I think I got it .. maybe

quiltlayoutThis is something I’ve been batting around in my mind for a few days now – well more than a few days.  I’ve been thinking about this the whole time I was working on it.  I wanted to use motifs that were mum’s passions – she loved cats and gardening  she loved to read and a million other things, but you could find her outside in the garden soon as the weather broke – her and I would be so excited when we saw the first crocus pop up through the snow – the true harbingers of spring – never mind that weasely rodent pfft .. as if I would believe an overgrown rat!  Crocus – you can believe them for sure!

So I finally decided on using cat paws, tulips and gardening tools.  I went back and forth on this a million times – did I want the pink entwined to be negative space, did I want to use coffee cups .. ugh.  These thoughts would follow me to sleep and when i woke.  I put it up on my design wall and stared at it, put it on the floor and stared at it.  I knew I wanted a looser motif for the center, matching triangle corners seems like a good idea.

Like I said, I think I’ve got it, I’m sure this will evolve as I work on it the one thing I know for sure is the center block and I really like the idea of the cat paws wandering around the center block – the gardening motif may change and so may the corner motifs.  As it is, the paw motifs might be side by side like the cat is walking – I’ll just have to see what I find.

Least the first block is a definite LOL