Shipping, lightbulbs n uglies

I couldn’t get a decent pic of the label for Gran’s quilt, so I scanned it .. I normally avoid scanning fabric as in some cases the weave shows up and no matter what tricks I try, I can’t get rid of it .. but this actually worked out. I tried this in colour at first .. the text was the same colour as the backing, but my colour ink is water soluble – even with the spray matte it didn’t work .. DRAT! I’m not sure I’ve refilled the colour yet, but the black is colour fast and it’s from the same place / same company .. so I’ll try again once my colour tank is refilled. OR I just get some colour pigma pens and colour what I want πŸ˜‰ that could work VERY well too! Oh and I shipped he quilt today .. I have the tracking number set to tell me when it ships, delivery and all exceptions … so I’ll be babysitting this every step of the way .. gotta love technology .. most days that is heh ..

I had a lightbulb moment today (well last week, but didn’t get to do anything until today) and I could just kick myself that I didn’t act upon it earlier .. after grabbing the red and yellow FQs at Joann’s the other weekend, I was having some problems with ‘randomness’ for Kyle’s spinners .. So here I am cutting and I’m thinking (in the back of my mind), for each 2 squares you put together you get 2 HSTs .. why don’t you separate them into two different piles and use them for 2 blocks instead of all these for one .. see lightbulb moment **smacks herself in forehead DUH!!!** So I spent getting all the rest of the HSTs together and squared – I managed to get the 4 corner units on one block done and just ran out of steam .. so there it all is waiting for me for tomorrow ..

I’ve discovered a quirk about my new machine (and I had the same issue with the Singer that just died too), it doesn’t do well with the line draw, stitch, stitch, cut for HSTs .. my HSTs were all wonky – so I tried it again and it was just as bad … I have to cut them, then sew them .. not a big deal for me – I used to have to do it that way all the time. with cutting it first then stitching .. my HSTs are just fine πŸ˜‰ how cool is THAT!

We’re going to be gone all day Saturday (shopping) and will be seeing the Detroit Pistons play the Washington Wizards – (Kyle doesn’t know yet and he won’t until we pull into the parking lot either) the game starts at 7:30 and we won’t be home until late. So I’m sure I’ll be whacked on Sunday like I have been every other time we head out shopping in the states. I’m going to leave Kyle and Reg at the mall an go invade Joann’s again. WOO HOOO .. already working on my list too .. it might be a good idea to write it down, no??

Severely UGLY fabric alert .. Repeat severely UGLY fabric alert!!! I got to thinking about the Ugly fabric contest in my previous post, and knew I had the perfect fabric .. This stuff is UGLY .. not sure even sure where I got it from, but I think that someone gave it to ME?! This is the type of fabric that you put on the back of wallhangings as no one ever sees it .. I almost feel guilty for sending this stuff along .. I do have another one that I pulled when i couldn’t find this one (think it knew??) that I just might send along anyways as compensation for having to look at this stuff .. I told Joy that I should send a barf bag along with it .. But this is my entry .. can you beat this for an UGLY fabric??

Ugly Fabric Contest

I found this on another blog and thought you guys might be interested .. it’s an Ugly Fabric Contest – You only need 2 – 8″ squares of your Ugly fabric .. here’s the blurb .. oh no affiliation, yada yada yada .. just thought this might be fun to share and the proceeds of one of the 8″ uglies goes to charity – how cool is THAT!

Flamingo Islands Design Ugly Fabric Contest

The winner will receive a $15.00 gift certificate to Flamingo Island Designs web store. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go through your stash and find your ugliest fabric, you know the one that when you look at it you say to yourself, β€œWhat was I thinking?” Dig deep and find that turkey! It will surely not be a lovely flamingo fabric, but who knows what you may find hidden in there.
  2. Cut 2 – 8″ squares and put your name and email on the back.
  3. Send the squares to:
    Floozies Ugly Fabric Contest
    Flamingo Island Designs
    8165 25th St
    Vero Beach, FL
    32966 (USA)
  4. Your squares must arrive by Wednesday, November 26, 2008.

The winner will be chosen by a random drawing from all entries on Thanksgiving Day. In addition to the Gift Certificate, the winner will receive a set of the turkeys we collect. The second set of the turkeys will be donated to the Sunbonnet Sues Quilting Guild in Vero Beach, Florida and will be used in a charity quilt.

Finished Pics – Gran’s Quilt

A s promised, in daylight hours . .pics of gran’s quilt πŸ˜€

I really am pleased with how this turned out considering all the “oh craps” that happened during the final parts of her quilt. heh .. i vacuumed really good in the living room (well the whole house too), made the dog lay down her bed, checked for the location of the cats (they were in hiding still from the vacuum) and then ran for the quilt and my camera .. didn’t want to take the chance of a kamikaze cat / dog hair heading for the flannel on this quilt! I still have to get Gran’s postal addy ..I think I’ll suggest to Reg that he call her tonite and find out just WHERE she is .. if she’s at the cottage, it’s all good – maybe he can indirectly ask what she does with the cottage mail when she’s in town – does she have it forwarded??? I guess we’ll find out!

In this pic you can see some of the ‘stretchies’ that affected the middle parts of the quilt from the quilting and tieing .. but I’m not going to worry about those at all .. because it’s flannel, I’m sure that this will eventually work itself out – if not, I did my darndest to make it as ‘right’ as I could. You might be able to see some of the ‘pouffing’ around the quilting lines (diagonal again GRRRR) in the corners, but on the back where I starched the snot out of it .. not a wrinkle, pouf, nothing!! So that’s the answer to THAT issue … starch starch starch!

This pic you can see that there are NO waves along the edges anymore at all! They’re gone .. they went out to sea .. they got gathered and tossed to the wind .. LMAO .. okay .. i’ll stop **znerk .. ahem ..

I am really pleased with the end result .. Will I use flannel again – sure! Only after I starch the snot out of it, wash it twice in HOT water, pin / baste it closer than normal, and try NOT to have the flannel dogs side down .. as you know, the dogs act as an ‘easer’ for fabrics – and that with flannel is like a taffy pull in July .. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE LOL ..

Actually this didn’t take all that long to do .. granted it’s lap sized / twin – but I didn’t work on it steadily at all .. hmm let’s see what the actual timeline is for this quilt;

  1. Aug 14 – fabrics selected
  2. Vacation up North – gone for 9 days

  3. Aug 26 – nickels cut
  4. Aug – Sept 10th – blocks assembled by leader n ender method
  5. Oct 11 – border cut out
  6. Oct 14 – borders on
  7. Oct 21 – binding on
  8. Oct 22, 24, 25, 28 – Battle of the Flannel
  9. Oct 29 – DONE

So all in all, this wasn’t to bad timewise, I’ve only really worked at it steadily for the past 2 weeks, there were other projects on the go with this one; 1800 quilt, kyle’s spinner blocks, colour mystery (still have to do the borders on that one). I’ve not complaints .. this time – hehehehehe

At any rate .. I’ll likely be taking all these tips n pics and making a flannel FAQ – might even do that today .. we’ll see .. I have to plot my cmas giftee list still and finish piecing Kyle’s spinner quilt.

Man does this feel good .. oh I just have to do a label .. going to do some water testing with printed fabric .. worse case, I have spray matte that works as a waterproofer, or I just write on the quilt in pigma pen πŸ™‚ .. either way . it’s all good

Have fun!

Calling Gran’s quilt DONE!!!

T rumpets and fanfare please .. I feel I am so deserving of it at this point .. I really do .. oh why you may ask??? Well πŸ˜€ …

NOW, I can call Gran’s quilt DONE!! It didn’t seem like it would get to this point, not with all the puckers n waves that bounced in to join the fun .. I got the binding all back on earlier tonite, and while there are still waves in it, I can live with this .. I really can .. nothing like the tsunami that were barreling around the edges before. I am so glad that for ONCE something that I tried actually worked .. everything works in your mind or on paper, but practical applications usually have a way of falling short and going :P~~~~ to you .. Another thing I can thank mum for .. she taught me the basics of sewing clothes .. now if I didn’t have that, I’m not sure I would have thought of using gather stitching to bring it in .. Thank you Mum!!

Then the puckers .. (we all know my name for this in private ;)). The starch worked like a charm .. you can even see that there were puckers here. What might give it away is the double line of quilting that you can see here .. other than that – you’d never know that it was ripped out and redone ..

Since I didn’t vacuum today and it’s darker than a witches cauldron, finished pics will have to wait until I vacuum and get some daylight .. I might end up having Kyle hold up the quilt when he gets home from school .. we’ll have to see how it goes .. but I would prefer to TRY and keep the dog n cat hair off this .. Gran doesn’t have any pets and I’m sure she doesn’t want to have me share mine πŸ˜‰ .. The only thing I am waiting for now, is an answer from Aunt Barb regarding where Gran is at right now .. soon as I get that, this puppy gets packed up and off she goes to her new home .. **smacks forehead .. label .. i forgot a bloody label .. okay, simple enough .. but this is still off my ToDo list

I am a

What Flower Are You?

Oh Tracy tripped over a what flower are you thingy do on someone else’s blog, and I figured i would take the quiz .. altho Tracy is sort of challenging some of the designing minds at OST to come up with patterns for these .. guess what .. they’re applique . nope – not gonna happen here πŸ˜› But the description of this shouldn’t surprise anyone LOL

Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh.”

What Flower Are You?

I mentioned last week that I won Jeanie’s Teaser on OST, but neglected to mention that this cute skinny quarter and a yardage card were waiting for me at the PO box .. Jeanie .. thank you again .. the fabric is just adorable and that card will come in VERY handy!!

Gathered Waves .. it worked – ish

F inally I had a chance AND the energy to work on the waves in Gran’s quilt .. I was just soooo wiped out on Sunday – it was unreal and I couldn’t believe it … I think I was asleep by midnite.

I didn’t get a chance to work on it today or even get thru all my mail since my dad wanted my help today. My dad and mum were doing work on the house slowly but surely. Well since mum’s death, dad has been trying to get the house in one piece and to get it as close to how mum would have wanted it .. so for these excursions, he asks for my help .. granted do warn him that while mum and I thought alike in some cases, we were total bloody opposites in others – he goes that’s okay .. you actually come up with some good ideas now and again – gee thanx dad .. pfft LOL gotta love my dad .. so today we went and looked at interior doors – then i bought some tickets for the Pistons – Wizards game for next Sat – I’m not telling Kyle, he’ll find out when we pull into the Palace parking lol LOL .. we are dragging him to the outlet malls for Cmas plotting and clothes sizing (I get a Joann’s trip out of it of course)

So i buy these online with dad’s credit card and picked Cdn will call thinking that I can get them here .. yeah right (I won’t bore you with the details .. I’ll just get aggravated again – Customer service my great aunt sally’s big toe!) .. needless to say, 3 hours later, it finally got straightened out, but I’m sitll waiting for the email to print them … If I don’t have it by the time I get up, I’ll be calling them again ..

When things calm down I grab Gran’s quilt and rip apart the rest of the binding where I need to get to the inner seam – I did the first seam with my machine with the zigzagging over a thread trick .. that didn’t work as well as I would have liked .. maybe because I did the whole side and it was a larger area than you would normally do for gathers?? For the other 3 sides I just picked where I needed to. I used some hand quilting thread and used a larger knot so it wouldn’t pull thru easily. Hand quilting thread because it’s thicker, isn’t slick in finish so it ‘sticks’ to the fabric, and I knew I could get some sizable knots with minimal effort. I’ve actually got 3 sides totally fixed and the binding back down. That leaves just the one long side to redo the binding on .. that’s the one that didn’t work so well, I might just do some spot basting / gathering to see how that works. Pucker fixes are next, then in the wash she goes, then hopefully in a shipping bag and off to her new home (!) That would be so cool if I can do it before Friday ..

I knew that the gathering wouldn’t get rid of the waves entirely, but tame it down to ripples .. and that’s exactly what happened .. doncha just LOVE when something actually works (!) Fancy that novel idea!! There’s a few that are still ‘waves’, but not tsunami, and I can honestly live with these as they are .. it’s 90% improvement easily!

I’ve emailed Aunt Barb to find out exactly where Gran is right now – town or the cottage – so I’m hoping to be able to ship that off this week.

I so wanted to be able to play with the paints and stuff I got last weekend, but that didn’t happen . I do want to get the rest of the blocks done for kyle’s quilt too .. oh I picked up some shaving cream, so marbling is in the near future along with discharging, dyeing and painting ..

oh what FUN!!

I’m off – it’s 2:15 and I’m tired .. time for my read before sleep (almost done with Stalker and then I can start my new books) and then back at it again tomorrow .. I’m really hoping to actually be able to read my email tomorrow .. I was only able to get a bit of list email done and personal .. (**sigh) I love my dad .. I really do – hehehehehe

More Fabric Frolics .. .

G oing to the States to shop is fun .. but man is it a LONG day and I’m usually whacked afterwards .. One good thing, we left earlier than last time and breezed right on thru the tunnel and were in Auburn Hills within an hour. Did our usual shop there – Reg got some clothes for coaching during games, we both got new shoes, and Tiger’s gear; Reg a dryfit hoodie and me a lined pullover, and I sooo desperately needed new slippers and grabbed some deerfoams on sale ..

hehe .. Reg and I BOTH were smart this time .. I got dropped off at Joann’s and spent a happy blissful hour in there. Armed with a 50% off one regular priced item coupon, I was well armed for an hour by myself with all the fabric!! Of course I headed to the fabric first and foremost .. saw that the the fat quarters were again (still?) 99Β’ – YES!! So keeping my challenge in mind, I grabbed more colours that I wouldn’t normally use .. well one colour .. I got some brown FQs, and I also found some green batiks that I couldn’t say no to.

Isn’t this little FQ bundle the cutest (this was the ONLY thing I paid regular price for) I was eyeing this the last time I was in there and thought, what the heck .. purple IS my favourite colour and these are co-ordinated .. there’s a project waiting for this and I do have a sort of IDEA for it too – but that is for later. Oh I raided the remnant bin, but showed great restraint in taking 4 home and only took 1 home as I wanted to do the FQ bundle .. I figure that if I go in there and spent $30 – $40 when we go, then I won’t get the highbrow .. not that Reg would say anything, but I don’t want to feel like I have to hide or make excuses .. so I practice restraint πŸ˜‰ and it works for me πŸ™‚ as I get to shop at Joann’s when we head over, and Joann’s is a special trip for us ..

Next stop was the textile paints .. YES!! I finally got my paints .. this is what I used my 50% off coupon for πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I even managed to get the dyes on sale too .. didn’t even realize that they were on sale either! How cool is that .. oh and the most adorable dragon fly stamp for discharge (also on sale)

While I was waiting for Reg after a sweet hour in Joann’s, I had to chuckle at all the women being dropped off by their husbands – they weren’t going to park the car, they went off and did their own thing .. LOLOLOL

After this we headed to Oakland Mall and got some of goodies (shoes, slippers, jeans (reg)) and headed for Barnes & Noble .. Like Chapters I’m disillusioned about their quilt books .. yes they have more, but they have them stuffed in the furthest corner, next to the fire exit that is draftier than swiss cheese .. Pfft I didn’t get any quilt books as I can find them cheaper online .. but did grab a joint effort by the Kellermans and a Braun book I didn’t have . I’m likely out of sync now, but that can be fixed easily enough.

From Publishers Weekly
The second collaboration by bestsellers Jonathan and Faye Kellerman (after Double Homicide) offers two thin novellas that dedicated fans will most appreciate. In the first, My Sister’s Keeper, Faye Kellerman’s LAPD detective Peter Decker makes an extended cameo role in an inquiry into the murder of an activist lesbian California state representative, Davida Grayson. Grayson, who was the focus of threats from politicians and members of the radical right opposed to her support for stem-cell research, is found shot to death in her Berkeley office; an uninspired pair of local police find that the dead woman’s personal relationships, rather than her politics, may have motivated the killer. The second story, Music City Breakdown, gives Jonathan Kellerman’s consulting psychologist, Alex Delaware, a little more to do after Nashville detectives probing the stabbing murder of recording artist Jack Jeffries learn that Delaware had been treating the dead man. The solution is as unsurprising as that of My Sister’s Keeper. (Nov. 21)

James Qwilleran and his famous felines, Koko and Yum Yum, are back for another mystery-solving stint in the beloved bestselling Cat Who . . . series.

While the town of Pickax is swept up in its sesquicentennial celebrations, Koko has developed a strange new hobby: He drops himself from balconies, occasionally landing in the oddest of places. When a young man comes to visit his wealthy relatives, Koko plummets straight onto his head!

Meanwhile, a hurricane is brewing, and the visitor’s family members soon fall deathly ill. Qwill has his work cut out for him as Pickax-as foreshadowed by Koko-is about to be hit by a bombshell.

Soon as I’m finished reading Stalker by Faye Kellerman, I’ll be starting these ones .. prolly The Cat Who as it’s been a bit since I’ve frolicked with these felines and from the inside jacket, I’m only missing like one before this – wooo hooooooo

So tomorrow it is brunch with my Uncle visiting from Toronto and my cousins too . oh yeah .. dad’s gonna be there .. he INSISTED on driving too .. bloody hell! Ah well .. at any rate, there’s that and the trying to fix grans quilt later in the day while football is on.