Mum’s Entwined Star – Finished

I Like it! Loving the way it turned out. The quilting pattern worked out better than expected and has a nice flow – altho it doesn’t lay flat, not to sure why – could be the material used. It was wonky after I washed it and it was definitely square.  Normally quilting takes of any weirdness – but not this time.  I was also worried about if the camo pink and the ribbon would blur together but thankfully it didn’t and they do stand out.  I need to rethink my tissue paper method of quilt marking for really tight and small designs as the paper doesn’t quite come out or the impression of it doesn’t – I did manage to get almost all of it out, thank goodness.  Love my tissue paper method, but my printer isn’t to happy with the process  I am looking to invest in some quilter’s paper and it’ll take a lot less time to print out my motifs – at this point, it takes a LOT of time to do just to print it as not all pieces go through the printer and I’m constantly dealing with carriage jams.

I’m borrowing a dowel from another project and this will be hung in my sewing room soonest Smile  Wet blocking might solve the wonky issue – not sure if I’ll do anything about it – but the waves against the wall might just drive my OCD off the edge LOL


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