Weekend Frenzy ish

20150322_184829This weekend was scheduled as a loosely organized sewing Frenzy on one of my lists.   Mostly just a sewing weekend of checking in with one of my quilt lists.  I didn’t do to much today – mostly inclined to do nothing LOL … It happens on occasion and this was one of them.  I did manage to get five blocks done Saturday and I feel pretty good about what I did.  The latest set is going to be a challenge to me for the inner section.

20150322_184954I swear I must have spent a good hour trying to figure out how to get my pieces to flip correctly and to cover the sections needed . its amazing what a 45 degree angle will do when you have it with a straight angle.  I must have turned that paper and fabric a gazillion ways and frogged it half as many times before I got it right.  Mind you it was only that first section that made my head spin, but it was a rather fun exercise LOL

This marks as half way through the 10 different blocks for this series.  I’ve randomly put the blocks on my wall and I think the real fun will begin AFTER all the blocks are made.  This is a quilter’s dream of a major jigsaw puzzle.  I’m so looking forward to it!  I want to try and mix them up as much as I can.  The outer arcs appear to land in 2 or 3 different locations – I want to try and line them up by outer arc as much as I can so the lines aren’t to broken.  I am half torn to rush through the blocks to start finagle blocks, but I want to make sure I do them right and take my time.  As it is the block sizes are varying 1/16th – 1/4” and that’s my fault until I got comfortable with the curves.  That is going to create a few tense moments while I’m piecing the blocks together. I’ve learned so much doing these blocks and am continuing to learn more.  I’m so enjoying this!

I look forward to getting a few blocks done this week – I’m having a lot of fun with the colour choices and the different patterns each block set is bringing to me.



One thought on “Weekend Frenzy ish

  1. Grace, you have those points down now! love the colors.

    I just posted my a quilt on my blog, the first time I got up the nerve to put a quilt up! I would love for you to check it out!


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