Tessellating Tiles

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ericastiles1W hile trying to figure out a quilt pattern for my cousin for Christmas, I found a file on my hard drive called the Tile Quilt .. It screamed MAKE ME so off I went to do my dyeing etc for this quilt. I originally found the file at Threadlove.com. I did the first set of blocks and realized it was to small of a block for what I was doing, so I rewrote it for a 6″ block, with some other changes. The reason for these changes is that I wasn’t comfortable with the strip piecing results after I put the logs on .. I found that my squares were hard to keep in square, and that cutting them apart made the unsquareness worse – so in order to save my sanity, I decided to do cut logs instead of just plopping the patches on the strips. Now this could just be my stitching style, I’m not sure .. this is not a criticism of her method .. it’s just a way that I found this block to go together easier for me.

These are super easy and simple to make and they make up VERY fast. I did these over 2 sittings where I did one set of 4 patch strips at a time .. they made up in just a few hours and are easy peasy to do .. rather like a log cabin block .. With the strip piecing method, I found I had to square up when I had a square shape to do so .. but with this way, you really only need to square up after your 4 patches and when the block is done. This block is really easier than it looks .. trust me on this 🙂 So without further chatter and ado …

All these yardages are approximate I have not finished this quilt yet, but will give you what I needed to use for just the blocks for a quilt top measuring 36″ x 42″ based on 2 strips for each colour – these measurements do NOT include borders – please note the size difference for the logs for Fabric D There is no yardage listed for borders on this quilt.

Materials yardage 4patch unit log strips
Fabric A – (Light) 1⁄2 yard 2 strip 4 – 2″
Fabric B – (Dark) 1⁄2 yard 2 strip 6 – 2″
Fabric C – (Light) 1⁄2 yard 2 strip 6 – 2″
Fabric D – (Dark) 1⁄2 yard 2 strip 2 – 5″

Log Cutting Requirements:
Fabric A – Using 4 strips, cut into 31⁄2″ sections
Fabric B – Using 6 strips, cut into 5″ sections
Fabric C – Using 6 strips, cut into 5″ sections

For easier visual reference my fabric choices are:
Fabric A – Lilac
Fabric B – Dark Pink
Fabric C – Light Green
Fabric D – Blue Fan Print

Step 1

hpim2158 Take one strip of Fabric A and one 5″ strip of Fabric D and sew together, repeat – press to D. Take to your cutting board and cut into 2″ sections and put aside. These will be your outer log and the last section sewn on.

Step 2
hpim2159Take 1 Fabric A and 1 Fabric D 2″ strips stitch together, repeat. Press to D.

Take 1 Fabric B and 1 Fabric C stitch together, repeat. Press to B.

Take to your cutting mat and put together as shown, marrying seams together. Cut into 2″ sections and keep together. Bring these back to your machine and stitch your sections together and press – For this step I ended up with 21 – 4patch sets from 1 strip set. Please note that you will have the same amount of 4patches as you do Fabric A & D outer logs. This amount will vary on how wide your fabric is so please don’t panic – the important thing is your outer logs and 4patch units should be the same number. My total amount for both sets was 42 which is what I needed to do this quilt with a 6 x 7 block layout. Square 4 patch units to 31⁄2″.

Step 3

hpim2151 Gather your stack of Fabric A 31⁄2″ logs and your 4patches. Place them as show and stitch together. Press to A.

Step 4

hpim2154 Building on the units from above, place Fabric B 5″ logs and your units as shown but right sides together – stitch, press to B

Step 5

hpim21551 Building on the units from above, place Fabric C 5″ logs and your units as shown but right sides together – stitch, press to C

Step 6

hpim2156 Here’s where you use your outer logs that you put aside earlier. Placing the log on the side as show, but with right sides together, marry the seams and stitch together, press towards your block unit

hpim21641Step 7
Square your blocks up at this point to 61⁄2″ square.

Step 8
Layout your blocks to create the pattern as shown in the picture at the top of this tutorial, stitch them together and voila – you have the inner top done for your Tessellating Tiles quilt! Well done!

Hope this helps you and have fun with it!

7 thoughts on “Tessellating Tiles

  1. Wonderful job and great tute Gracie! And again, I love your color palette for these tiles. Now the the borders are just shy of genius! Great accents and beautiful contrasts! Fantastic job all ’round! Erica is going to love it to pieces!


  2. It looks fun and yummy – great fabs on this one!

    And as far as tutorials go, this one’s great – to the point with lots of pictures. Thank you!

    SO, dare I ask? Why match seams when you can do a partial seam for that last log? Or should I just consider the source?



  3. Grace, I love, love, love tesselations! Now you’ve given me a new WHIMM! Lovely job on the tute!



  4. You just became my new best friend which you already were a friend. I love your work and I know you could teach me a thing or two. I think I could actually do this one. You made it so easy to understand. Joanie


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