Quilt Plotting .. Pin Cushions

I was thinking about the bandanas I picked up yesterday and that they were HUGE when I opened them up – I didn’t want to do an economy block that freeken big – so I started to plot .. hee hee .. yes no surprise to anyone I’m sure. I’ve mentioned before I love to design with HSTs and love the look they give. I designed Kyle’s Spinner quilt all with HSTs.  You can get so many unique looks with just one simple block.

mums entwined starI’m finally at the point where I can do something for my mum.  She passed in 2006 after a 25 year battle with breast cancer  I plan on hanging this in my sewing room so her and I can sew together once again  Mum taught me to sew by hand, by machine, do garment construction, embroider etc etc etc So with the bandanas I came up with an entwined star block – it started out at 24” but is now down to 15” – it was at 18” but I washed the bandanas and lost a few inches LOL  I plan to start on this tomorrow.  One of the bandanas got all wonky in the wash – totally out of skew – I just might rewet it and try and block it into shape

wpid-wp-1424426764943.jpegwpid-wp-1424426764981.jpegPincushions where on my mind while I was waiting for the washer and dryer to finish.  I decided to do the Wild Flower pincushion – the instructions were simple enough ish.  A few places where I scratched my head and said WHY???  I do not like this one.  Way disappointed in the amount of time and fabric I used for this.  This thing is HUGE – more appropriate as a toy for my dogs and they aren’t small.  the base is 6” wide and its about that tall.  it is pretty – but not for me – I took the stuffing out and put it aside until I decide what to do with it.  If I finished it and gave it to the dogs, Zeppy would have it torn to shreds in less than 10 seconds.  Not gonna happen

wpid-wp-1424426764547.jpegwpid-wp-1424426765058.jpegBut I did do another one that I’ve been wanting to do – its simplistic and rather elegant I think – went together pretty quick and used less fabric and takes up wayyyy less space – I like this little guy – I’d like to make another one of these and the flower blossom one I did the other day.   I can use the larger side panels from the Wild Flowers one that I did earlier.  I still need to do my sewing caddy / thread catcher – and I can’t forget my yoga bag.  That’s going to require a bit of math and thinking two mix two patterns.

All this to create one flower pin cushion that I didn't even finish LOL

All this to create one flower pin cushion that I didn’t even finish LOL

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