My Tutes

T o prevent my tutorial tabs from running off the top of the page, I’ve decided to put all tutorials linking off this page here .. Makes it easier me thinks if I get really energetic and on a tutorial roll.

Hanging Sleeve Tutorial
Whenever I do a hanging sleeve on a quilt or mention it on a list, I get all sorts of requests for how I do the sleeve .. So, I figure I can post it here for everyone and take a stab at doing my first tutorial […] Read full post »

Using Flannel Backing
It’s been suggested that I put all my flannel experiences, tips n hints on one page, so that maybe other’s can benefit from my battle with flannel (which I won :)), and I thought, why not – maybe this can help someone else while they use flannel in their quilts. […] Read full post »

Tessellating Tiles
While trying to figure out a quilt pattern for my cousin for Christmas, I found a file on my hard drive called the Tile Quilt .. It screamed MAKE ME so off I went to do my dyeing etc for this quilt. […] Read full post »

Tissue Paper Marking
With an inspirational idea from a friend, and some trial and error, I’ve figured out how to use everyday tissue paper for continuous line quilting or just plain easy peasy quilt marking […] Read full Post »

Printing on Tissue Paper

I‘ve had several people ask me how do I manage to print on tissue paper, so tonite while printing out the sheets for my Hopscotch quilt, I took a few pictures of how I did it. […] Read Full Post »

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