Time out for girls!

What an absolutely fantabulous day!!! I got some awesome girl time with my gf. As well as quality time at a fabric store and a quilt store as well as Michaels LOL.  You’ve heard me mention before that I wanted to make a bag for my yoga mat – I just didn’t know which one I wanted to use.  The issue with one was double drawstring openings top and bottom – the other had a too wide strap (easily fixed I know) and the shoulder strap was way to wide  Soooooo I’ll use most of the design from this one but certain refinements from this one – this one told me of the short comings they found for themselves and I tended to agree with them – to short of bag, really weird pocket style etc and she even mentioned 10 layers of fabric – ya no thanx.  I’m going to use most of the first tutorial with certain refinements (such as a bottom to the bag)

image (4)

Well i finally decided that I would take the things like I like about each pattern and frankenpattern them as my gf says LOL I opted to use home dec fabric and got a over half off this piece – and I’ve a really ugly material to use for the lining – I’ll be having a sewn in bottom, but using the drawstring for the top with the eyelets.  Oh and the zippered pouch  Always a good idea for keys, cell phone / ipod, money, ID, etc.  Oh and I just have to brag here – that pile of goodies you see – 1 metre of home dec material, 1 felt square, 4 floss, 2 zippers, packet of eyelets with tool, and drawstring enders – you ready for this???  $21.02 … Now my American friends are prolly thinking that’s not such a good deal,, but here in Canada – at Fabricland .. it’s wayyyy awesome.  – trust me – the normal price for the home dec material I picked is $23/metre.  yes I got over half off of it.  the notions were a decent price too – oh and another pair of small scissors to $2.00  The felt I’m going to use for a couch caddy for hand stitching for my needles – it’s not wool, wasn’t going to spend that much for smidge of wool felt or roving.

Then we hit a quilt store in our area.  I swear I needed a bib – I playing with bolts of batiks and stacks of FQs and jelly rolls and charm packs and and and and.  They did tell me that they had a class coming up for the Bali Star – all I could do was stand there with my mouth hanging open and drool dribbling down my chin.  Class is $90 – I was a bit shocked as I don’t remember classes being that much in the past.  That’s okay – I can figure this out and make my own pattern.  But Lordy it is a BEAUTIFUL design!! You do realize I’ve already started to look at it for designing it on my own.  The pattern was $75.. on it’s own

I did pick up the floss for the applique piece I’ve sitting on my design wall.  I’ll be working on that soon enough – I would like to get my sewing caddy done first as I’m a bit tired of chasing my tools and notions around – I swear I lose them the second I put them down and turn away from it.  Drives me buggy and I swear I spend more time chasing them down.  That’s what the extra scissors are for.

imageimage (2)I finally got a pincushion made last night.  It was fun as hell – made my scratch my head a few times, and I wasn’t even sure if I was getting the right pieces attached LOL, but still loved the results I stuffed it with my leftover bits of batting and it’s a bit lumpy because of that.  Well okay .. more than a bit – but pins stick in it and it’s very eye pleasing – but the most important part is, I wont be chasing my mousie pin around looking for a place to put pins and find pins.  I plan on making a few more – maybe not this style, but one for the cutting table, and ironing board – I want to maybe make a thread catcher – i don’t know – I am having fun creating – and getting my room set up so I’m not chasing tools all over the map.- well at least one or two rooms.  I picked up some polyfil so they shouldn’t be so lumpy .. poor things lol

So fibre plans are – another pin cushion or a dozen, the sewing caddy, yoga bag, applique, I just have to sew on the new label on my swap partner’s mat, work on my stormy sea design and and and and LOL .. there’s not enough hours in the day or days in the week

image (3)I saw a really cool idea on Pinterest for a bandana type quilt – it’s not a big quilt,, more like an overgrown hankie type thing – but it was an awesome idea and it’s definitely on my to do list and I saw these bandana’s at Michaels today and just had to get them.  Basically it’s an Economy Block – pretty simple block – just HST and QST.  My mum was a breast cancer survivor for over 25 years – and I like the black skulls and pink camo .. so I’m going to do one of these up in her memory.  I lost mum in 2006 so this will be for me to her so to speak.  For no other reason because it speaks to me and it’ll be like having mum in my sewing room with me.  considering her and I spent a lot of time there when I was younger

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