ArtIllusion – Part 4 & 5

It doesn’t seem like I got a lot done today – Not sure why – just does .. I know I’ve been in my cat cave for most of the day strip piecing and cutting, strip piecing and cutting .. I just feel like I should have more done today that I actually do ** shrug .. ah well ..


Almost Part 4

I did do a LOT more cutting today .. I thought I would make it easier on myself to have my strips the size I need for the split 9 part of this particular block I did today .. What I’ve got here are the parts of the split 9 / HST just before I put them all together into their respective parts. This was as close to a brown bag as I could have gotten without actually using one .. harmonizing colours to an extent together (but this quilt is made up of colours that harmonize .. ) or colours that create enough of a contrast so that they don’t blend into the next square.


Part 5

I think I did pretty well in trying to not have the same colours together, but as you can see in these, that some greens did end up together – but the good thing is, they aren’t the same green .. but then again .. I was giving it an honest effort NOT to control this too much .. I did pretty good me thinks! and nothing really clashes here either .. but i won’t know for sure until I get the blocks / squares all together in a layout ….


Parts 1 - 5

And that’s the next step! I’ve everything all ready to go for the layout part of it … I’m almost tempted to just lay it out on the floor to see how it looks, but that means I have to pick it up again! Not tonite . please not tonite .. This is going to roughly finish up at 60 x 72″ and I’m not sure my design wall will hold all that – width wise, yes .. length .. no .. The pattern didn’t call for strip piecing .. but I wasn’t about to sew all 168 2 ½” squares together 1 by 1 .. that would exceed my patience factor!

I feels GREAT to have these all squared up ready to go .. no more cutting / squaring for a bit now 😀 Least not with this quilt! Tomorrow Part 6!


Wandering Kitties / Sunny Stars

Yesterday I measured my quilt for the borders; holybiblebatman!! I knew that it was out of square, but it was bad .. there are 5 rows in this quilt and of the 3 that I measured, not one was the same or even close and the difference between all measurements was 11/2″. This just wasn’t going to do. I did notice that the bottom of the quilt top had a VERY friendly wave it in. I didn’t even need to think about it it, Frogging I go. I separated all the rows and took a good look at where the waves were. I didn’t have to square up as many blocks as I had thought, but when I did one, I needed to do the rest of the blocks in that row so that the blocks would all be the same size. Fussy? Anal? You betcha – But i do now want to have to see and battle the size difference. Heh, and wouldn’t you know, the little buggers moved around on me again .. there was one cat who’s tail was upside down that I did take apart and fix, and he’s relocated from the bottom of the quilt to the top of the quilt 🙂

The whole process was very tiring, but I’m glad that it’s done. All the rows are back together now and just waiting for me to join them up again .. I was soo bloody tired last nite, I didn’t dare. I’ve started to piece on my 15 and have to find a happy medium between the edge of the machine bed and the table so I didn’t want to have to battle the length / weight of my rows. Plus, the sewing room is right next to our bedroom and I didn’t want to wake reg up moving machines around .. With the 15 on a TV tray, it’s the same height of the table so it can take the weight and I won’t have to battle with it. I’ve remeasured my rows (after I moved them around I didn’t know what row went with what measurement) and will trim them soon. The meeces and fish colours have been decided upon, Joanne in NZ is sending me some black to do silhouettes, so things are well in hand again for my kitty quilt.

As I was drifting off to sleep last nite / this AM (?), I started to think about my Sunny Stars Swap quilt that I ran a number of years ago. I got these blocks at all different sizes. There was a test line on the pattern that needed to be measured, but they didn’t do it – the result, 5 different sizes. while I had enough for a double quilt, I didn’t have enough of one size to make said quilt. What I will do is take the smaller ones and frame them in blue (dark or light depending on block background) and use yellow in the cornerstones – I was thinking of doing a dark light graduation of block colours .. so that will be going up on my design wall later today.

Bits N Pieces .. Pieces N Bits

Today I perfected reverse stitching :S. I had the 1st two rows sewn together and had added the 3rd. I really wish that I had checked the block BEFORE I finished all 16 of them .. bah .. I had them together backwards .. I’m sure that makes no sense, but when you think of the squared colours going on the diagonal .. that makes perfect sense .. i had row 3 for row 4 and row 4 for row 3. So I perfected my reverse stitching technique :D. Got them all back together again and now his blocks are all going the right way .. I laid them out and am actually liking this. I wasn’t to sure on the background fabric – I still think that I should have reversed it so it was more understated; but Reg doesn’t care and all laid out it looked pretty good. I just have to square the blocks now and will do Kyle’s at the same time.

I also got together the package that needs to go to Ruth; got her fabric together to ship with the attic windows quilt. I’m really excited about sending this to her … I’m just happy that this quilt finally has a home 😀

Hmmm .. I have my kitty quilt percolated in the back of my mind and may start a drawing of it to see how it looks ..

My To Do for tomorrow is:

  • square and piece reg’s quilt top
  • square and piece kyle’s quilt top

    I actually managed to find **some** of my handquilting thread and will work on my various hand quilting wallhangings while watching football on Sunday .. I’m really looking forward to that .. especially the WC wallhanging that I call my Spats Kitty .. I managed to find a cat fabric where the cat looked very very very simliar to my Spats and with him not being with us anymore, I’m really looking forward to finishing it and getting it up on the wall ..

    It’s nice to have some projects crossed off my To Do list since I’ve liberated my quilting stuff.