My Binding Pile

I started to wonder exactly just how many quilts I’ve moved to my binding pile since January 1, 2009. I know I did a small hiatus in January for a bit when I was on a knit frenzy which lasted about 3 weeks or so?? I was still just puttering about with my WIP pile until I was interviewed in mid February for a job that was going to be full time hours. Then I really kicked it into high gear. So I went thru my Binding Pile to see just what I’ve finished in these past weeks – Let’s call it from mid February till now I guess .. granted I’ve not done much the past week since I was actually at work, but let’s include it for fun … Under each picture is the quilt name and the date it was officially moved to the binding pile.


Kyle's Spinner - 1.8.09


Michigan Left - 2.25.09


Franken'quilt' - 3.10.09


Kitty Quilt - 3.18.09


Hopscotch - 3.30.09


XBlocks - 4.3.09


BigFan - 4.19.09

Here’s a few other projects that I’ve started in this same time frame and I thought they should be included as well.

  • My 1800 quilt is waiting for the binding and to hand sew the backing fabric down the from quilt as you go method
  • ArtIllusion is being entered into a contest, so this sits as is
  • Kitty Convergence is just waiting for me to deal with the border math quilt repeats


1800 - 2.12.09


ArtIllusion - 4.8.09


Kitty Convergence - 4.15.09

I guess I was really busy between 2.12.09 and 4.15.09. WOW .. I’m rather amazed at what I’ve managed to get done in that time frame. I knew I had gotten a few done, but this rather boggles the mind. All this in hmmm 1 … 2… 3… **GASP!! 9 weeks (!!) **Thud (that’s the sound of me passing out and hitting the floor!)

Heh .. to bad THIS wasn’t my full time job! I would be in pure heaven! You know .. with the exception of Kyle’s Spinner and the 1800 quilt, all these were quilted with the tissue paper method. Think I might have perfected it by now?? LOL