Crossed Off Items

Amazingly enough, I managed to get quite a bit of my goals accomplished this weekend! **kittyhappydance for me!! I didn’t get them all done, but that’s okay, the rest can be worked on by the guys over the next 5 days (uh huh we’ll see).. Yesterday I wrote

I start my weekend now (I’ve tues and wed for May for Kyle’s confirmation / rehearsal) and my goals are modest .. weed the front garden, plant my seeds, convince reg or kyle to dig up the back veggie garden and plant there, wash my fan quilt, stitch the binding on the kitty quilt and maybe get some laundry done if Kyle’s not taken over the washer again .. oh and try to avoid getting kidnapped for groceries and whatnot 😀

Out of that list, I did the front garden, planted my flower seeds, washed (and repaired) the fan quilt, took daylight pics of the fan quilt AND the spinner quilt, and have just over 1 side of binding on my kitty quilt to do. And during this time, managed to attend a meeting a Kyle’s school for his grade 8 trip and graduation and confirmation rehearsal – plus buy him dress shoes! So i’ good about the veggie garden not getting done, that can be dug up in the next few days .. I don’t have plants for it yet, so it wasn’t that critical for me to do.

HPIM2863.jpgNow the fan quilt needed a few repairs to it after I pulled it out of the wash .. I was really disappointed to see that some of my fans didn’t get under the twill tape totally .. Next time I do this pattern, I will use a shorter stitch – I’m thinking that that might do the trick there. I was pretty upset about this turning out this way … I had maybe 10 spots that I had to fix that were just like this – maybe more as I found 2 more spots after I thought I had them all done ..

HPIM2871.jpgTo fix this, I took a light blue thread and did some zigzag stitching where it had not been tucked under .. it rather upset me that I didn’t have any of the variegated left that I used for this, but the light blue works pretty good .. I had a light blue and a medium blue that I used depending on the blues where it had not gotten tucked under the tape … It’s not to noticeable, but of course I’ll always see this .. not everyone will as I matched it pretty close – but it’s still a bummer for me

HPIM2865.jpgAs for the label on this quilt, all I’m going to do for now is put down the pertinent information and leave a space for the name, I can write that in later .. and if ends up not being named, so be it ..

“Case128 – The Big Fan Mystery” by Merry Mayhem
NYD – 1.1.09 – finished 5.16.09
Dedicated to Mary Jean Campaigne Lambie

It does look gorgeous tho, ooboo’s not withstanding. Nice and peaceful and serene .. the quilting just sets it off just right and I am proud of the work that I did do on it, I learned a new technique and learned a few other ‘should have dones’, so I’m pleased .. bummed but pleased .. yeah I know .. they shouldn’t go together but they do .. I didn’t expect this to be perfect, but I didn’t want to have to do the cheater fix to it already before I even got to use it ..

HPIM2867.jpgI finally got a daylight pic of Kyle’s Spinners and I’ve actually handed it over to him tonite 😀 He rather liked the idea that it’s done and HIS HIS HIS 😉 .. it was also a ‘sneaky’ way for his sheets to be changed and his room to be picked up too .. course I wouldn’t hang a quilt over his head like that .. i would never do that 😉

So I’ve had some triumphs this weekends and some let-downs too .. but I did learn from them and that is the important thing .. and my kitty quilt will be done in the next day or two as well ..

** starts to put her balls all in the air again ..

Spinners Done!

HPIM2855.jpgKittyhappydancing! I can call this one done! I am just so tickled that this one is done – I’m sure that Ky is going to be tickled too when he can use it tomorrow after it’s been washed ..

This went really quick on the binding .. altho the last 12″ took forever compared to the rest of the binding .. the label was the hard part .. I didn’t want to put it on a plain piece of muslin and didn’t want to go bother with doing freezer paper and printing .. so I just grabbed a scrap of material that was in the quilt itself and did that .. the other option would have been square in square and signed that part .. altho I was considering doing a small friendship star as a label like I did in the borders .. but I did want to get this done tonite!

HPIM2854.jpgNow comes the hard part .. submitting it for publication (!!) EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK I need to reread the submission guidelines, and get a really good daylight pic of it .. as all the ones that I have of this quilt are inside / nite shots ..

Well one down 😀 and boy does this feel GREAT!!!


Kyle’s Spinner

Finally after Reg got to eat his supper and various little things were done first, we sat down about 9pm to open the rest of our Christmas gifts. I thought that Kyle was going to go thru the roof with the waiting LOL .. poor baby. But the wait was worth it ..

Reg and I both got books .. I got Reg “Inside the Helmet” by Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer, and Kyle got me “The Cat Who Saw Red” by Lilian Jackson Braun. I’ve read this one before, but he goes, you don’t have this one mum .. prolly because he borrowed it and killed it .. i coud have sworn I had this one .. but he went digging in the bookshelves before he bought it .. what a cutie!!

Of course as you know, the BIG present was Kyle’s Spinner quilt! I gave him his present as he wanted Reg and I to open ours first, and asked him to wait because I wanted pics .. You can just so tell he was like .. oh geeze loooeze mum LOL .. at any rate .. the look on his face when he finally unwrapped it enough (with me coaching him on NOT blocking his face so I could get a decent pic) to see was worth it 🙂 He likes it and is pretty pleased with it

For full size images, please visit my web album

HPIM2422.jpg HPIM2423.jpg HPIM2424.jpg
HPIM2425.jpg HPIM2426.jpg HPIM2427.jpg

He was pretty excited about it, but did get a wee bit bummed when he found out it wasn’t totally finished .. but sewing the binding won’t take to long to do – and he knows it has to be washed (I’ve him well trained, don’t I??) and needs a label.

So – now back to the mystery quilt from Planet Patchwork and some knitting .. I did my test swatch using the Patons Stretch Socks and it’s going to be interesting to work with .. I think that the trick will be keeping my tension constant .. I’m going to do the Maizy socks with this yarn and I’m supposed to be doing mittens for my January KAL (Knit A Long) in my one skein group on ravelry .. I’m going to wait until after I get back this weekend before I start on that .. I have to go thru my yarn .. mittens take a lot more than I had figured, so I have to get inventive with my stash and colours 😉 But that’s the fun part, right?? After I have the mystery top done, then it’s off to quilt a few lonely and neglected projects from last year .. then I might start the quiltbug mystery or the QT mystery .. we’ll just have to see

Spinner Spinning

I almost made it .. but life tends to intervene and get in the way of the plans that you lay out .. ah well .. Reg sort of kicked me out of my office last nite to deal with a last minute issue for the basketball tourney this weekend and then I had to wait until he was asleep before I could work on it – not a big deal – stuff happens – you just deal with it and move on. It is in giveable state as far as I’m concerned .. it’s a lot better than it was 3 days ago 😉 I think I’m maybe 3 hrs from totally completing it.

hpim2414I didn’t get as far as I wanted to last nite .. I was just bloody tired and I’ve not a clue why .. blurry vision, tired body type tired .. just couldn’t do it and since I only had sooo much fabric for the binding, I didn’t want to risk doing a bad cut and then really having to scramble .. As you can see, this was really cutting it close .. this fabric is in the borders of the quilt and I also used this fabric in Matthew’s quilt – and none left for me .. but that’s okay, I would rather see it being used and enjoyed, than squirreled away in my fabric dresser or wherever I may land.

hpim24151I decided just to free-form it for the borders and not worry to much about them .. I trusted my hands to know what it was doing and go with the flow to so speak ..

The binding was on around 4:30pm and I knew that Kyle would be home around 5:00pm from practice, so time to take some pics and wrap it. Hopefully get this up on my blog before he gets home .. I’m going to be cutting it close tho .. as it’s 5:07 and he’ll be walking in the door any minute now ..  And he walked in the door at 5:15pm and I’m still working on this post – EEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

hpim2421BUT – It’s all wrapped up and ready for our Russian Christmas later on tonite after supper when Reg gets home from practice – so this is a good thing .. and I’ll work on sewing the binding down while watching tv . . I’m thinking unless I go cross-eyed, I should have it done in a nite or two .. we’ll just have to see. Pics of him and the quilt maybe later tonite or tomorrow ..

Merry Christmas to My Orthodox Readers

Stitching n Quilting

This was a nice change. I’ve not really done much in the way of quilting since finishing Matthew and Erica’s quilts. It felt rather good – my right hand is sore from man-handling the quilt – but that’s been bothering me since my tumble down the stairs. Before anyone starts :D, I’m getting it checked tomorrow .. there is a clinic with x-ray facilities right next to the sewing machine shop. I need to bring my machine – it’s really odd .. the bulb burnt out, so I bought a new one (never had one burn out on me before). Not sure why, but the light is really dim .. not sure if it did that when I first put it in, but I sure noticed it pretty quick .. matter of fact, the light is so dim, I’m not aware it’s on in daylight .. and I was to busy with doing cmas giftees that I didn’t get it in .. we’ll just have to see how that shakes out tomorrow.

hpim24091I did manage to get ½ of Clue #3 done for the “Big Fan” mystery. This is going to look really cool!! I’m getting excited about this one. I wasn’t able to mark the spots that Merry wanted us to as my pencils are garbage – my solution – I’ll put pins marking the 4½” spots she asked us to – then again, this one I had to see to download them – so I know what this one looks like .. and I rather do like it 😀 This is going to be a nice lap quilt when I get it done. I’ve already figured out it’s name, but I’ll go into that when I’m closer to finishing it – hint – this will tie in with the news I rec’d on New Year’s day.

I only got ½ of Clue #3 done because I needed to get going on the spinner quilt. I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with it – I have some puckers in this, but really do NOT want to rip them out at this point. I’m using warm & natural for the batting and it just might hide some of these “sins”. So that decision might wait until I’m done with it.

HPIM2411.jpgSo far the inner quilt top and border frame are quilted. I just need to quilt the border, get my binding ready (ARRRGH!!!!!), put it on, then stitch it down .. i’m rather aggravated that I don’t have the binding ready – normally I have that at least picked out by this point .. ah well .. I still have to decide what colour for it .. I’m thinking red, but dark blue would look pretty nice too!

I think that’s enough for now .. time to soak my back and then get to bed .. we’ve a busy day tomorrow with getting the machine in, getting my wrist checked, and the grabbing the sewing table from my dad’s (FINALLY) And of course finishing up the spinner so I can get the binding on it 🙂 Looks like it’ll be done just on time – how coo is THAT!

Have some creative fun!!

Spinning Away …

W ith the bruha that yesterday morning, evening, nite and this morning became, I had some time to kill – and I needed to stay awake .. Normally not a problem – but yesterday (last nite??) was the exception. (see last two paragraphs for entertainment value ;))

hpim2097Last nite I got the border elements done (i think it was last nite), and now it’s measure, average and piece the rest of the border. Actually the sides weren’t to bad – 64½, 64, 64¼ – So I needed to have my borders equal 64¼ – easy peasy .. just time consuming as my border is scrappy reds – so I get it all pressed and just have to see how it looks with some of the elements in place. I like it! I’ve been wanting to extend the quilt into the borders and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so .. fits in perfectly with the design and ‘fun’ of this quilt! I wasn’t OH WOW about it – prolly because I was so blasted tired, but definitely pleased! I think that I’ve hit the right mood & feel with these borders for his quilt. Kind of fun and wonky and a wee bit off-kilter like most 13 year old boys are :). I tried to not have the same colours touching, but really blew that with the border star where both blues the same are smack next to each other. But I’m pretty sure that he won’t be critiquing my layout ..

hpim2100I’m working away and by 3:30am, I have 3 borders on .. wouldn’t you know, I got my second wind – I am so bloody cursed some days! Ah well .. I’ll put this wind to good use and get the rest of the borders on – then I can start doing the basting (again, can only be done now when he’s not home), but not today – I’m to tired to hunt for backing material right now. Of course, it dawns on me that I should have done the borders wonky and off kilter – would have been more fitting with the fun nature of this quilt. I am sooo not going to rip the borders off just to do that! It’s good as it is and I’m pleased – very pleased with how it turned out. I noticed AFTER the fact that I put the borders on backwards to how I laid it out in the first place .. (**snicker)

I was worried that the blues would be to dark and not provide enough contrast with the reds, but I managed to get luck for the most part .. especially after I grabbed those red FQs at Joann’s. now to baste it, well find a backing for it first .. bah .. then once that’s accomplished, quilting, then squirreling it away after it’s done!

Entertainment Value
For some reason my *%@!#$ dog has decided to have herself a barkfest for the past two to three days. Bad enough if I had a small to medium sized dog, but oh no, we have to have a large dog with a LARGE bark!! (**sigh). I wasn’t able to sleep last nite and didn’t get to sleep until 7am or so and fell asleep around that time .. For some stupid reason, I’m awake at 8am – roll over and go back to sleep .. next thing you know, the dog is barking her fool head off – oh the time .. 9am. Needless to say, I was NOT impressed and let her know. Two hours later, she’s barking AGAIN, this time she’s acting like there’s someone in the house (!) .. Yelling from my cozy warm bed, didn’t work, so I actually had to GET out of bed and she still wouldn’t stop barking .. finally, she stops. To say I was unimpressed would have been the understatement of the century(!!) I’m guessing that there was someone at the door. I’m also guessing they really KNOCKED / BANGED on the door .. she tends to freak out when someone POUNDS on the door .. Of course, I’m thinking this, but at that point, I would have cheerfully have murdered whoever was on the other side of the door – I was beyond FURIOUS and my thoughts relating to this person’s parentage of censored! So for their personal safety, I went back to bed .. 11am .. she’s barking again … but not the freaked out barking .. My guess, a leaf? a cat? someone walking down the sidewalk? a car passing? I finally give up around 2pm – not sure if she’s barked again, but I’m awake.

By the time I get my stuff done and dinner started, it’s to late to get kyle’s spinner pressed and laid out on the floor as he’s due anytime. I can get away with the blocks laying around or getting pieced / pressed, but not a whole top on the floor .. rather tricky to explain that .. so I have to wait until he’s in bed. So I start to design my cousin’s quilt for cmas and hunt down appliqué patterns for it. Reg calls me on the way home from work saying that he has to go in at 10pm for work – aw crap .. he’s worked all day, has basketball practice and will have no time to sleep before he has to go in, and will be working all nite – the payoff for working last nite – they would have Friday (today?) off. He gets home and has supper, watches a bit of tv, and then off to work he goes .. he was home for a whole 45 mins .. poor guy! I get a call bout 45 mins later .. guess what .. the other contractors aren’t done, so these guys have to come back in for work to start at 4:30am .. which means .. he’s to be up at 3:45am to leave for work .. which means that with his lack of sleep, he asked me to make sure he’s up and has his stuff ready for work .. what a nite to have to do that (!) I’m dragging from the dog barkfest and broken sleep. Good thing I had something to keep my occupied 😉

Border Elements


3rd rip

Tonite I was seriously beginning to wonder just HOW many times I would have to redo this this block .. even with being extra careful I still managed to screw it up .. **sigh oh how many times you ask? well this one block was 4 – another block was 5, and yet another block was 4 – for some reason that set of 3 blocks I couldn’t get right the first time to save my life .. and to add insult to injury? It was the same stupid mistake (!!) AAAAARGGGGGGG


Finally (!)

My plan was to have 3 different fabrics for the corner and middle squares in each block .. the corners would be the same while the middle would be different .. not only did I manage to totally flip the units around, I didn’t even follow my layout plan .. ah well – I took a break after those 3 gave me so much grief and managed to do the rest of them without any other issues .. just those 3 blocks .. pathetic .. just bloody pathetic!

hpim20941BUT I did persevere and got them done .. I noticed that I had the odd square in the wrong spot on a few of these and by this point, I was like .. I just do NOT care! I was beyond thrilled to have them together at this point .. I decided (just for fun) to not pay attention to which way the stars were going in the borders .. I think that it just adds to the fun and motion of the quilt ..

hpim2093And here is the element that I hinted at last nite but didn’t post any pictures or go into any great detail with it .. So at this point, the border elements are done .. now I have to measure my quilt, get the average cut my pieces and the fun really begins .. altho after those stupid stars, I’m thinking a root canal would be heaven!

In other quilt related goodies .. I have been working on a pattern that I designed a few years ago with leaders n enders .. well I had a sneaky idea that I had cut out 2 of these tops and tonite I finally took the time to figure that yup I did .. well rather than create 2 of the same, I’ve done another design – so there will be 2 quilts with identical fabrics, but totally different designs .. I’m not even sure that you could recognize that they are from the same block unless you looked really close .. I do like them, and am looking forward to getting them done . .all the units are together for the one, and I’m ¼ way thru the other units .. THEN I’ll piece them together 🙂