2015 in review

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3 Down, 9 To Go

20150404_03502020150404_035029This evening was spent plodding along picking fabrics, cutting pieces to fit the templates, sewing them up, ripping some out, slowly sewing along and pressing blocks. and getting stabbed with pins on every block LOL  You’d think I’d develop callouses or be turned into a human pin cushion at this point. Continue reading

Another set done!

20150403_07034520150403_070322It was devilishly hard to cut into the fabric I dyed yesterday LOL  I must’ve stood there for a good 20 minutes if not longer with my rotary cutter in hand willing myself to make the cut.  I don’t know what it is about us fabric freaks / lovers / hoarders, but we do not like to cut into fabric we love LOL. But cut into I did and I really do like the way it turned out.  And my favourite is still the  leaves one on the right.  I will have enough to finish the last 12 blocks  Yeah!!!  I am thinking about using random blank blocks as fillers through this help emphasis motion with the curves – least that’s what I’m seeing in my mind – I just hope that I can translate that from my mind to my quilt.  Maybe a bit of random applique that also shows motion – butterflies, dragonflies, birds, twining leaves?? I see it, but it’s not definite yet.  I’ve put so much time and effort into this quilt, I want it to be the best it can be and with minimal mistakes Continue reading

Block 4, Set 5

20150331_065622Happy Dance!! Block 4 of Set 5 is done 😀  It turned out pretty well me thinks!  A few zigs when there should’ve been a zag, but that’s okay – no puckers and I’m good with that!  I can deal with a few flat spots in my arcs.  As far as I’m concerned it adds character and this quilt is going to have a lot of character LOL.

My greens are getting to be slim pickings so I’ll be making some more.  I’ve done some research on resist dyeing with wax and glue.  I’ll be using yellows, oranges and reds I think for the backgrounds and then use various shades of green over it with maybe cats or butterflies or maybe some abstract designs or see what I can find in the house to use as a stamp.  I’m getting geeked just thinking about it.  I need to remember to pick up some puppy training pads for protection for my table.  I used them the last time – they are great as they are waterproof and totally disposable and I can get them at the dollar store . Even better.  So my three days off which start after I finish work tomorrow night will be filled with fabric dyeing and sewing!  WHEEEEEEEEE

3 More Beauties

20150330_04243220150330_042442Even with not feeing great, I managed to get 3 more blocks done of my beauties. Only one more block to finish this set and then I have 6 of 10 sets finished.  I’ve not had anymore issues with crimps or crinkles on the curves since I started to work from the outermost edge.  This last set is driving me a bit buggy – there’s so many different sections and only so many colours LOL.  While all the colours work well together, doesn’t mean that the ones I pick at that instance will work  Continue reading

Quilty Bits

20150328_183159.jpgWhile I’ve not sewn a stitch in about a week, I’ve had quilty bits n pieces this week. Which is almost as good LOL  Last month you may remember me talking about a sewing frenzy and that there were prizes involved.  Lucky me won the block of my choice from one of the ladies..  After some thinking I decided on a paper pieced mariner’s star. Linda (the lady that I won the block from), wasn’t so fond of paper piecing, but she was game and I sent her the pattern I’d been saving for a mariner’s star wall quilt.  I received my block last week and she did a fantabulous job!!! I’ve several ideas – I’m thinking about mirroring the quarter sections of the star in the corners, or doing smaller stars scattered in the background, smaller stars of other types – I’m not sure and I so want to do this block justice.  I just love it!!  SO the possibilities are endless – just to decide on one .. that’s going to be the hard part hahaha  And I’m going to love figuring it out.  I’m grateful that Linda decided to try paper piecing one more time.  We’ve both benefited from this – me more so!

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