Quilty Bits

20150328_183159.jpgWhile I’ve not sewn a stitch in about a week, I’ve had quilty bits n pieces this week. Which is almost as good LOL  Last month you may remember me talking about a sewing frenzy and that there were prizes involved.  Lucky me won the block of my choice from one of the ladies..  After some thinking I decided on a paper pieced mariner’s star. Linda (the lady that I won the block from), wasn’t so fond of paper piecing, but she was game and I sent her the pattern I’d been saving for a mariner’s star wall quilt.  I received my block last week and she did a fantabulous job!!! I’ve several ideas – I’m thinking about mirroring the quarter sections of the star in the corners, or doing smaller stars scattered in the background, smaller stars of other types – I’m not sure and I so want to do this block justice.  I just love it!!  SO the possibilities are endless – just to decide on one .. that’s going to be the hard part hahaha  And I’m going to love figuring it out.  I’m grateful that Linda decided to try paper piecing one more time.  We’ve both benefited from this – me more so!

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Weekend Sewing

20150214_191711One of my quilt lists planned for a weekend frenzy of sewing; what grand and great plans I had .. life has a nasty way of sticking it’s nose in where it definitely doesn’t belong.  But that’s okay – I got some stuff done – and I had a really good time chatting with my fellow quilt addicts.  And I even won a block of my choice.  it was the perfect weekend to stay in and sew as the temperatures plummeted to sub zero in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.  My one dog found his own unique way to deal with the freezing temps – I swear he’s part cat!!  There was even frost on the windows up stairs which is where my sewing room, yoga loft, and bedroom are – it was quite toasty in my sewing room – especially once my iron got turned on Continue reading

I am truly amazed ..

At how much fabric 3 little boxes can hold!  In a last ditch effort to not have to pull all the boxes of books out the closet again, I went to the basement to dig through some boxes there – well I found 3 boxes – included in which was my fabric dyes and paints *happydance* Definitely happy to find those!  No books though – I really wanted to work on a convergence quilt – even went so far as to see if there was a Kindle version on amazon for it .. nope – hardcopy only – that’s okay .. I’ll find those books .. eventually!!

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Wandering Kitties / Sunny Stars

Yesterday I measured my quilt for the borders; holybiblebatman!! I knew that it was out of square, but it was bad .. there are 5 rows in this quilt and of the 3 that I measured, not one was the same or even close and the difference between all measurements was 11/2″. This just wasn’t going to do. I did notice that the bottom of the quilt top had a VERY friendly wave it in. I didn’t even need to think about it it, Frogging I go. I separated all the rows and took a good look at where the waves were. I didn’t have to square up as many blocks as I had thought, but when I did one, I needed to do the rest of the blocks in that row so that the blocks would all be the same size. Fussy? Anal? You betcha – But i do now want to have to see and battle the size difference. Heh, and wouldn’t you know, the little buggers moved around on me again .. there was one cat who’s tail was upside down that I did take apart and fix, and he’s relocated from the bottom of the quilt to the top of the quilt 🙂

The whole process was very tiring, but I’m glad that it’s done. All the rows are back together now and just waiting for me to join them up again .. I was soo bloody tired last nite, I didn’t dare. I’ve started to piece on my 15 and have to find a happy medium between the edge of the machine bed and the table so I didn’t want to have to battle the length / weight of my rows. Plus, the sewing room is right next to our bedroom and I didn’t want to wake reg up moving machines around .. With the 15 on a TV tray, it’s the same height of the table so it can take the weight and I won’t have to battle with it. I’ve remeasured my rows (after I moved them around I didn’t know what row went with what measurement) and will trim them soon. The meeces and fish colours have been decided upon, Joanne in NZ is sending me some black to do silhouettes, so things are well in hand again for my kitty quilt.

As I was drifting off to sleep last nite / this AM (?), I started to think about my Sunny Stars Swap quilt that I ran a number of years ago. I got these blocks at all different sizes. There was a test line on the pattern that needed to be measured, but they didn’t do it – the result, 5 different sizes. while I had enough for a double quilt, I didn’t have enough of one size to make said quilt. What I will do is take the smaller ones and frame them in blue (dark or light depending on block background) and use yellow in the cornerstones – I was thinking of doing a dark light graduation of block colours .. so that will be going up on my design wall later today.

Re(a)d all over ..

Red Scrappy swap blocks are done .. For the last block I decided to do the Squares and Diamonds from Quilt Mags Stash Blocks – both blocks turned out VERY well and I’m quite pleased with them. I still have to put frames around the cornucopia block and the disappearing 9 patch, but those blocks are staying here .. I’m not sure if I’m going to red or white framing .. we’ll just have to see. I just have to package them as per swap instructions and mail them off .. I can’t wait to see what I’ll get back from this .. I’m soooo excited .. a new nap quilt for me 😀 😀 😀

I’m still researching my repo quilt .. i’ve found a listing and some pictures of actual blocks from that time frame and the blocks that i’ve seen so far are all in Around the Block which is GREAT! Now I just have to decide on the size .. Altho, I think that’s going to be decided more on amount of each fabric that I have and actual block count. With a king size bed as my canvas, I’m sure I can have some fun .. but I’m thinking maybe 10″ .. we’ll just have to see.

I’ve let my kitty quilt sit for a few days and I will be working on the fillers for that in the next day or two.

Kyle has a pretty busy schedule for basketball .. he made the school team and has a game tomorrow / today?? (monday) and is in a tournament on tuesday. So i might not get as much quilty time, but i’m going to enjoy watching him play!

Cornucopia – Horn Of Plenty (Trouble!!!)

Why is it that I have MORE scraps now than I did when I did the “scrappy red swap”???

This block and it’s twin were … ‘interesting’ to say the least … for some silly reason after I cut it, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me the best way to put it together .. quiltmags, stash buster blocks don’t give directions as they’ve already published them in previous issues of the magazine .. So here I am looking at all these million pieces and it’s just not clicking – I wrote to my lists and waited and looked at them again .. time passes .. and it clicks – LeMoyne Star!! NOW I can start (and of course after I figure it out, all these suggestions come in LOL)

These pieces gave me a devil of a time getting right; and even then, they aren’t right – I had the same space on both blocks near the top – a good 1/2″ .. one of them is unlikely to be squared even with framing .. I’ve not lost my confidence with the inset seams – i’m more puzzled than anything .. my cutting was good, and my seams were spot on 1/4″ .. it could be the 1/4″ isn’t exact on both pieces?? I have no definite clue why it didn’t work out. I’m beginning to seriously think that inset seams need to be handpieced 😉 And I’ve thought this every time I’ve done them. I’m a wee bit discouraged as I really wanted to use these in the swap, but I just can’t .. not these .. I’ll frame them for my scrappy quilt – well one at least .. I think that I’ll frame the other and send it along as an orphan block for charity quilts.

I ended up with 2 extra blocks for the scrapbuster block .. I read in the instructions that you will have extras – it didn’t penetrate – so here I have 4 blocks instead of 2 LOL .. I couldn’t just NOT make them .. heh .. maybe another charity block LOL .. i’ll just have to see ..I do want to make one more block as I wanted to have all different blocks for the swap ..

I’ve been researching my next quilt project .. reg and I need a quilt for our bed .. and he likes the reproduction fabrics that i have from the civil war era and later in the same century. There’s a discussion going on about Dear Jane / Dear Hannah quilts and there are a LOT of people doing them .. well – heh .. i’m more of an individualist .. so what I’m going to do is, more research for one, but make our bed quilt in the style of blocks from that era with those fabrics .. it won’t be a true reproduction – if I can’t find the exact block, i’ll use one close to it .. I’ll try for the same style, but we’ll have to see how it goes .. i’m thinking maybe a sampler, altho, I’ve not really seen to many of those, they all seem to made with one block or medallion style. But it won’t be a true repo. Hmmm .. block size??? i’ve seen a few where the size is from 8″ – 10″ … heh .. I need to do more research 😀

Free Motion away!!

WOOO HOOOO .. (**doing the happy kitty dance**) I can do the free motion quilting for Reg’s quilt that I wanted to do. I had a few tense moments there wondering if it would work for me or not. About 5 years ago, (prolly more now) I made a quilt for my now ex-BF mother for Cmas. I wanted to freemotion the quilting motif – had a gorgeous one all picked out and everything .. i designed this quilt and was pretty proud of it .. unfortunately the bloody thing wouldn’t work – I can’t exactly recall what the problem was, but I seem to remember that all the stitches were loose on the bottom, and yes I had the foot down – regular quilting with my walking foot was fine which is what I ended up doing – ditch stitching. It still looked okay .. but I know it would have looked so much better with the free motion quilting that I wanted to do.

I want to do freemotion (okay .. is it free motion or freemotion!?!?!? – poll question 😀 😀 :D) for the blank spots in reg’s quilt; footballs, baseballs, basketballs, bats gloves etc etc etc etc .. but was worried that I wouldn’t be able to freemotion. I really didn’t want to be doing that with regular walking foot .. oh heck no!! For the other motifs, sure .. but not these ones – and I don’t really want to hand quilt this one .. not with the cats and the dog ending up on it i’m sure … So i’m happy about that! I’ll maybe work on it later on tonite, or start it tomorrow. Once I get the blank spaces done, I’ll decide then if I will do outline quilting, or the fields / courts of the respective sports ..

heh .. I gotta share this with you .. Not even 20 minutes after I basted reg’s quilt, (I put it on the ironing board as I needed my cutting table) Pix walks into the sewing room and stops dead .. his head looks up and over his left shoulder slightly .. he sees the quilt .. yup you guessed .. up he went .. What amazes me the most is that he’s not been one to go up on the ironing board .. never has been .. guess he wanted to sleep on that quilt! He’s practically not moved off of it since then. I’ve moved it on him once and he unerringly zeroed in on it again .. how do they do that!?!?!?

Last nite I did 2 more blocks (1 set) from Quilt Magazine’s stash buster free patterns. I can’t tell you which ones as it’s supposed to be a surprise, but this is where I’m getting a bunch of my patterns from and the Around the Block Book oh and that disappearing 9 patch is really speaking to me .. I am sooo having a blast with this swap! heheheheheh only problem is anytime I see a different pattern I keep changing my mind, so I’m trying to stay away from the pattern sites ..I can lose myself there for hours (specially with dial up :S)