Hyperdrive … engaged!

The definition of hyperdirve has been redefined today LOL. I’m in a state of shock of what I managed to accomplish today. Seriously, it was a lot even by my turbo speeds.

  1. Quick summary of today; printed out the tissue paper for mum’s star, quilted it, removed 99% of the paper, and got the binding put on – still needs to be sewn down
  2. Yoga mat – deciphered two patterns and cobbled them together to one for me, with lots of reverse stitching and rereading instructions thinking WTH???
  3. Getting reacquainted with my quilt books – yes they were found!!!

20150226_18572420150226_232717My judicious requesting (AKA nagging) finally got through to my kid – some of the boxes from the move ended up in his room and voila Low and behold! amazingly enough they were there. And yes, I opened each and every single one of them, flipped through pages and perused a ton of magazines.   The kid was like, gee mum, you’d think it was Christmas LOL.  It was soooo awesome to go through my books – My Ricky Tims Convergence book, water colour books, fibre art books and the magazines too Oooohing and awwwwwing over the pretty quilts I’m already plotting some hand dyes – I’ve really missed doing that!  I love to use them in my abstract quilts – let’s my mind go free – not always a safe or a good thing,, but it tends to keep me somewhat out of trouble.

20150227_021634Mum’s star didn’t get touched after my quilt books were found  I really struggled with the negative space quilting – finally copped out according to the kid by doing long lines running diagonally with the pattern – but it does work perfectly with it.  Nothing else was working there.  It was an odd shape at an angle – not much else that could be done and the meander I picked would’ve had me ripping o stitches AND my hair!  just way to detailed for that itty bitty space.  I used pink thread for this ,cat paws and tulips – love the way it came out.  I did my first single fold binding – not sure how I feel about it – always use double fold even for wall hangings – there’s a hanging sleeve on the back of it and while I was working that on and doing the label I realized that I used one of mum’s old sheets for the backing.  How perfect is that.  Tomorrow I’ll sew down the binding and wash it and get some better pics – I need to grab a few dowels for wall quilts – I’m all out – the label isn’t anything fancy – Just a cat outline and my dedication.  I’ll get a pick of that tomorrow and post it with the final pics of this quilt.

20150226_232840Now my yoga mat – Even though both patterns called for a yard even of home dec stuff – I have enough left over to do another bag I want to do a messenger bag to carry my goodies to my new job next week – but there’s a few things about this bag which may have me tossing that idea right out the window.  I LOVE the material I used – it’s so me!!  I’m hoping to hit fabricland and see ifs still at the price it was when i was there.  Please let it be.  I was bouncing back and forth from one pattern to the other and scratching my head.  I basically did alternate steps from each pattern.  Preferred the pocket I used, but not the way it finished  Mum taught me to do the pockets different.  This one has you sew the pockets through all layers including the bag – didn’t like that at all – looks sloppy – I was even thinking at the time why don’t I just sew the pocket up, then sew in the zipper.  Least I was pretty sure that’s how mum taught me to do zippers.

I mucked up on the strap length – not surprising as I was bouncing between the two patterns and they used different measures and construction styles – of course I did my own .. you can see how that worked.  It ended up being to short for the construction method I was doing so I had to improvise – not a big deal – but this material does like to let the thread bury deep . oi vay! Found that out frogging the strap LOL

20150227_00022220150226_232647Took some time away for dinner and to play with my books, and then came back – head was clearer but i made an error that I didn’t realize until later in the process and I didn’t have the heart to frog it again – not the strap . AGAIN – yes you are looking at the bottom of the back and oh jiminy cricket – the damn pocket is upside down – with all the reversing I had been doing I got turned upside down .. CRAP!!!!!  I just did not have the strength to deal with frogging that material again  And yes, it’s still driving me bugnuts.  That’s seriously messing with my OCD.  Now you see why I want to go ahead and make another bag with the left over material.  Oh yes, besides the pocket it’s to long – I could easily have it at 30 – 31”; it could be looser around my bag, I have to struggle to get it in .. out no issues, in .. issues.  It could be the material I used for the lining IDK and I’ve no idea what the material is either  Just an ugly piece of fabric – the strap width and length is good for me and I love the material!!  but that damn pocket LOL and the only way to fix it is to take the whole thing apart as it’s between the lining and the outside material.  Ya no

So I have to decide .. messenger bag or another yoga bag – I could make another one in half the time as I’ve figured it out and it’s just a matter of fine tuning the pattern now.  Hell I could even sell these LOL


It was an awesome day, ,the kid came up on a regular basis to make sure I was still alive and had a few chuckles at my expense while I was sifting through my books

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