ArtIllusion – Part 4 & 5

It doesn’t seem like I got a lot done today – Not sure why – just does .. I know I’ve been in my cat cave for most of the day strip piecing and cutting, strip piecing and cutting .. I just feel like I should have more done today that I actually do ** shrug .. ah well ..


Almost Part 4

I did do a LOT more cutting today .. I thought I would make it easier on myself to have my strips the size I need for the split 9 part of this particular block I did today .. What I’ve got here are the parts of the split 9 / HST just before I put them all together into their respective parts. This was as close to a brown bag as I could have gotten without actually using one .. harmonizing colours to an extent together (but this quilt is made up of colours that harmonize .. ) or colours that create enough of a contrast so that they don’t blend into the next square.


Part 5

I think I did pretty well in trying to not have the same colours together, but as you can see in these, that some greens did end up together – but the good thing is, they aren’t the same green .. but then again .. I was giving it an honest effort NOT to control this too much .. I did pretty good me thinks! and nothing really clashes here either .. but i won’t know for sure until I get the blocks / squares all together in a layout ….


Parts 1 - 5

And that’s the next step! I’ve everything all ready to go for the layout part of it … I’m almost tempted to just lay it out on the floor to see how it looks, but that means I have to pick it up again! Not tonite . please not tonite .. This is going to roughly finish up at 60 x 72″ and I’m not sure my design wall will hold all that – width wise, yes .. length .. no .. The pattern didn’t call for strip piecing .. but I wasn’t about to sew all 168 2 ½” squares together 1 by 1 .. that would exceed my patience factor!

I feels GREAT to have these all squared up ready to go .. no more cutting / squaring for a bit now 😀 Least not with this quilt! Tomorrow Part 6!


ArtIllusion – Part 3

Last nite I had my fabric cut into strips and squares just waiting for me to get to it today 🙂 I decided to strip piece in order to make things easier and quicker for me .. worked out pretty good, but I kept reversing the block :\ .. but it all worked out in the end.

HPIM2787.jpgI ended up with these poor orphans left over from the top rows of strips starting from the top (lights and mediums) Rather pathetic little pile left over isn’t it? But it does tell me that I did a great job estimating how many strips I would need for Part 3 – and that makes me feel great .. I’m sure I’ll something useful for them .. not to sure what .. but I’m sure that something will come to me .. It usually does .. right as I’m about to fall asleep at nite .. then of course .. you pop right away .. You know .. so far this quilt hasn’t made to much of a dent into my scrap bag .. it sure doesn’t look any smaller .. and we aren’t going to talk about the pile that is breeding on the corner of my cutting table .. there’s likely another ½ bag there at least (!)


Part 3

.. 26 … 27 … 28 … 29 … aw crap .. I’m 3 short – pfft. Ah well ..scrounge, hunt, scrounge for long enough bits of this and that to make make them up .. I wanted them to be somewhat close in colour so it wasn’t to scattered all over the map .. yes as Carmen says, I’ve redefined “controlled scrappy” one of these days I’ll do a true brown bag scrappy quilt .. promise! Well i finally found enough of 2 different colour schemes to get the final 3 blocks done and voila! Part 3 is fini!  Holly can you see them???


I’m done in .. been a day of popping up and down like a jack in the box, as well as doing some grocery shopping, daddy drop /drive in, dinner, basketball on tv .. blah blah blah .. you get the picture .. so tomorrow, I start on Part 4 ..

Oh and my order showed up from joann’s .. I ended up with 2 yards of the material I ordered instead of 3 .. well that’s better than nothing I guess .. what a waste of a 40% off coupon tho pfft