Meh .. Motifs

20150125_214351It took me forever to decide what to use for motifs – I wasn’t sure if I would use a ‘block’ in the center of the kites or just do a continuous. I finally tested a block motif and I did not like how it looked – so that problem solved . at least lol

I decided on butterflies – I didn’t want to do something to complicated as I’ve not done this for 2 years and I’ve already tripped over boat loads of frustration while attempting to figure stuff out .. I’m telling you – yoga has never been so helpful haha – altho today Im not so sure it will help.

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Fan n Kitties Antics

With Sunday being my last day of ‘freedom’ as it were, I was in a minor frenzy to get stuff done. I wanted to finish the quilting on the big fan mystery and also quilt up the kitty convergence too. I was rather all over the map with trying to settle and start on one or the other. heh .. quilter ADD LOL  Oh and course I didn’t get as much sleep on Sunday as I wanted .. You’ll find out why at the bottom of my post .. bloody cat n bugs!!

HPIM2831.jpgFor the kitty convergence I wanted something rather abstract as this quilt is smaller. The quilting was just to be a compliment not the end all to be all .. I wanted a motif that was looser, but failed rather miserably in that .. but I am happy with the results .. this is a really cool looking motif .. it’s abstract but tulips – which matches the tulip fabric that I used and creates some interesting lines and flow in the quilt. I had one idea for the border, but by the time it was all said and done .. I just didn’t want to do it .. I was rather cross-eyed from HPIM2832.jpgdoing this motif, so I left it for now .. chances are I’ll do what I originally planned, but I just didn’t want to do the math for it to make the borders fit right as I’ll miter the design in instead of doing horizontal / vertical like I normally do. This is going to be interesting getting the tissue off this one .. I might just take Diana’s suggestion of a small toothed comb and a vacuum LOL .. egads what a mess THAT would be LOL

HPIM2834.jpgI finished quilting it on Sunday nite and started to do a bit of shredding of the tissue as well. I didn’t get any pictures until today as you couldn’t see the quilting very well with a flash pic. I do love how the quilting looks on this .. sort of creates waves like on the quilt ..

HPIM2833.jpgI did run out of the variegated blue about 1 row away from being finished but I had a blue that I was originally going to use before I found the blue, so I wasn’t too freaked out .. and this quilt is staying with me .. so it doesn’t have to be perfect – heh .. good thing as there are mistakes in this quilt LOL .. but I know they are there and I learned with this quilt .. so it’s all good. Here’s a nice shot of the quilting in a Continue reading

The Devil is in the Details …

Sounds rather ominous doesn’t it? Specially after the frustration that I dealt with yesterday. You know .. I never could understand that statement .. “The Devil is in the Details” To my way of thinking, the details are what makes anything you do succeed, and well they are Good – because the details are what makes the whole .. So if they are Good, what’s the Devil got to do with them .. I just could never wrap my head around it .. well tonite I found myself thinking that on more than one occasion :\ ..

According to ” .. boil[s] down to the fact that it is often the small details of something which make it difficult or challenging.”

Yeah well okay – I get it now .. has two versions .. The Devil is in the details … God is in the details ..

DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS – The “Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs and Sayings” by Gregory Y. Titelman (Random House, New York, 1996) shows this phrase as a variation of “God is in the details – Whatever one does should be done thoroughly; details are important. The saying is generally attributed to Gustave Flaubert (1821-80), who is often quoted as saying, ‘Le bon Dieu est dans le detail’ (God is in the details)… has this meaning “Even the grandest project depends on the success of the smallest components.

‡ This version of the proverb often implies that the details might cause failure. A more positive version is “God is in the details,” …”

Here’s a few examples of my Devil in the Details spots .. there’s more of them than you see here, but if you notice, they are all in small detailed areas – AND where the tissue ends and starts .. usually in the middle of the baptist fan variation .. not good planning on my part .. also lack of experience .. I’ll get better with time ..

HPIM2823.jpg HPIM2824.jpg HPIM2829.jpg

You know, if I had tried my tissue paper method on this quilt first, it would have never been developed beyond that first attempt .. with my posting that this quilt seemed heavy, another member of OST (Birdie) piped up (is that tweeted up??) and said that hers was heavy too and she was fighting her quilt .. she also mentioned that she didn’t cut the excess fabric off the back. Over ¾ of this quilt has 2 layers of fabric which equals added weight .. I would NEVER have thought to have done that at all .. So thank you for that one Birdie!!

I was right, once I got past the halfway point, it was easier to quilt as the majority of the quilt was not rolled up onto my machine bed and interfering with the movement of my hands .. instead the tissue was now on the right and with my added pressure (Third Law of Motion), was shredding the tissue before I could even ‘use’ it!! I tried to just pin half and then put my hand under the tissue to guide my quilt .. that still shredded the tissue .. then I tried, putting the sheets on one-by-one .. well that wasn’t quite working either .. **sigh THEN I thought of my spray baste 😀 It says right on the can that it can be used to hold tissue patterns in place 😀 😀 😀 .. well that worked quite well and it took no time at all to finish the quilting .. this may cause some issues when it comes to shred time .. that’s okay ..I can try Diana’s advice of using a comb to shred the tissue and then vacuum it – or I can let it soak for a bit to let the tissue dissolve .. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it ..


Non-spray Basted Tissue


Spray Basted Tissue

But the good news is – case128 is now quilted! I think I’m going to call this Curse of the Big Fan .. we’ll have to see 😀 Tomorrow (Today??), I’ll quilt the kitty convergence quilt and then do the bindings after that .. well after I shred the tissue that is .. or rather what’s left of it at this point :\

**Throws Paws in Air …

HPIM2819.jpgThis is almost half way thru the quilting on case128. Essentially 1 row shy of it, and my goal for today. I give up. I’ve had enough for one day! Seriously!

It’s been a battle of sorts all day .. not a HUGE battle, but more like a struggle / contest of wills ..and those can be just as tiring as battles and wars – specially when they are waged over a several hour period. I guess the first one was when I was piecing the batting – I sewed the long and short sides together wihtout realizing it until I had way more left than the other .. RIPIT RIPIT start again .. I wasn’t smart about where my pattern ends on the sheet .. so i’m creating a minor mess of sorts with the tissue there – I finally gave up trying to follow it and just winged it .. hey it’s freemotion after all.

HPIM2820.jpgSince I’m using a cotton batt, this quilt is heavier of course I’m having to apply more pressure with my hands (Thank God I use gloves!!) to move the quilt along .. and of course Newton’s Third Law of Motion “states that any time a force acts from one object to another, there is an equal force acting back on the original object. If you pull on a rope, therefore, the rope is pulling back on you as well. “ Meaning in this case – exerting more pressure causes the tissue paper to RIP. This is just one of the few battlefields where a contest of wills was waged. Good thing by this time I had gotten into a rhythm and it was easy enough to fill in the ‘holes’ so to speak. I didn’t really remember this issue when doing my kitty quilt tho – granted this quilt is bigger – ergo – heavier.

As I stated already, my goal was half way – I think a realistic enough goal and easily doable! I think that someone, somewhere is trying to tell me something .. I really do! Just before I finish the 2nd to last row, maybe 4″ shy of it, the thread in my bobbin runs out .. Okay .. not a problem .. NUTS .. all my bobbins are empty now .. so I grab my bobbins and head into the cat cave to spin up a few more. Okay .. get back and start sewing again .. 2″ left in the FINAL line, and my spool runs dry .. 😐 Are you kidding me??? **sigh Okay .. get the other spool, thread the machine, lock my stitches and finish that row. Check the back and see the mess from the dry spool and NO tension – fix that .. By this time, I’ve been seeing mistakes get made and just kept on going .. SInce I”m rolling the quilt into the bed area, it’s getting harder and harder to move freely and there’s all sorts of bumps and jiggles as I get closer to the middle ..

HPIM2821.jpgI was right here .. I had cut my thread at the bottom and was about to lock my stitches when I see the thread slip thru my fingers and swoop thru the hole in the needle .. 😐 THAT’S IT! I’m done! I’ve had enough .. So here I stopped .. and this will be waiting for me tomorrow – whenever I get back from being kidnapped and praying I won’t be to tired for this .. but I just can’t be .. this is my final countdown this weekend .. so this and a few other things have to be done.

The nice thing is, it’s a new day and a fresh start! I’ll finish this last pass with no issues, flip the quilt and it’ll get easier and easier – Today I’m tired – I didn’t sleep good last nite (I actually had a few nitemares??!!) so my sleep was broken and doing this quilt is hard-er work … Not my normal zoom zoom ..

Case128 Big Fan – 1 | Grace – 0

Until tomorrow then I win 😀 😀 and do the kitty convergence too – that’s basted 😀

The Big Fan – Quilting

Or otherwise known as “Case128″… Yes I’m finally back to this .. This is likely going to be the last larger quilt that I’ll be able to get done before I start my new job .. **sighs / cries 😦 Okay I’m over it for now.

HPIM2817.jpgI had quite the adventure printing out my tissue paper today! :P: .. Egads what a MESS. I’m chuckling about it, so you know I solved it. I wanted to do larger motifs for this quilt so it wasn’t so heavily quilted. So I TRIED to do almost a full sheet of tissue paper. Well that was fun and games! This is a different tissue than I had used previously so I was thinking that a) my printer didn’t like it, or b) I had my sheet cut to big. So I reduced the size of the motif and tried again .. well that worked nicely.

I think in order to do a larger motif, I’ll need to do more than stabilize the top with two pieces of tape .. I think this will require me using tape along the sides too. I’ll keep that in mind for next time I try. I just wanted to get this printed out, so I can baste tomorrow and start quilting. The first sheet went just fine .. but the next two, were an unholy mess .. the carriage totally stopped and started to dribble ink on the page – which of course transferred to me when I was unjamming the printer. LOL .. And I was picking out pieces of tissue for the next 5 minutes – **znerk!

HPIM2584-1.jpgI’m going to Edge-2-Edge with this one as well .. I’m not so worried about the seam showing as this quilt is staying with me. This is the mystery that I was going to participate in when I found my aunt was killed in a car accident on New Year’s Eve. And the seams aren’t as close to the edge as the XBlocks Mystery was. I think that will make a difference.

I’m not sure if you remember  my adventures with the batting for my Hopscotch quilt. That batting was so thin that quilting it was just insane! I had planned to use the same batt (I bought 2 of them – pfft) folded in half to give it more thickness. Well that batt measures 78 x 100″ and this quilt measures 52½ x 68½” – that just wasn’t going to work folded double and I wasn’t going to do this one with just that batt at single thickness. Do I feel ripped off .. $7.00 CDN for that batt for a wallhanging basically that will measure less than 39 x 50″ .. pfft

I had squirreled away some Warm & Natural Batting that I was saving for whatever. Well my eyes rested on it while I was standing there figuring out what to do – AHA .. I’ll use cotton! 😀 This is off the bolt, the last of what I’ve got and it’s just not quite wide enough for this quilt .. soooooo .. I get to piece that and a smaller bit leftover from another quilt I did – but that will be tomorrow .. I wanted to get the motifs printed first so the printer wouldn’t bother Reg while he was trying to sleep. hehehehe specially if it jammed again ..

So tomorrow basting this quilt and the Kitty Covergence 😀 Life is good!

Mystery Texture – WOWSERS!

HPIM2781.jpgI like these kind of surprises. I knew that the quilting was really going to look sharp with this quilt, but this is beyond my wildest dreams! I know that this pic right there doesn’t really show the texture. This is the better close-up I was able to get of the quilting and how the thread worked really well with this quilt colour-wise. I had one spot so far to fix, and I’ve already done that. So it’s ready for trimming and binding.

HPIM2777.jpgHPIM2776.jpgHere’s a wee bit of the texture play with sunlight and shadows. It rather makes it look like the quilting is the higher part and not the part that depressed the batting and made the pattern .. I think that’s a really neat optical illusion for this. These pics are taken a few different angles so you can see how the light plays a huge roll in the texture look of this quilt.

HPIM2780.jpgI’m still deciding on the binding .. I had a crazy idea that I would try and match up the binding with the borders .. but nope .. not going to go there .. I would lose my bloody mind before I could blink .. oh figuring out the sides would be no problem … but the corners??? Mitered???? EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK **runs away .. That is so not going to happen .. would i like to see it?? You betcha .. is going to happen because I’ve done the math and figured it out right and there’s no mistakes .. oh HELL no! So I’m left with choosing greens .. the dark or the medium .. I’m thinking that the medium would look better as it would pull the tops of the middle xblocks out and make them pop more .. but ‘m really drawn to a darker colour like the green in the same blocks .. I have plenty to do both .. but am likely going to use the medium green because I do want that POP effect.

Then to decide what next .. I have the blocks to do for my initial colour challenge, or a convergence or a test bargello or another mystery pattern I’ve squirreled away .. no wonder I’m so nuts .. I’m doing all this squirreling LOL – ahem 😀  OH there’s also these sweeties that I can make up of scraps and whatnot .. maybe some other’s with wee ones or cats can use these for home decoration this Easter – retro mama: Easter is in the air