Border Solutions – Nightmare Update

Well I have a solution; well implemented a few .. what I opted to do was use red and green horizontal stips to fill the spaces between the diamond borders with blue to fill in what I didn’t have enough space for .. it’s piecy, but it’s on the way to being done .. I have the tops and bottoms done right now; just need to sew up the sides and attach to the quilt top .. that will be what I’ll do tomorrow .. I lacked the energy to tackle it at this point and besides Pix has taken over the quilt as his bed for the time being .. I’m not about to battle another animal today .. heh .. today I wish I had NO PETS!! LOL .. specially ones that bark :S

I really feel that I’m having to manhandle this quilt like mad .. makes me wonder what it will be like to do our king size quilts .. i was joking with Reg that I’ll have to go to the school and steal the gym LOL .. i then said .. don’t laugh .. i’m not sure I’m kidding 😉

anywho, Kyle’s top will be done later on today then i can get started on doing my kitty quilt .. I need to scan in the pp patterns that I’m going to be using so that I always have a copy of them 😉

Pictures will be posted when it’s done .. I’ll need reg to hold it up so it doesn’t look so out of proportion laying on the floor

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