Blanket Stitch Graduate

20150222_22533120150223_015233I can honestly say that I’ve got blanket stitch down pat now LOL. Was a bit awkward getting started and getting into a groove.  I opted to use my machine for the stems after strategic placement of fusible web.  The idea of going through all the layers of the bias strip stems I found rather daunting to do on my first go round of hand applique. 

I got part way through the petals and was sort of wishing I did needle turn style (blind stitch) or do it all by machine LOL.  As you can see my first bit of stitching didn’t show a lot of promise or confidence.  Was a bit wobbly and I was finding it hard to see the thread on the petals.  I had done to well with colour matching I guess, and the light up here isn’t all that great – even with having a fluorescent bulb aimed at my work.  The picture on the right was the end of the first night  I used my quilt frame to help me support my work, so I’ll have to do a bit of touch up on some of my border seams.  At this point I was thinking it might have been more whimsical to use different colours.

20150224_04010120150224_040034I had more confidence the second night and it went much faster and my stitches were much better and more uniform.  I was still half wishing I had decided to do this all by machine, but once I start on a path I generally will stick to it regardless LOL.  I’m a glutton that way.  As I got further along the whimsical nature of the stitching grew on me and I do really like it! It suits the pattern completely.

So now to baste it and decide on quilting pattern – prolly do outline and echo .. i’n not sure, I’ve also enough fabric for a few leaves laying on the ground or petals even but if I add those that will be in the final quilting.

I thought it would look super cute with hanging tabs and it still might – I can use buttons as embellishment on the tabs.- In not sure, still just an idea – it’ll grow one way or antoher

I’m already plotting my next project, but I do have a few other’s to finish first – my bargello – I do know I want to get my yoga mat bag done and my sewing caddy done – I know I know, i keep saying I’m gong to do it, but I will . I’ve bought the material for my bag and i really can’t use it for anything else as it’s home dec material – so yoga bag it is Smile


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