Weekend Quilty Binge

20150307_212419Three days of no major quilting was rather painful. The only issue with working is that it cuts into my quilting time LOL. But need a pay check to pay for fabric.  Although I did take a bit each night to sew down the binding bit by bit.   Finally on Friday night there was just a bit left of the binding to do and the hanging tabs, so I took the rest of the night to finish it up.  I’m happy with how it worked out.  I had my doubts all the way through working on this, from the background, the applique, and the quilting.  Most of the way through, I knew I wanted to do hanging tabs with buttons – and I sewed them on using my sewing machine LOL.  I do love a good workaround that doesn’t look like one!  It all came together nicely and turned out way better than I could have expected.  Once I pic up another dowel, I’ll hang it up here in my loft near the top of the stairs.


20150308_052222I finally tackled the New York Beauty Blocks I’ve been wanting to do.  If I had left the pattern at full size then it wouldn’t print on one page and the print dialogue was scaling it to 85%, I did the math and I figured that 95% wasn’t so bad as it would make it to 7.6” instead of 8” – and these blocks aren’t for a swap, but for me so it doesn’t matter as long as they are the same.  Amazingly enough when I went to square the block, it was 8” unfinished instead of 8.5 .. works for me!

20150308_050824The worst of it was picking colours.  I can’t recall a time I’ve ever struggled this hard to work with colours  I knew I wanted to do a green background, Most of my quilts are lighter backgrounds and green appealed to me for this project – and I’ve a fair collection of green as I’ve not really used it in a while.  I do know I want it to be scrappy – I think it will do these blocks justice.  The next decisions were the hard ones.  I thought blues for the spikes would be cute.  I had my doubts about the fabrics I picked for the spikes – didn’t think they were going to work out and there are times I really hate being right and this was definitely one of them.  I love all these fabrics on their own, but together not so much .. my first attempt was a reality check in sewing curves, paper piecing and how NOT to pick colours for NYB blocks LOL.

20150308_050842So I started again and worked smarter not harder.  First of all I rethought my colours – pulled out my greens, purples, oranges and reds, along with lighter complimentary fabrics for the center of each circle.  I then recut my fabric pieces based on size needed – and the idea of using freezer paper for the inner and outer curves hit me as a really good idea.  And this time I remembered to put cuts in my arc which made it so much easier to put the inner circle in than the last time.  And amazingly enough it worked   It will also cut down on the amount of printing I need to do to finish this project.  It’s going to be very bold in colour and right now it’s a couch size throw, but that could change and knowing me, it likely will change.  I’m thinking this could be made to fit my bed too – decisions – decisions..

I love the way this turned out, It makes me wish I could do the whole quilt with these fabrics or very close to these fabrics.  Blue rather did appeal the first time around, I think I killed hat with what I used – amazing how when something doesn’t look right it rather cures you of it LOL.  I’m hoping that I can do one block a night – with the setting up for the blocks by the time that’s done, it’ll be one block.  The one thing about these patterns for the NYB that I don’t like is the outer circle is sewn together instead of one piece.  I’m guessing that’s so the bias isn’t so prevalent??  no clue  I might just make it one piece, we’ll see – although this way does seem to use less fabric  I could always cut it on the fold

20150307_210734I also did the March Japanese BOM – this was a pretty simple block to do and made up very quickly.  I’ve all the blocks on my design wall just waiting for the rest of the months to pass so I can add to them – hmmm this might be the couch throw and the NYB blocks a bed quilt for me.  Ohhhhh I think I like that idea very much!

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