Time Flew

It’s been a bit since I posted (or did much of anything), I wasn’t feeling well last week at all and basically dropped off the face of the earth. Well I’m back so to speak and have a mess of things to catch up on. The house, laundry, emails, and of course the challenge that was supposed to start yesterday, but I’ve not done anything on. I’ve done some research and have some links ready to go, but that’s it. It’ll prolly take me a week to get caught up around here. But I’m hoping to have the challenge ready to go soon. I hope

I spent last week being a lump on the couch and praying for my friend’s carmen’s safety and her family. They’ve had the threat of a volcanic eruption hanging over their heads and all the other dangers that are associated with sulphur and dangerous gases being tossed in for good measure.

While I was a lump last week I went on a knitting frenzy – heart dish cloths πŸ˜€ I posted 2 of my finishes in my last post and since then have done 3 more .. one of which I designed πŸ˜€ My february KAL is for heart designs .. doesn’t have to be dishcloths, but that was the easiest and required only that my fingers work – minimal concentration, so that was a good thing!!

I did a quilted heart dishcloth, a lacy heart dishcloth (this one is really pretty and I had a LOT of fun doing it!) and my Floating locked hearts dishcloth – this one is more of an abstract design with open ended hearts that float – very simplistic and easy to do πŸ˜€ The directions are on the Fiberbabble Says blog with a link to a pdf file if you want.


Quilted Hearts Dishcloth


Lacy Heart Dishcloth


Floating Locked Hearts

Please don’t mind the green on the quilted hearts – it is the same green as in the lacy hearts dishcloth, but to show the detail, you get to see a nasty green instead. but the green in the lacy hearts is true to life so to speak. All these images are clickable to larger.

I’m planning on getting into gear on severals things, challenge for OST, guest blogger post, website updating, and my 1800 quilt. I’m working on my Kitchener socks again, and have almost 1 sock done .. I’m at the toe decreases and these socks can’t get done fast enough to suit me!

So time to take something for my head and plot my battle at step one for digging out around here. Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great start to your week!


January Colours; Yarn

After spending 2 days researching my blocks and colours for the Initial Colour Challenge on OST, I finally got to cut and sew today .. I pulled my first set of fabrics last nite, but was just to tired to press them out or to cut them, so they were waiting for me this AM.


Ribbon Star

I started with this block, Ribbon Star and for how simple the block is, it took me forever to cut, square and stitch together .. I just couldn’t believe it! I made 2 of them and this represents “R” in my name for the challenge. I should be able to put this block together with my eyes closed and without even thinking about it, as this was, I guess you could say the base, for the blocks in Kyle’s Spinner quilt. But it took me forever .. I just couldn’t believe it! Talk and I did no frogging for this .. just in reverse I guess. I was worried that my blue, purple and green to were to close to create enough of a contrast, but with the motifs all being different sizes, it worked out quite well actually – but I still want to have more of a difference in tone for the rest of them – I might do these again, I’ll have to see how it all pans out.


Grandma's Star

This evening I got started on Grandma’s Star, which i found on Jinny Beyer’s site. This one required me to actually cut out templates for the triangle. WOW I had forgotten how to piece these. It only took one goof to get it right, but of course I kept goofing on that ONE section – the poor thing. There’s more contrast between these pieces so the star stands out more. I actually did pretty good piecing this one and even with the goofs it went a lot faster than the ribbon star. I strip pieced the 4 patches and once that was done, it was only the triangles that needed to be done .. maybe part of my problem was I rotary cut the arms and then template cut the background .. but of course I had this thought AFTER I had cut all the pieces out .. and I wasn’t about to recut them if I didn’t have to .. but the 2 blocks I made of this are squared! πŸ˜€ So it’s all good

hpim24491I wanted to get started on the Air Castle block, but Reg had to get some sleep as he was getting called in at 3am .. (he was actually called at 1:30am ..where’s the justice in THAT???) So I stopped piecing for a bit .. Instead I grabbed the bag of yarn that I got from the basement earlier. This was actually one that Kyle had missed when he brought it up for me before – talk about a treasure trove of stuff .. but alas .. most of these don’t have bands as you can see .. While I can look at them and go – oh this is worsted or whatever, some of these I just can’t do that with .. I do know that you figure out what a yarn is by WPI (Wraps Per Inch). It’s a pretty simple concept, you wrap the yarn around a pencil for about 1 – 2″ and then measure how many times it wraps around in 1″. I found a site that shows an example of the wrapping and what weight yarn you have by the number of wraps .. pretty useful me thinks … I certainly did NOT feel like wrapping all that yarn to find out right then and there what it was .. This is going to be a project for when I’m mind numbingly bored! The reason why I went digging into this was to find more worsted weight yarn for the January KAL of mittens – I joined this group on Ravelry called One Skein just to get rid of all these loose onsie twosie balls of yarn .. and I will NOT buy more for these projects – so hunt I do .. but not right now LOL

Remember this sock?? Well, I rather tripped over something in the directions that gave me pause – so I opted to try it on – not a big deal – normally .. (**sigh) I got the sock and I must have had a dropped stitch somewhere because I ended up with a ladder from the cast on edge to the where I started to work the heel – I just could NOT find the dropped stitch – with the variegated colours in the yarn, small needles and the lighting, that stitch was playing hide and go seek and I didn’t have a prayer to find it .. so guess what .. I frogged hpim24531the whole bloody thing! That sock now looks like this -I hated to do it, but that is not something that I can live with. On a good note – (I AM trying to be positive here) – at least I found this out before I cast off the sock .. I would be so bloody ticked if I had done all that work and had the sock do a ladder up the back of the heel – this was infinitely easier and less painful when you look at it in that light.

I might cut out the last 2 blocks tonite and do them – or I might hunt down some yarn and start the January KAL .. or I might even read – my current book is taking me forever to read!!

Plow wife socks

HPIM2393.jpgThey’re done .. all done and ends are weaved in .. matter of fact, I’m wearing them πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ How coo is THAT! We did a family New Years Nite of watching movies and having finger foods like mini tacos, taquitos, and jalapeno poppers – we had planned on having shrimp later, but we were all too full – so that’ll be nibble food before we put the pizza in – Sunday nite is our pizza nite (football & Pizza) – But I’m rambling.

Our movies of choice were The Dark Knight for Reg and Kyle, followed by Hancock for Kyle and myself – I’m not a huge Batman fan, but Reg and Kyle like it – we got to really test out the surround sound that was the gift for the family for Christmas. While watching these movies my Plow Wife socks were finished.

HPIM2397.jpgI did them last nite to the toe decreases so it was a matter of 16 more rows – I can’t remember how many stitches, I’ve already tossed the pattern out – didn’t like this one at all and won’t be doing this one again .. You can see how loose my cast on was for the first sock, but got better on the second sock. They fit me really well and are toasty warm .. My second pair of socks for myself. Next knitting project will be Kyle’s balaclava (same one as Reg’s), then more socks for me πŸ˜€ I’m rather liking knitting socks.

The Planet Patchwork mystery starts at 11am EST (GMT-5) on Jan 1st. I’ve my fabric washed (Thank you Kyle) and grabbed some template plastic at Michael’s tonite – still short one pack of twill tape, but am hoping that I have enough to get me far enough in the mystery. I’ve still to press my fabric – darling child left it in the mesh bags in the dryer all afternoon **sigh – so that will keep me busy – then depending on how tired I am .. I will try to cut for the first time since Christmas day when I did the labels for Matthew and Erica’s quilts .. it hurt like the devil then .. let’s see if a week of rest did it some good

Blessings to all in the coming New Year .. may you all prosper and enjoy health and good fortune in these trying times.

Happy New Year!

MIA while knitting ;)

I‘ve been enjoying some quiet quality time with Reg and Kyle lately … with the snow that we got dumped on us and basketball season, I figured I would grab the time that I could with Reg. I’ve not done any quilting lately – but I’ve been knitting πŸ˜€ In the past few days since my last post, I’ve finished Reg’s Plowhat and a earwarmers for Kristin.

HPIM2390.jpgKristin had asked if she could buy earwarmers from me and I’m like no, but I’ll make some for you – Back last spring, Kristin donated a chunk out of her stash to help me get ready for my first show – Like I would take her money .. oh Hell NO! So after some back and forth, We decided that these might be the best. And she wanted red and black .. ravelry members can see them before hand, but I won’t publish the images until she gets them – sorry about that .. oh my ravelry name?? gquilts Now isn’t that shocking πŸ˜‰ These made up super quick and I’m pleased with how they turned out … tapered at the nape of the neck and with chunky weight yarn – nice and warm! Since I won’t share the pics of the finished earwarmers with you, I will share what yarn I used and the colours πŸ˜‰ A nice compromise me thinks ..

HPIM2378.jpgI did get Reg’s plow hat done which I thought was way cool! I customized this for his larger bones and frame size .. As stated in a previous post, he would want his neck covered so I extended the the neck portion from 5″ to 8″. Also when I was doing this, I am thinking that a provisional cast on would have been a better choice instead of picking up the stitches around the face .. with working with black yarn, this was rather essential .. I didn’t do it with Reg’s hat, but am doing one for Kyle so I’ll try that there. I finally got him to model it for me so you get to see how it looks on him instead of me .. you can see how the extra 3″ was rather necessary for him .. There’s not much left over from around his neck .. Love the look in the first pic πŸ˜€ What a ham .. but at least he modeled it for me otherwise you would have been stuck with me modeling it or Kyle and it just wouldn’t look right as it wasn’t made for either of us .. He’s prolly not going to wear it all the time, but that’s okay .. it’ll be there when he needs it on the bitingly cold nites while plowing and well – that’s good enough for me.

HPIM2389.jpgOkay so to date – 2 earwarmers, and a plow hat .. also some progress on my plow wife socks. Altho I think I managed to confuse myself while doing doing a few rows .. I fixed any obvious mistakes and it rather matches it’s twin – but this is a pattern I’m not overly fond of this particular pattern at all. I do like the the yarn that I used, and the circumstances as to how these socks got their name are good memories for me, but I really don’t like this pattern – In some cases, I’m just being pissy, other’s I think that I’m spot on with my aggravation .. but these could also be **MY** personal quirks and I’ll leave that be .. But at this rate, I’ve maybe 15 rows left to do before the toe decreases and that will go very quickly. Might have these done tonite (will be watching some tv or a movie me thinks) or tomorrow.

hpim2384.jpghpim2386.jpgNow I needed to grab another set of #8 circulars or a DPN of same size – I had planned to head to walmart for the needles, but as it ended up, we weren’t going to be at that end of town, SO – Michaels was just across the parking lot from the grocery store πŸ˜€ SWEET! I figured I would check out what yarn they had while I was in there and was tickled to find a decent selection of sock / fingering yarn (More than joann’s, walmart, etc) had – WOOO HOOO and it was even on SALE!!!!! Heh .. So I grabbed enough yarn for 2 more pairs of socks πŸ˜€ A ‘mulberry’ in the Kroy Strips and what Patons calls “Plum” (looks more peachy / pink-ish to me) in their stretch sock line .. how cool is THAT! Their needle selection really left a LOT to be desired, but the yarns made me happy πŸ˜‰

On the Mend??

It’s been an interesting few days .. I was hit head on by a tsunami of FATIGUE … couldn’t do a bloody thing .. I ended up sleeping from 4am to noon .. then Reg got home from work, so instead of making noise in the cat cave – I headed for the couch with my knitting and was going to wait him out (he was only sleeping 4 hours then out for basketball) well I didn’t make it until 1 – i was OUT like a light until 7pm, and even then I didn’t feel rested .. but the it must have done me some good, because suddenly I was almost my normal bouncing off the walls busy self .. really i was .. I’m still in shock, it’s been weeks since I felt this way ..

This was horrid – I wasn’t even energized enough to read, let along reply to list mail .. even personal email was falling to the way side .. I’ve done a bit today, but not to much .. I wanted to strike on quilting while the energy was / is there .. I am NOT used to feeling like this – I absolutely hate it! okay .. nuff whining .. sorry about that πŸ˜₯ .. I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll have energy again!!

Of course I took full advantage of this burst .. I didn’t know how long it was going to last and needed to get SOMETHING done! I pulled out Matthew’s quilt and started to quilt it .. I still have no imagination, so meander was the word of the day .. and meander I did .. all of the place. I could have had this all done earlier today and binding on, but I ran out of the thread I was using (I forgot how much thread meandering uses), and went with somthing closer in colour even though I had my doubts about it .. one of these days I’ll listen to myself. Honestly, I might have been beyond caring tho .. well the bottom thread was loose and ‘erratic’ to say the least and it had been that way the whole time I was quilting .. **sigh Of course this didn’t become an issue, it felt fine while quilting, until i was ΒΎ done – I had another 5 mins maybe and the outer border would be done . yeah right .. needless to day, I spent a few hours frogging out the outer border quilting .. i HATE frogging quilting and will normally never do it, but I couldn’t avoid it in this case. So straight line quilting now, changed my mind on the meander in the outer border, I’ll just quilt right down the middle of the border πŸ˜€ heh ..works for me! I still might get that done tonite, I’m afraid of pushing it, but I can’t let this opportunity swoosh past me .. not at this point!!

While doing the quilting for Matthew’s, Erica’s motif sort of started to resolve itself .. I’ve been looking at her tile quilt as a zen-like reflection / meditation pool, so i’m going to see if I can hunt down some continuous line fish and doing them along with the odd lily pad or what not tossed in .. nothing huge – just simple ..

While I was non-energized, I did manage to get some knitting done .. I really struggled with a part of this, I won’t go into the details, but these are not ankle socks AND if you follow the pattern it seems like where you shape the heel gusset is written out of order – I did find a work around and it seems to be okay – good thing I always take notes when I knit! I would hate to have to try and remember THAT! I really like the way the yarn looks – This is Luster Sheen By Red Heart and the colourway is Ocean – I really like this! I’m not to happy with my stitches on this at all, but I guess I’ll adjust to it and get over myself .. afterall, they will be on my feet – OH OH OH speaking of feet .. reg took one look at my puffin socks and said oh Dr. Seuss socks LOL .. so they’ve been named Dr. Seuss socks ..

Okay I’m off to see if I can finish matthew’s quilt tonite .. not to much more to do and I know I’ll feel GREAT once it’s done ..

prayers for me on this please!

packages, basting, and socks – OH MY!

hpim2298Even tho I’ve not posted in a few days, I’ve at least been busy .. not doing any tearing up as normal, but a respectable work load done πŸ™‚ I’ve cut the charms for charity and they are posted (I posted them yesterday Michele (Sunday), I’ve 2 boxes packaged and ready to be shipped next Saturday, and also another package ready to go, which will be shipped on Saturday as well. Shipping from the states is quicker and cheaper πŸ™‚ so that works for me.

The creepy crud has really moved in here .. it’s starting to make me cough and sneeze some more, and now Reg is coming down with it .. poor guy! Kyle is still healthy so please pray for him to stay that way ..

hpim2294I was getting on a roll for the charms for charity so I cut up and packaged 4 sets of 6 for Michele – I tried to chose a variety of fun prints and colours from kids to adults .. male and female .. even if I don’t win, this is the one way that I can help and these charms are going for quilts for chemo patients .. Knowing that she’s doing this now, I just might cut up some charms as I go along – we’ll have to see how that goes.

hpim2295As I’ve said, I’ve made some progress on Matthew and Erica’s quilts .. the spinner quilt will be done tomorrow .. I am going to meander with some wonky-ish shapes for matthew’s quilt in red on top, blue on the bottom, and Erica’s I’m still not sure what I’m going to do . maybe some loose spiral wave type things .. I keep thinking reflecting pool – rather like a zen garden when I look at this, so maybe something that flows or is abstract enough in such a way that it induces a calming effect?Β  There’s enough motion in the quilt, so I want to be ‘sedate-ish’ when I do her quilting.Β  These I’ll start tomorrow night maybe ..

hpim2297You can also see in that pic – TWO socks .. yes I said TWO socks .. I was so close to finishing them, that when I finished basting the quilts and just couldn’t stand anymore, I decided to sit with reg and watch some tv and finish them up .. I’m even wearing them right now .. and they are as toasty as I knew they would be!

Oh and thanx to Bobbie, I sent in my request for an invite for ravelry and I got it this AM and propmtly accepted and did my profile .. so you know I was playing there today .. that site is just wayyy to coo! I know there’s a site for quilters like this, but it isn’t free! It’s a shame really, but that’s okay .. I’m content to be accountable to me on my blog with my quilting stuff .. what I do like about it is that you can queue your projects – no more trying to remember … I have a ‘few’ sock patterns waiting there as well as a few toque patterns for Reg .. and of course, earwarmers.

We did go shopping on sunday and we managed to get a few things bought, which is nice πŸ˜‰ I still have to get Reg’s big gift .. sorry, can’t say because he does read my blog at times .. tomorrow the part should be here for my furnace and hopefully the new thermostat will get installed too – that would be a nice relief!

Tomorrow’s plans, baste the spinner quilt, Kyle’s dr appt, quilt the cmas quilts, start another knitttng project for tv handwork .. and the usual stuff too .. dinner, laundry, etc etc etc

I’ll be trying my hardest to stay away from the computer for the next week .. Even with getting my invite to ravelry, I didn’t go overboard on time there πŸ˜‰ And I do need to watch that .. Otherwise I’ll get nothing done and while I’m going to be really pushing it, it’s still doable for getting these quilts done .. All I have to say is Thank God they aren’t full bed-sized quilts! OH almost forgot to mention, I called quilt pro this AM and they are sending out another disk to replace this one – so with our shopping trip to the US, I’ll be getting it then I hope!

Hope everyone is healthy and not stressing about cmas to much


I think I’m feeling better, altho I still have that ick feeling in the back of my sinuses, I do feel more energized (altho nothing like normal) and am plotting cutting Erica’s borders – so this is a good thing.

hpim2263While suffering from the icky feeling and a nasty case of insomnia over the weekend, I knitted up one of the socks – I did the majority of this on DPNs and struggled in the foot section (altho that could havehpim2264 been b/c i was just so bloody whacked). I did grab some 3.25mm DPNs at walmart and you can see the difference it made in my stitches. I’m rather pleased with this and look forward to getting the other one done soon so I can actually wear them πŸ™‚ If I make these again, I won’t make the leg length as long .. I really do prefer a crop sock and this is just almost to high for me -I’m eyeing the maizy socks for my next ones, but need to get some size 1 needles or 2.25mm – I might have some that small in mum’s DPNs but doing these in circulars is actually easier.

hpim2268I’ve decided for Erica’s borders to use up the wrong size blocks – that will make a nice size border of 4″ finished and the dark ‘banding’ will be 1″ finished. I do have all those nummy dyed fabrics and am looking forward to using them. This is the layout I am pretty sure I’ll be using .. as you can see, none of the tiles will end on the blue – well I guess that won’t matter as I’ve not really used a dyed blue in the tiles … but the darker blue fan fabric .. each of these layouts will be in the opposite corner with nothing in the adjacent corners .. this is the layout from this border pic.

hpim2267I still have to over-dye the backing material for the spinner quilt – but this will prove tricky as reg stole my bucket for salt 😐 this backing material is just to large to be using the 1 gallon zip lock bags, so I have to use my bucket .. **sigh I’ll have to see what I else I can dig up for him to use for salt – I really do like this bucket as it’s not flimsy and is a nice sturdy plastic .. hmmm .. kitty litter buckets would work … will have to dig in the basement me thinks .. sounds like a job for Kyle

I’m going shopping with my dad in the AM for family cmas gifts so I’ll see what I can get done tonite while I’m feeling okay .. i’m sniffly and a wee bit chesty, but not bone weary exhausted like I have felt for the past week. Continue reading