Quilty Bits

20150328_183159.jpgWhile I’ve not sewn a stitch in about a week, I’ve had quilty bits n pieces this week. Which is almost as good LOL  Last month you may remember me talking about a sewing frenzy and that there were prizes involved.  Lucky me won the block of my choice from one of the ladies..  After some thinking I decided on a paper pieced mariner’s star. Linda (the lady that I won the block from), wasn’t so fond of paper piecing, but she was game and I sent her the pattern I’d been saving for a mariner’s star wall quilt.  I received my block last week and she did a fantabulous job!!! I’ve several ideas – I’m thinking about mirroring the quarter sections of the star in the corners, or doing smaller stars scattered in the background, smaller stars of other types – I’m not sure and I so want to do this block justice.  I just love it!!  SO the possibilities are endless – just to decide on one .. that’s going to be the hard part hahaha  And I’m going to love figuring it out.  I’m grateful that Linda decided to try paper piecing one more time.  We’ve both benefited from this – me more so!

candlemat.jpgI can finally post the pictures of the candle map swap that I was in.  My partner picked fall colours – I spent more time picking the fabrics than it took me to sew the block LOL.  I had one point that just did not want to behave regardless of what I did to it.  It took me taking the block half apart before it would play nice.  I finally convinced it that it needed to sit pretty LOL.  When she got it she loved the colours and my quilting.  Whew!!  I was so worried about if she’d like it.  I’m a pretty confident quilter,, but this swap had me in a dither LOL.

I love the one she sent to me.  The way the center pops is just fantastic and the background fabric is gorgeous!  Once i get my yoga loft reorganized a bit, I’ll be using it under my Buddha candle that my sissy gave me for my birthday last year.  I can’t think of a better place for it!

 20150328_182251.jpg 20150328_182300.jpg

So no sewing for my day off, but I’ve got 3 days off coming up this week and I plan to barricade myself in my sewing room and not come out until I have to leave for work next Saturday morning.  Maybe I can manage to get a block or two done this week for my beauties  I rather miss them and can’t wait to get back to them.  I’m also deciding on if I am going to take a class for the Bali Star Wedding Quilt.  It’s always nice to meet up with other quilters and I could learn something too.  I’m always up for new learning experiences.  I do know I want to do this quilt for my bed.  The pattern at the LQS is $90 or $95 Cdn, the class is $90 (GULP), and the bali pops I can get online for around $40 ish – and if I order them from Quiltworx they make the bali pops specifically for this quilt where I only have to buy 3 instead of 6, and the pattern itself is way cheaper – I’m sure the quilt shop would prefer if I purchased theirs.  I’m still thinking about it – it’s a pretty big chunk of change to put out in a short period of time.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have all the required bits and pieces in my stash to do this – so I’m still doing some thinking.  And I’m lucky that I can get the necessary day off for the class.  The shop ha the class once a month on a Tuesday from 1 – 4 .. ARGH!!!!!  Crazy day and time – but I know there’s reasons for it.

So – for the next 3 days, I’ll get to think quilty thoughts until my 3 days off – with maybe sneaking a beauty block in in the meantime after work until I go to bed.

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