Window ‘pains’ installed ..

hpim2254A fter that panic attack was resolved .. i canNOT believe I am that much of a twit at times .. seriously! What would it have taken me to flip the triangle around a bit instead of ‘insisting’ it went just like that .. I must have been thinking HST still (equal size) ah well .. it’s all good now ..

I did manage to move on and get the window strips all put together .. all I need to do is cut the window panes, then the 2 borders and voila! top done πŸ˜€ .. this one will be ready for basting as soon as I have those cut and stitched on .. I’m glad that I didn’t have enough of the original green to do this .. the batik is just perfect for it .. and as bobbie said, it looks like real stained glass πŸ˜‰ It wouldn’t have looked so ‘life-like’ if I had used the other one …

This black is interesting to work with tho .. as you know, black fabric is the same on BOTH sides .. so if you don’t have the best lighting conditions, you have to really concentrate on seeing the edges line up LOL .. it’s been interesting, that’s for sure .. it is a lot bigger than I thought it would be too .. i knew the measurements, just didn’t think of them is all ..

oh and it’s not as crooked as the picture makes it out to be .. it is really hanging on my wall much nicer than that LOL

Have a great weekend .. I’ll likely be starting on another ear warmer tomorrow for football watching πŸ™‚ Unless I manage to get this finished up first and then start the ear warmer … we’ll just have to see – but it IS 3:30am so i’m not holding my breath on this one at all

I guess I really can’t say anymore that I don’t do windows, eh?? **heh

Setting Triangles – something’s wrong


I finally got to sew yesterday and today πŸ˜€ .. WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO My goal for last nite was to get all of Matthew’s blocks done .. easy peasy .. I just cut out for the blocks and that was it .. I figure that I’ll cut for each section as I come to it ..


ah - oops

Before I even started to piece all the blocks together, I made up one block just to be sure that I’ve measured and cut these right. This is the Through the Windows pattern for that she published a few weeks ago. She did this as a pp pattern, but I would rather cut and piece – I really have to be in the mood for pp and I’m not .. soooo, I measured the block and added my seam allowances and voila .. had cutting directions for myself πŸ˜€ Like I mentioned, my goal was to get all 12 blocks done last nite .. but when I saw this and then realized that I had cut the thread on my machine, I realized I was to tired and stopped for the nite .. Not a big deal – I really didn’t feel like frogging that

So today I start off right where I left off … frogged that mistake and then proceeded to do it again LMBO – I just kill myself **znerk heh .. yes I am truly laughing at this .. **scratches head I have noooo idea how on God’s green earth I did that TWICE!! The good news is, it wasn’t on the same block. heh

hpim2253So I get all the blocks done, pressed out and squared – moving right along, time for the setting corner and setting triangles. I cut out my units for the black and stitch them on half the blocks; then I pull my setting triangles that I’ve cut and line it up and ^@#$@##& It’s like wayyyy to big .. and I’m truly confused here ..I checked the directions twice before I cut them, and thenhpim2252 doubled checked my squares before I cut them, and I even squared them up and they are 9ΒΎ”. I reread the directions, then check out a chart I have, and check a few online and they all say for 6″ finished blocks, setting triangles are 9ΒΎ” I just checked my squares again and that’s what I cut .. Why is this soooo big?? HELP!!!!! This doesn’t seem right, and no where do I read that it’s going to be THIS much bigger than the block .. oh and before you ask – Yes the blocks are currently 6Β½” squared and unfinished .. the corner triangles of 51/8″ worked just fine .. now why is this one so much off????

Can someone please help me? My first reaction is to just cut them down, but to what size and why is it so much bigger when all the charts say to cut this size .. is this normal???? DO they need to be this big for a reason .. Do I just stitch them then trim them down??

Needless to say, I’ve stopped sewing until this is figured out .. I just can’t blithely be stitching these together if I’m wrong and then have to frog them all .. Oh and if this is normal, don’t laugh to hard .. I’ve never done blocks on point nor ever done setting triangles ..

**cries .. gnaws nails ..

heh .. I’ve figured it out .. I’m such a bloody twit .. I didn’t have it on the longwise grain .. I took a break for a smoke and started to think about what I had read and realized that they all said LONGWISE GRAIN

So it’s all good .. I’ve figured out my own mistake .. okay … I’m off now to finish it πŸ˜€

Earwarmer counted as done!

hpim2244J ust a quick show n tell about my earwarmer that I did finish last nite .. It fits as you can see πŸ˜‰ .. a few things I’m not totally tickled about, but I’ll adjust and adapt for the next one .. I’ve mentioned these already before – so just a quick blurb here

  1. will not use circular needles – will use DPNs next time
  2. will not use baby weight for the lining – more below
  3. will do provisional cast on – more below

hpim2246All and all, I’m VERY pleased with how this turned out. I’ve not really knitted in 10 years (do dishclothes count??) and this was a colour work and fairisle pattern – hard?? No – beginner knit stuff?? .. No – experience required?? – Yes, to an extent – but it’s not rocket science if you’ve done a bit of knitting and are ready to move on past scarves .. there is NO shaping in this pattern – straight stockinette stitch.

I will NOT do this pattern in circulars unless I find one shorter than what I have, and i’m sure that they don’t make them much smaller – hence – DPN (double pointed needles) I couldn’t find my 4mm DPN until AFTER I was done .. figures,eh (just like tracy and her stored in a safe place post – I’m sure we can ALL relate!!).

hpim2246-ph15Next time I will do the provisional cast on. It wasn’t to tricky to do the binding off without doing this method, it just meant that I had a thicker seam under my lining, and picking the correct stitch up was ‘touchy’. It likely added a good hour onto my ‘finish’ time as picking up 120 stitches in sport weight on 4mm needles tends to make your eyes cross after a bit.Β  After I do this cast-on, I just might take the stitches and slip them onto a stitch holder and leave them there to really make my life easier – we’ll just have to see. With doing the cast on with circulars, I stretched the yarn out needlessly and created a wider base than needed.Β  I’m sure that with blocking / washing, this will go back to normal, but I’m not holding my breath .. and these are earwarmers for me .. they do NOT need to be perfect

hpim2245I used a baby weight for the lining of this and as Tracy predicted, it would be a looser weave .. it’s alright, but not as clean and neat as the rest of the earwarmer. One good thing, you can’t see it as it’s next to my head :D. I didn’t have to many ends to worry about darning in as when I join yarns, I weave them in for several stitches before and after they are cut / joined.

I am going to do another one in reverse colours, and I need to decide if this is just to wide for my head.Β  It has nice coverage tho and my ears are sweetly covered which is the whole point of these things .. style helps too πŸ˜‰Β  But for now .. I have my iron heating up and matthew’s butterflies are ready to be cut!!

WOOOOO HOOOOOO – quilt stuff here I come πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Happy Thanksgiving; Earwarmer

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving day with their family and friends and that a great time was had by all .. we went to my aunt’s in Farmington tonite for supper .. Unfortunately they ended up eating before we got there (this was arranged by my dad but i wasn’t informed .. ) as Matthew and Meredith needed to go to Toledo to see her family .. I wish I had known .. i would have kicked my dad into gear earlier so we could have eaten as a family .. so this rather did upset me as it would have been nice .. yes they all sat around while we ate, but it just wasn’t the same thing .. :\ .. Meredith felt so bad for me, that she said if I would have had your number I would have called you .. that was sweet of her .. oh Meredith is Matthew’s fianceΓ©

hpim2234After supper we headed up to the sewing room so my aunt could show me what she was making as gifts for the guests .. she’s making these really cute cord wrapped plates and baskets, but man are they a lot of work and are going to take a LOT of time .. she might not get them done by August .. I wish her luck – Erica had gone downstairs so when my aunt and i came back down, I asked her if she wanted to see what I was making Matthew and Erica –(gotta love blogs) she just loves it and says that it’s perfect for hpim2237both and they will love it .. oh and Erica’s colours – bright and vivid.. i’m gonna thump my dad .. I read a bit of my post to her about ‘ Erica’s colours’ with my Dad .. she just about pee’d herself she was laughing so hard ..

She also had some green that she decided would go great in my sewing room πŸ™‚ .. the pic doesn’t do this one justice .. it looks all wrinkled and it’s not – it’s just the textured print of the fabric ..

No quilty today, but I didn’t really expect to get any done this week once I started to have issues with transferring the data from the old puter to the new puter .. then for some reason, my email program wouldn’t take the dictionary, so I reinstalled it and then it ate it’s own tail .. so I lost a whole day’s worth of mail .. so if you’ve emailed me and I”ve not responded yet, please email me back – I tried to remember everyone, but I’m sure I missed a few ..

hpim2235While there I finished the lining rounds for my ear warmer .. it was odd knitting this in with baby weight when i had been using sport weight, but it’s just about finished .. This pattern called for a provisional cast on .. but did I google it beforehand – NOPE .. I didn’t find what it was in my book so I just blithely knitted away .. that’s okay .. I have a few sewing of seam tricks where this will hide my seam – it would have been easier if I had .. but ah well .. I do plan on making more than one of these .. they do make up pretty quick and they are soooo cute .. but i will do this on DPNs next time .. even tho I used my shortest circular needles – they were still to long for this and I wasn’t able to get a good roll going as I was always having to move my stitches in both directions just to be able to knit them .. but I am pleased with how it hpim2236turned out first colour work in like 10 years or so and weaving and joining was as simple as pie to me still πŸ™‚ and my tensions not to bad .. you can see where there was an issue with the circular being long-ish near the bottom – so DPNs next time ..I was going to switch over, but didn’t find a size 4mm in them .. I could have sworn i have them .. the size of this will depend on what size needles i use for the next ones .. if I have to get size 4mms then so be it .. but I do want more than one to fit my mood ..

The next one will have the colours reversed .. I just love that white with the variegated colours in it and with my fall coat being purple and my winter coat being mauve, it’ll match up just fine .. maybe I can find a glove pattern I can knit .. altho I just got some new ones that are black with white fairisle on them and lined with chenille .. they are soooo warm and soft!!

So I’m off to finish my earwarmer and iron some shirts for Reg (blech!!!) as he has basketball tournament this weekend – yup my basketball widowship has begun along with all sorts of ironing of pants and shirts (**sigh)

Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving everyone!

Finally – normal-ish soon …

hpim2229So it finally begins .. putting my poor sewing room / computer room (AKA the cat cave) back together again. It’s been a few days of chaos at it’s best with getting the new computer up and running .. that has been it’s own saga – but it appears to be all good now and how I want / like it. I’m sure I’ve missed a few things, but that’s okay .. the other system will stay set up until I get my upgraded version of quiltpro .. I’m not about to give my quiltpro up .. no way!

hpim2226Now to put my room back to rights. My cutting table has been overtaken with various things (and all in just a week too – how sad is that??) Altho, I do have the fabric I dyed last week out ready to cut, and yarn and various computer stuff for my mac. This ‘mess’ doesn’t help me organize myself as all I see is a mess when I look here .. it’s driving me nuts .. but you know .. putting this to rights won’t actually take long .. I just have to pack up the various puter stuff and put it all in the box. It honestly looks worse than it is b/c it’s spread out .. but I’ll have a nice working space in no time and will be able to cut matthew’s windows soon .. maybe tonite??? how cool would that be?? Tomorrow is rather shot as it’s turkey day, but I imagine I can can get some stuff done ..

hpim2227hpim2228Heh .. I took out the drawer in my desk to make it easier to hook and unhook the ethernet / firewire cables for the network – yes I can get my arm back there easy enough, but it is sooo much easier with the drawer out of there .. honestly it is πŸ™‚ And this drawer is on the chair I use when I’m piecing .. so you know that will have to go back where it belongs. And this really shouldn’t take the long .. the drawer about 20 seconds if that – and that time involves me getting up from this chair here LOL.

The New Do!!

photo-4photo-5Oh and I actually managed to get my hair done yesterday – I did this right after the dog got her shots πŸ˜€ .. I had a good 6 – 8″ cut off and I got it highlighted .. wonderful way to hide gray hair me thinks .. altho I have a patch on the top of my head and that’s about it .. but it’s a sizable patch .. I didn’t feel like editing out the lens glare off my glasses so got lazy and took 2 pictures. And this was done with a program called Photo Booth on my new mac .. sure beats trying to take a pic with your arm extended all the way and doing about 5 million shots :\ .. and the camera just interfaces sweetly with the new machine – I just love it!


hpim2232I did mention on Sunday that I had done some knitting to get away from the frustration of the migration assistant not working for me .. it’s turning out really cute and when I did my swatch, my tension was spot on .. kyle wanted it so he’s off with it and doing whatever with it .. wanna bet he doesn’t even know where it is?? LOL and that was just yesterday too .. hmmm – let’s see .. “hey Kyle, where’s the swatch from the other day?” Kyle .. “Oh gee, I don’t know .. why do you want it?” LOLOLOL … KIDS!!! *znerk

At any rate, I’ve only worked on it on sunday and that was it .. it’s about halfway done – lining is just straight stitching. I’m rather torn here – once I get this room in one piece, I would like to just finish this maybe tonite so I can see if it fits or if there are any changes that I have to make on this pattern to fit me .. I plan on making a few of these for me in various colour combinations; my fall coat is darker purple while my winter coat is mauve in colour – so purple is a must and the yarn I grabbed for tying gran’s quilt is perfect for this too πŸ™‚ Nice soft colours that pretty well go with anything.

As for the snowflake I knitted the other week, Val finished hers and it IS a mistake in the pattern – she told me what she did to fix it and I’ll make note of it when I find my pattern pages – they are in the living room with all my yarn and other knitting patterns I’m using .. I have to put them into a book or some such thing as I ‘ve not printed them off for years and they are just stuck in my Vogue Knitting book (this is my knitting bible) for the time being.

ToDo List / Timing

Once I get this cleared up in here I’ve a few things to do:

  1. cut out Matthew’s windows
  2. over-dye spinner backing
  3. borders for Erica’s quilt
  4. finish ear warmer
  5. if time, do snowflake cloth giftees

Not sure on time at all right now .. I’ve lost a good week if not 1 Β½ weeks with various shoppings trips etc .. The good news is, the dog went into the vet yesterday for her shots and I got the advantage for her and the cats .. the advantage is the vet prescribed drops that go on their backs .. I’ve not seen Orion or Shadow scratching since yesterday, Pix is still scratching but not going into convulsions like he was .. he’s 98% scratch free now .. so a good cleaning with vacuuming etc, washing floors with flea shampoo, vacuum the beds and couch / chairs, spray the snot out of it and do that once a week for a bit and we’ll be good to go!! How cool is that .. I think we are going to be flea free from now on WOOOO HOOOOOOOO. I rather knew this to be the case, but the vet thinks that pix has a definite allergy to them .. whereas orion and shad are just sensitive .. oh what I said about the scratch-free – Orion just scratched .. but she is done and it was only about 15 seconds .. coo!

More puter geeky stuff
I do have an option of using a program that will allow me to install a kernel of mac os9, but that’s to much reading for right now and I’ve not even tackled it yet. Well I did download it and the documentation and will have to see how it goes .. for the mac ppl out there, it’s called SheepShaver and it looks like to get it via this page, you need to use the terminal mode to get it .. I just did NOT feel like dealing that aspect of, so I found another place to get it at .. and a “how-to” – but that’s just wayyy more than I want to contend with at this time .. So if any of you mac ppl reading this, actually have done this or do this, please let me know .. I feel like with a combination of shopping trips, vet visits, etc, that I’m wayyy behind on my cmas giftees.

NQR – Geek Post

my wordle ..

my wordle ..

Never a dull moment with me … there are days I sincerely wish for some boredom – and today and tomorrow will be no exception (!)

Oh before I head off on my tangent / tirade – let me share my wordle with you .. this is something that I can now do – my OS wasn’t new enough to run the java that this requires πŸ™‚Β  I’ve been sooo dying to do this since I first saw it in Mary’s blog, then Tracy did it too .. I got a little green b/c I just couldn’t wait to see what it said what I said πŸ™‚

Such a flurry of activity for the past few days and not really going to slow down until maybe Wednesday and then off and running for turkey day .. well reg has a tournament this weekend, so I should hopefully catch up on quilt related stuff then .. πŸ˜‰ we’ll just have to see.

I was beyond tickled on Friday nite, (tired but tickled) and wanted to get my new computer set up .. well that didn’t happen .. With macs you can use your old computer as a target drive and have it show up as a virtual drive on another mac .. and the new mac os has what’s called a migration assistant that will take all your account info, passwords, preferences, etc and move them for you for all your emails, applications, and etc etc etc .. you have NO idea how that appealed to me .. but as you know me well .. I didn’t get that lucky .. (pfft)

Well I use the firewire cable and connected both computers, boot up my new mac and I’m all happy and tickled to death that it just might be THIS easy .. I couldn’t wait to see it in action .. aw drat! It’s telling me that I don’t have the right OS installed on my old mac (??) yeah okay (as i look over and see that non existent OS running happily away on my old mac) It grabbed my other drive (with an older system on it) but the most recent one – nope. – okay .. **scratches head .. I tried a few more things, but was honestly to brain dead to think straight .. I gave up for the night after posting to the apple tech board for help.

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