And .. it’s done!

20150129_164338[1]I was seriously doubting I would reach this point after last night. LOL I got all the binding down after getting my new foot. Dad called me that night and he said he was going stateside, so I called the area Joann stores, and made sure it was on hold for me. By 3pm yesterday I had my new Singer walking foot. And by God it bloody well worked!!! 30 mins later, I had the binding on and it was time to hand stitch down the binding – course I had to look up if I used single or double thread – *Shake my head*  It’s currently in the dryer and I want to wait until daylight to get some better pictures and will post them tmrw before I go to yoga.  Oh and it’s still unnamed other than me calling it Ruby’s quilt.

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I Hate Moving

I know that hate is a really strong word, but after this last move – it really is appropriate – there just isn’t a strong enough word in English, and even that falls short

This isn’t the first time where my move last May has caused me endless issues finding things. As you can see, I’m still ‘struggling’

It’s my fault of course. pfft House wasn’t fully packed and that created no end of issues. But the worst of it was, I decided that I and my gf would stay back at the old house with the dogs and finish cleaning and doing the last minute awkward packing that always happens regardless of how prepared you are. I figured that I would see them in about 4 maybe 5 hours .. ya right .. try more like almost 8 hours later. Between half the guys buggering off and some of the other’s half doing things – the house was a freeken disaster!!!  For some reason they decided to offload 75% of the truck before the furniture came off the truck, so couches were tossed on top of boxes – my shower curtain is STILL MIA

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Universal you say???

According to, the definition for universal is:

1. of, relating to, or characteristic of all or the whole: universal experience.
2. applicable everywhere or in all cases; general: a universal cure.
3. affecting, concerning, or involving all: universal military service.
4. used or understood by all: a universal language.

The universal low shank quilting foot needs to have this redefined. Needless to say – it went on, did one side of the binding then went – nope – Im not gonna work another stitch – and it didn’t .. It is just a smidge to short – the plan was to put the binding on, then spend the rest of the day hand sewing it down and then adding the label then into the wash it goes .. maybe tomorrow afternoon some time . . hella sigh

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Wow .. just wow

And I don’t mean White on White .. I mean seriously WOW .. Im rather stunned by how much I forgot – yes that’s to be expected – but not on your own technique!! I had Ruby’s quilt all set up to be quilted last night. But something did not look right to me today. Just couldn’t put my finger on it .. good thing I actually did a tutorial on how to place the tissue paper prior to quilting, I had to read my own tutorial. I had it all glued down sigh So take that all apart and then pin the snot out of it and quilt it row by row. Amazingly enough the one thing that I thought would give me problems did not .. Can I say again how much I love my Singer 15K?? The best damn machine EVER. I think I love this more than my FW. Yes I do believe I just said that outloud. Stranger things have happened LOL

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