Fabric Fondling

I‘ve not sewn a stitch, but I did fondle fabric today ๐Ÿ˜€ WHOOO HOOOO .. quilterhappydance!! I’ve been feeling the time slip away from me for the ArtIllusion Mystery .. I need to get my quilt top, backing and binding in – preferably 2 weeks ago, but it’ll be going in the next day or so at least ๐Ÿ™‚ Today I went shopping in the states with my dad and after the drudgery part was done, I headed over to Joann’s and walked into a sale – good thing as I didn’t have my coupons, nor even looked at them lately .. My sole purpose was to get fabric for the binding, dye, and backing fabric. Mission Accomplished!

HPIM2968.jpgYou should have seen me standing in front of the quilter’s fabrics at Joann’s – hehehehe .. I hadn’t had a chance to look at my quilt or even measure it lately – so I’m wracking my poor work-fried brain to try and remember what brights I had used in my quilt ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I could remember oranges and blues and purples and greens .. and I did even seen a few fabrics there that I KNOW are in my stash .. but do you think that I could remember what fabrics I had put in this quilt .. and of course I didn’t have a picture of it on my phone .. so I opted for orange .. and I knew I had a ton of different oranges in my quilt … of course I couldn’t decide so I grabbed 3 different ones ๐Ÿ™‚ and they were on sale .. so even better for me! I also grabbed some orange dye for the backing .. you can see part of the backing there – yes it’s a whole piece .. I bought 119″ wide and went from there – gotta love cheating! Oh and course I did all the math for how much I would need for binding and backing while standing in line LOL … That was the easy part!

HPIM2970.jpgNormally on Monday, I would have gone to Kyle’s ball game, but since there’s an issue with the car right now, and we only have 2 bikes and 3 people, I figured I would stay home and just play with my fabrics – washing the binding fabrics and then dyeing my backing .. I forgot how much fun that is ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m not 100% totally pleased with the way the backing turned out – but it’ll do. And it was a LOT of fun! I am sorry I missed his ball game, but I really did need this creative outlet – just to do some GRACE stuff!

I opted against the bright orange on the left of the previous picture. My choices were between the floral with orange in it and greens and reds and creams .. and the medium orange. It was a hard choice … and normally I wouldn’t have made up my mind until after it was quilted, but this one is being sent away to be quilted for the book, so I don’t have that luxury this time. I went back and forth and back and forth and just couldn’t decide to save my life.

HPIM2972.jpgThen I finally started to think (neat trick,eh?) I started to think, I knew I wanted a binding that pulled all the colours / elements together. So I started to look harder at the one floral one .. that seemed to fit more with the rest of the fabrics that I used for the background and it does have reds, oranges, greens and creams in .. so when I started to think like that, it wasn’t so hard a choice afterall! I really did want to frame this with a darker more subdued fabric.

On a more personal front, the end is near for this 2 – 11PM shift from Hell. I sooo canNOT wait! it’ll be nice to get a life back again! I’ve my shift bid here and am working on it – they’re due by the 23rd and I definitely plan to have it handed it! Just hope my score card stays good enough so that I can get a better shift that will allow me to have some modicum of a life … even if it is just a wee smidge of one ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Happy Joy Joy

I’ve also caved and we are getting a whole new internet, phone and cable tv provider. The super slow speeds that I’ve been contending with lately have put me in no end of a panty twister – and with all I’ve gone thru with this provider, I wasn’t in the mood to put my big girl pants on anymore. And reg and his tv .. it’s as bad as me and my internet – nevermind that we are missing all the Tigers games, and football season is coming up .. last season was bad enough with not getting all the games we wanted to watch – plus with this new service, my phone will actually be cheaper .. It’ll be nice to have a speedy internet connection ๐Ÿ™‚ and the games we want to watch – Let’s just hope that it delivers what it says it will .. we’ll find out next Tuesday on our install date. I can just see us now .. Reg will be flicking thru the channels like an addict and trying to pry me away from my keyboard might be problematic ..

Friday Giveaway at QuiltingGallery

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Spare Time

I must have sat down at least 4 times to do this post. Not that there’s anything earth-shaking quilty or knit wise to share .. but Kyle did have his Grade 8 graduation and he turned 14 – since I posted last. Dictionary.com gives the definition of spare time as:

spare time

1. time available for hobbies and other activities that you enjoy
2. time that is free from duties or responsibilities [syn: free time]

Yeah well .. it just doesn’t exist really for me .. This current shift is rather brutal. I thought it would be a great shift – sleep in a bit, get home a wee bit later, spend some time with Reg, go to bed and start my day again .. the reality of it is, I’ve been sleeping until 12:00 – 12:30 most days, I actually saw the sunrise a few times this week (It was beautiful BUT …) and if it wasn’t for school being out for the summer, I wouldn’t even see Kyle .. as for spending time with Reg?? Well he’s tired when I get home, and the hour or so of tv that we watch together is him watching thru his eyelids **sigh Reality really does bite sometimes :\. I thought I would only have to endure this for one month – but no … I have this shift until the end of July .. bloody hell. The ONLY good thing about this shift is that I have Sunday off .. that means that someone is home when Kyle comes back from his dad’s every other weekend .. I have managed to see the fireflies .. twice .. so I guess that’s a good thing .. ah well .. only 3 more weeks to endure, then pray God I can get a decent shift. And that i have SOME energy left after work to want to hand sew or knit .. I really miss having a life of sorts …

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Kyle’s graduation was absolutely great! Of course I cried when they processed in, but it was a still a wonderful thing to see my baby – all grown up and dressed smartly in a suit move along in the world to high school. It really was a nice mass that Fr Matt did and Kyle did the reading as well .. every kid in his class got to do something during the service. Click on his pretty face to see pics from Mass and the dinner afterwards .. Kyle did get the Technology Award .. He wanted the Sports award and Music award, but he has a few issues with arguing with his coaches (I’m speaking from experience here) and not taking direction well .. He prolly did deserve them, but if he wants to carve his own way in life, he’s going to have to learn to do what is expected and make his tracks bright and bold while towing the line .. I’m sure he’ll figure it out sooner or later ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have faith in him .. He did get a grown up present though .. we got him a cell phone .. it’s pay as you go with 2500 text messages – he has to buy his own cards and keep track of his time .. his original plan was 250 text messages like mine, but after 6 days he was near to going over it :O So they removed his 250 package and added 2500 package with no penalty! Thank God!

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The next huge milestone was a week later .. my little darling turned 14!! WOW … amazing how fast the time flew by .. and I’m not just saying this as a clich&#233 either. It bloody well FLEW!! crash zip zoom bang I can remember just after he turned 12 that he was an inch taller than me (now that’s just wrong on so many levels! Now here he is going into high school .. the bugger is going to be wanting to learn to drive in 2 years!! Nevermind me not being ready for it .. what about the rest of the world??? LOL But we had a nice family get together, with cake and hamburgers (dinner was his choice) It was a nice time, he opened his present from Reg and I and then my dad got him a bike .. so the bugger made out like bandit .. cell phone, video game and a new bike :O Good thing I only have one!!

Lately Reg and I have rented the series Lost. We are just about to start Disc 6 for Season 3 .. Needless to say it’s been interesting and rather addicting too .. I’ve not gotten much reading done lately .. just mindless clicking and a few pages here and there .. The good news is – I’ll have my 90 days in about 8 days or so, so that’s good news .. And this has really been the only month that I’ve truly struggled with time .. so I think this shift is just my nemesis right now ..

Hope everyone is doing great and I miss your posts and emails! I’ve not deleted my emails and i’ll catch up on blog reading sooner or later .. preferably sooner!

Hope you all had a great July 4th and Canada Day!!!