Weekend Quilty Binge

20150307_212419Three days of no major quilting was rather painful. The only issue with working is that it cuts into my quilting time LOL. But need a pay check to pay for fabric.  Although I did take a bit each night to sew down the binding bit by bit.   Finally on Friday night there was just a bit left of the binding to do and the hanging tabs, so I took the rest of the night to finish it up.  I’m happy with how it worked out.  I had my doubts all the way through working on this, from the background, the applique, and the quilting.  Most of the way through, I knew I wanted to do hanging tabs with buttons – and I sewed them on using my sewing machine LOL.  I do love a good workaround that doesn’t look like one!  It all came together nicely and turned out way better than I could have expected.  Once I pic up another dowel, I’ll hang it up here in my loft near the top of the stairs. Continue reading


Japanese Mystery BOM – January February

20150202_20595620150202_210145Everyone was so incredibly helpful with me getting my head wrapped around this mystery.  Thank you to everyone that emailed me, commented or posted on the list-serve in answer to screams and whimpers for help.  I was given information to read, and I had already done my google searches for images – but wasn’t trusting my instinct.  I decided to trust my instincts finally.  I’ve always have a good sense for colours – balancing between complimentary and harmonious colours.  Of course laying my whole stash out almost did more harm than good, but I frittered it down to small prints and what colours I want to use and it should fall into place.  It generally does.  The pic on the left shows the fabrics that I’ll use for the background colour – the one on the right is without.  I’m not likely to use all those prints in my blocks, but I have the option to use whatever ones I want and that’s all that matters.   Not sure what’s happening with my camera lately, but my shots aren’t turning out as well as they used to. Continue reading