Kyle’s Quilt – The Nameless Quilt – DONE!

Whew! It’s done!! I was beginning to think that it would never happen! I mean .. how long should it take to sew on 4 strips?? In this case, bout 2 days .. maybe 3 .. it’s all a blur at this point. The quilt was larger by 1/2“ and 1“ at each end .. not one of my measurements was the same .. and the scary part is that I squared the bloody blocks!! BAH .. I agonized and agonized on how to do the borders since the border method I chose killed a lot of my fabric .. gots a LOT of triangles of it now .. frankly i’m not sure i want to see this fabric or pattern again ..

I got the top and bottom borders sewn on last nite, but by the time that was done it was like 4am .. i had had enough of it at that point. I knew it would be about another 1 – 2 hours of work to get it totally finished. Plus I didn’t look forward to crawling on the floor to pin it .. Knew that i would have to since I would have to lay it out flat-ish :S to get the right borders on the right sides. What I ended up doing with the borders was doing vertical pieces of blue with horizontal pieces of red, green and blue of course. Heh .. they actually managed to center some what okay as well .. The green I picked rather melts into the background and you can’t really see it .. I was worried about that, but wanted to use the same green that was in the quilt itself since I had enough to do some diamonds with it. The red and yellow show just fine tho, which pleases me ..

I’m just glad that this quilt is done .. I made a LOT of mistakes when I cut it out / sewed way back when .. and I can’t see that my skill has improved in 10 years since I didn’t sew in that time .. but maybe I am more patient now??

Oh meet the man with the wing-span to hold this monster up .. this quilt covers my king size bed with a smidge going over the edges .. LOL .. maybe I could do a king size quilt in this house .. basting it will a LOT of fun me things .. ya right! Hmm maybe it should be called Crooked Diamond Dreams? Whatcha think? Suggestions for a name?? I’m still to close to the border battle I had with this one to think positively about it and I don’t think that a quilt should carry that for it’s lifespan .. after all it’s not it’s fault 😉

Now off to scan my kitty pp patterns .. then my next plan of action is to baste reg’s quilt.. which he has already reminded me of LOL .. Gotta love him!


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