Tippy Top Down

20150319_040719By golly it bloody well worked. I was more than a bit sceptical that this would work – mind you I’m tickled pink that it worked!! That means that my blocks will be just fine!!! OH HAPPYDANCE!!!  I’ve managed to frog and re-sew 3 blocks and only one block needed to have new pieces cut for the arcs so far. I was not about to frog the pieced arcs .. oh hellz no!!!  Just the thought of that is enough to give me the uber heebie jeebies.   Continue reading


New Direction

20150317_053851I decided to change direction a smidge. Instead of sewing sections or doing the hardest parts first – as in smaller to larger, I decided to go from the top down – be more exacting than previously and sew slower than before – if that was / is possible .. Amazingly enough it appeared to work. Even with my oh so careful pressing, it still went a bit wonky – I might just have to keep the paper on to help me – I’ll take the other three blocks apart over the week and see if the top down method doesn’t work a bit better for me … Needles and fingers crossed 🙂

I’m not looking forward to frogging those three blocks, but I’m not going to be happy about this until I do.  And with the effort and work I’m putting into this, it really does need to be the best I can do it and I really do need to be happy with it – I can handle the odd pucker as those can be hide with lots of quilting LOL  or even applique if its really bad LOL

Lessons learned and learning

20150315_110201The whole process for making these blocks keeps evolving. First I did the ease in method for the curves with the ends lining up with the paper in – I spent a lot of time frogging seams when the ONE seam did not want to play nice. Then I took the paper off – Still had puckers. And I’ve been sewing enough that this should work! Still having issues.

Then I took the paper off and eased in the seams.  Still had issues.   I spent probably around 4 hours reworking just one seam last night, and it still wasn’t perfect.  I finally got it acceptable. Continue reading