 21)

James Qwilleran and his famous felines, Koko and Yum Yum, are back for another mystery-solving stint in the beloved bestselling Cat Who . . . series.

While the town of Pickax is swept up in its sesquicentennial celebrations, Koko has developed a strange new hobby: He drops himself from balconies, occasionally landing in the oddest of places. When a young man comes to visit his wealthy relatives, Koko plummets straight onto his head!

Meanwhile, a hurricane is brewing, and the visitor’s family members soon fall deathly ill. Qwill has his work cut out for him as Pickax-as foreshadowed by Koko-is about to be hit by a bombshell.

Soon as I’m finished reading Stalker by Faye Kellerman, I’ll be starting these ones .. prolly The Cat Who as it’s been a bit since I’ve frolicked with these felines and from the inside jacket, I’m only missing like one before this – wooo hooooooo

So tomorrow it is brunch with my Uncle visiting from Toronto and my cousins too . oh yeah .. dad’s gonna be there .. he INSISTED on driving too .. bloody hell! Ah well .. at any rate, there’s that and the trying to fix grans quilt later in the day while football is on.

Weekend Quilty Stuff

T here’s a few more quilty related things that I’ve done over the past 4 days .. and not all involve sewing 🙂

I’m converting one of the patterns I did years ago to a mystery for the October Sew-in on OST (One Stitch at a Time). I’ll be running this mystery for a week, with daily clues and the weekend can be used for catch up on the groups activities or just to deplete the UFO pile that is ever growing and breeding ..

I’m excited bout this but scared to pieces too LOL – it’s just a small wallhanging, but still : I have to convert the directions, and test it and pick out fabrics, and and and and LOL .. I know i’m going to have a blast with it .. just to get my nerve up and get it started .. I want to get that going in the next day so that it can be tested off list this weekend.

For other mystery lovers out there, there is a mystery pattern treasure hunt happening .. AniLee Creations hosts a mystery treasure hunt every two months. I tripped over this the other nite while trying to wind down from the hospital the first time. I read the FAQs and decided to try it .. boy was it fun! And it didn’t take so long to do either .. just hunt for the clues and click “register your clue” – what a blast! I love the pattern that I found and her way of doing this type of pattern is actually a great idea!! I can’t wait to try it, but will make it in a smaller size me thinks.

I’m a regular reader of Holly’s blog and if you comment she entered your name into her FatQuarter Friday. Well I won :O .. I was rather stunned as I don’t tend to win anything. Well the Friday I left for Bobcaygeon, she pulled my name. I emailed her my mailing address when I got back and this was waiting for me at the PO Box – so I was definitely needing to get there one way or the other. I was finally able to get to the PO Box to pick this and another package up yesterday and here’s the lovely FQ that I won and a bookmark that she had made .. Thank you so much Holly .. kisses to Andrew for me xoxoxoxox

Also waiting for me at the PO Box was a package from Ruth .. I had traded her some John Deere fabric and after back and forth I finally told her send whatever she wanted as my stash was depleted and I had no idea what I wanted .. she mentioned seasonal stuff and I went great idea .. i’ve not a lot of it and i would not normally buy it for myself unless I had to.

Well aren’t these fabrics darling?? There’s cmas kitties and hearts, cmas moose or is that meese??? Don’t you just LOVE the Hallowe’en fabric?? and of course it’s purple 😀 😀 😀 that’ll work just great for my mystery I think and talk about timely!!! Don’t you just love the froggies?? and that yellow floral is awesome .. I can see so many possibilities with all this fabric – Thank you Ruth – I just love them all ..

Fabric Related Books
I picked up a few books at the library and wanted to share them with you . I’ve not read them yet (been to blasted busy) but have read bits n pieces of them and I really do like the little bit that I’ve seen.

Art Quilt Workbook: Exercises & Techniques to Ignite Your Creativity – Part quiltmaking workbook, part business guide, Art Quilt Workbook shows how to take quilting in a creative new direction through art–then sell the quilts at craft fairs and other venues. Lessons and homework teach the basics of good design with simple step-by-step exercises, then encourage the reader to add personal touches with fabric collage, thread painting, innovative piecing, and photo imagery. A bonus guide to exhibiting and selling quilts reveals how to join arts and crafts exhibits and how to market handmade quilts. Develop the inner artist (and the inner business tycoon) with Art Quilt Workbook!

Quiltagami: The Art of Fabric Folding – It’s a thoroughly new textile art, an ingenious mix of quilting and origami! The animals, leaves, flowers, and figures created for centuries in Japan out of two- sided colored paper are reinterpreted in fabric relief–and the resulting quilt blocks can become exquisitely stitched items. Just follow these designs to create irresistibly tactile sculptural quiltagami pillows, blankets, ornaments, and more. Add bead and ribbon embellishments for even more detail. You’ll go wild for this original art form!

The Art of Fabric Collage: An Easy Introduction to Creative Sewing – Fabric collage is a new method of quilting that gives every sewer the ability to express personal creativity while learning innovative sewing techniques. In The Art of Fabric Collage, designer Rosemary Eichorn uses a friendly, personal approach to show how to move beyond traditional quilting into a fascinating area she herself pioneered.

Eichorn gives readers tips on experimenting with color, design, and fabric in creating their own distinctive fabric collages. Instructions are included for a variety of surface design techniques, from free-motion stitching and soft-edge applique to continuous-strip prairie points and intriguing closures. She shows step by step how to use fabric collage to create artful vests, jackets, quilts, wall hangings, and more. Advice on how to adapt garment patterns for a variety of figure-flattering styles and construction techniques is also included.

Cursed Jinxed .. hexed???

Whatever you call it .. it’s been a day and then some.

I woke up with a sinus headache today – i have a devil of time getting rid of them when I wake up with them .. and I still have it hours later .. blech


There was the issue of the 12 1/2“ blocks turned 12” .. even with following her directions perfectly it was still small .. as i was thinking out loud in an email, it dawned on me, scant 1/4“ seam .. so I measured my seam again .. yup 1/4” .. that started an email discussion on it, that almost turned into a rant on my part .. I was reminded of the 3 strip test, but you know, this seemed like an awful lot of work to find a scant 1/4“ seam when my machines do 1/4” .. I could do the effort, but why when there are so many other beautiful blocks out there that I can do 😉 .. so many blocks so little time. and if I chose to do these blocks for my own personal use, the block size won’t really matter in the long run as long as they are all consistently the same size .. but for a swap .. nope .. besides, I can always design said block in QuiltPro too 😉

Since I can’t use these in the swap, I want to share them with you .. they turned out very well and I am pleased with them .. also disappointed that I can’t use them for the swap .. I like how the really scrappy one turned out.

I was going to do paper piecing off her site next – no problem getting a 12 1/2“ block .. she has some GORGEOUS patterns and there are 3 or 50 that I definitely want to do .. I was about to print out a few patterns when it hits me .. I have a mac .. a mac prints bigger – and depending on the dpi of the original image, it can be anywhere from 1 – 3 inches .. i’m like ”are you kidding me!?!?!?!?“ This just is NOT fair! ah well .. I have Around the Block with Judy Hopkins and there are a ton of blocks in there that I can make .. what’s nice she offers these blocks with rotary cutting instructions on 6 different sizes .. one of my bibles that i use and swear by .. also one of the books I recommend to all new quilters .. and old quilters 😉 Another quilting book I live and swear by is Quilter’s Complete Guide by Fons and Porter. Okay enough of the book talk – the important thing is that I have other options with out having to jump through hoops .. am I disappointed .. you betcha .. will I live .. yup. Oodles of sites out there and i have a ton in my quilty library at home ..

Then the next ”challenge“ hits me .. my internet goes KAFLOOEY .. just upped and quit .. no clue why, did all the connection checking, machine restarting, modem restarting.. EVERYTHING .. so I call Rogers .. no problem mrs. Lambie .. we’ll get you up and running .. well first level wasn’t able to help, so off I went to 2nd level .. I got a call back from them in about 2 hours I think .. I spent the next hour or two on the phone with one guy over several phone calls .. the upshot is there is some sort of a filter on the line that runs from the pole to the house – no clue why it suddenly kicked in, but in effect, it’s blocking the signal from reaching my house. All the lines are owned by Bell Canada and Rogers uses them via sufferance (my word, not theirs). From what I was told, this is a common problem with switchers from bell .. there internet stops working after a month. Well they have scheduled a tech to come and physically remove the filter, but it’s gonna take a week .. I was like stunned … a week .. I’m going to go without the internet for a week .. i just did that, and that’s why I switched to you guys .. My next question to him .. don’t you have some sort of a dial up for your customers that have to access their email and whatnot remotely?? sure thing .. well got that up and running and for the next week (or so), I’m on dial up .. and it is NOT fun .. but I’m connected so I can’t sneeze at it too hard ..

At any rate .. not sure what the fates have planned for me next, but I’m sure it will be interesting LOL .. I’m off to iron reg’s shirts for the tourny this weekend and to make some more blocks for my swap ..