Weather Report – Snowman Flurries??

Wow I got some sweet stuff in the mail today!! Two I was expecting, one I wasn’t because I had forgotten about it from last Christmas 😀 All I can say is WOWSERS!!! I saw dad carrying THREE packages and I was like .. oh I gots THREE!?!?!?! COOLIES!!!!

Dian had asked me months ago if I would give a home to some embroidered snowmen .. I really can’t remember the conversation entirely now, but since it was snowmen I said SURE!! And from what I’ve seen of her embroidery, I’ve absolutely loved it! So I got these guys today from her .. they are just sooo adorable!! I am envisioning a long wallhanging for these cuties, or even putting them into a tree skirt – or doing a sampler with with these guys and a few other patterns I’ve squirreled away .. oh click for larger on these

HPIM2730.jpg HPIM2731.jpg
HPIM2732.jpg HPIM2733.jpg

HPIM2737.jpgIf that wasn’t enough snowmen for me, (is there such a thing??? I don’t think so LOLOLOL) Tracy, sent me off this adorable snowman that she had fashioned up last winter .. Her mum I guess took the first one hostage and she made up another one – this one was safe, and finally made the trip cross country to me .. I just soooo love him, he’s bigger than I thought, but perfect for putting thread in for upcoming projects .. which btw, he’s already doing 🙂 I couldn’t wait to take pictures of the packages and boxes, but I did show the card she sent with him. Isn’t he just the sweetest thing! Thank you Tracy!! And yes, I hope this is the only snow I get for a long time LOL

The other package was my thread order from threadart. I was right about the sherbet coloured one, it won’t work for my Mystery “X” Box quilt. But I do have others .. but that will be another blog post .. I want this post to share my good fortune in snowman flurries and thank my friends for their thoughtfulness and to show of their great work!

Dian and Tracy, thank you again! I just love the snow flurries I got today from the PO Box 😉