Another set done!

20150403_07034520150403_070322It was devilishly hard to cut into the fabric I dyed yesterday LOL  I must’ve stood there for a good 20 minutes if not longer with my rotary cutter in hand willing myself to make the cut.  I don’t know what it is about us fabric freaks / lovers / hoarders, but we do not like to cut into fabric we love LOL. But cut into I did and I really do like the way it turned out.  And my favourite is still the  leaves one on the right.  I will have enough to finish the last 12 blocks  Yeah!!!  I am thinking about using random blank blocks as fillers through this help emphasis motion with the curves – least that’s what I’m seeing in my mind – I just hope that I can translate that from my mind to my quilt.  Maybe a bit of random applique that also shows motion – butterflies, dragonflies, birds, twining leaves?? I see it, but it’s not definite yet.  I’ve put so much time and effort into this quilt, I want it to be the best it can be and with minimal mistakes

I did confirm to myself that the wax designs that I used are a wee bit to large for blocks this size,  I’m glad I’m scattering the blocks all over the quilt so they wont stand out so much.  I am pleased!  These blocks turned out well.  I only have 12 more blocks to do and to be honest, I’m rather glad its getting to the end.  While I love this quilt so far, I think I need something else to do – but am compelled to finish this as my mind is only thinking of this LOL  Even with my reds from yesterday the idea of doing a convergence quilt with them isn’t taking hold LOL


I did notice AFTER I got the block together that I had the first yellow on the block on the right the wrong way – I just did not have it in me to rip the whole block apart.  I’m still feeling like crap and it took me all day to do these four blocks – and that was the last one I worked on  Nope was not frogging it . it can stay – for now … until it bothers me to much and I do frog it .. it could happen – or not

I’ve already started to think borders I will be using blocks in the borders – smaller maybe?? – we’ll have to see.  I have no idea what colours I’ll be using – Maybe more green???  browns???  reds??  eeepp!!!  Decisions, decisions!

4 thoughts on “Another set done!

  1. Thank you Aune .. it takes a bit longer to do as I have to print each set out and cut them and make freezer paper templates for the backgrounds but I am having fun and it all be worth it when it’s done and on my bed ☺


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