7 hours of quilting later

20150301_054543All through yesterday I had thought I had totally lost what little marbles I seem to have left – and trust me, it’s not many most days! Initially quarter circles were speaking to me for the background – I got a smidge of the way through and then they didn’t speak so much – so I let it be overnight and looked at it the next day. Nope – didn’t work so much for me afterall – so out they came!  The whole background of this quilt is negative space to highlight the flower pot and flowers.  I really love the idea of doing little circles, totally love the look they give and seem so whimsical and carefree.  The idea of doing little circles on my 15K almost brings me to my knees in tears.  It just is not going to happen and then the idea of having to rip out all the tissue pieces later makes me want to gnaw my wrists open.  And yes I’d do tissue paper marking for the circles – my eyes would cross otherwise – they’d cross with the tissue paper marking anyways – the circle quilting came out amazingly easy – that should’ve been a clue as to how much I was in for LOL Continue reading

Universal you say???

According to dictionary.com, the definition for universal is:

1. of, relating to, or characteristic of all or the whole: universal experience.
2. applicable everywhere or in all cases; general: a universal cure.
3. affecting, concerning, or involving all: universal military service.
4. used or understood by all: a universal language.

The universal low shank quilting foot needs to have this redefined. Needless to say – it went on, did one side of the binding then went – nope – Im not gonna work another stitch – and it didn’t .. It is just a smidge to short – the plan was to put the binding on, then spend the rest of the day hand sewing it down and then adding the label then into the wash it goes .. maybe tomorrow afternoon some time . . hella sigh

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Wow .. just wow

And I don’t mean White on White .. I mean seriously WOW .. Im rather stunned by how much I forgot – yes that’s to be expected – but not on your own technique!! I had Ruby’s quilt all set up to be quilted last night. But something did not look right to me today. Just couldn’t put my finger on it .. good thing I actually did a tutorial on how to place the tissue paper prior to quilting, I had to read my own tutorial. I had it all glued down sigh So take that all apart and then pin the snot out of it and quilt it row by row. Amazingly enough the one thing that I thought would give me problems did not .. Can I say again how much I love my Singer 15K?? The best damn machine EVER. I think I love this more than my FW. Yes I do believe I just said that outloud. Stranger things have happened LOL

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Case128 – Big Fan – Binding Pile!

HPIM2840.jpgThis is actually a horrible pic, but you can get the gist of how it looks with the binding on 😀 And daylight was a relative term today with it being rainy and gloomy .. BLECH.  So a good daylight pic was just not going to be possible today .. or until Wednesday when it says it’ll be sunny again.  I think that this one is going to be my favourite out of all the ones that I’ve completed in the past 6 weeks.  Heh .. not even sure I can recall all that I’ve finished in this time frame – I would have to go back over my blog entries and sift thru the binding pile LOL

My goal this weekend was to do both the bigfan and the kitty convergence.  One of two not’s bad and I’m good with it.  I’m rather shying away from the math – it’ll be easy, I’m sure .. but there’s always the thing that it won’t be that niggles at the back of your brain.  And I’m not sure I want to exactly deal with that .. Would rather just bask in the good feeling of where I’m at with this quilt 😀  AND the kitty convergence hasn’t been waiting months for me to get back to it.  It can hold it’s kitties for a bit LOL

My allergies were beating me up pretty severe when I got up and I’m rather ‘not there’ – even now .. but we’ll see, I might get motivated to do it .. then it’s a matter of printing them out and quilting away .. not a lot of time needed as these are just 3″ borders I think and it’s just a bitty wall quilt. hmmm I might even get this one day during the week .. we’ll have to see what I’m inclined to do after work .. prolly not much with the rain being here that long .. Yesterday was such a teaser day with what we are facing now **sigh … rain rain go away .. don’t bother to come back another day!

Quilty Stuff – YIPPEE

It feels so great to have some quilty stuff done 😀 I’ve missed spending the time doing it this week. I set a goal for myself today that was quasi reachable. Granted if I hadn’t spoken with my uncle on the phone for almost 1 ½ hrs I could have done it, but I do really enjoy talking to him, so I don’t mind reaching the goal I had set for myself.


Think she missed me??

My goal was to move the bigfan quilt to the binding pile. It will make it there this weekend without a doubt! I finished shredding all the tissue off it tonite and all that needs to be done is cut the binding and attach it. As you can see the Princess Snoopervisor (Or furry mafia as a Sue in NZ calls them) decided that she was going to ‘help’. Don’t you just love the indignant look I’m getting from her .. like .. HEY .. i’m RIGHT here .. PET ME! LOL .. Yes this is the same cat that decided to hunt a centipede that was behind my head on the wall. I did manage to pick around her for a bit and then I had to convince her that it was time to move … that took a bit of coercion, as when she wants to be in your lap, she’s IN your lap .. regardless of you moving her .. she just jumps right back up. Oh see that white grocery sack next to me on the couch .. well that was the same sack that went flying and created a ticker tape parade in my living room on Sunday nite. LMBO!!!!!!

HPIM2838.jpgI am just tickled by the way that this turned out! You can see the quilting even with using a flash. This is going to take some truly stunning daylight pics tomorrow 😀 I can’t wait to see how great this is going to look in the daylight. I’m really excited about this quilt being almost done! Yes I know, I’m excited about all of them .. but this one – there’s just something about it that sings to me .. not just talks ..but sings ..

After I get this done, I’ll work on the math for the borders on the kitty convergence and maybe get that one going too .. we’ll have to see as that one is going to take some meticulous shredding to get all the tissue off.

I finally managed to lose some weight this week.  I’ve been fluctuating up and down a pound or two for the past month .. matter of fact it was a 4lb difference from last nite to tonite .. I was just soooo tickled to see that and it gives me encouragement that I’m doing the right thing and to stick with it!  Part of it I’m sure is eating more often and drinking more water ..

On tipnut.com they published an article with links for knittable and crochetable swiffer covers with a recommendation to use acrylic yarn .. I’ve a TON of one skeins and these would be perfect me thinks .. The one pictured on this page is crocheted, but there are links for knittable ones .. I’ve just not checked them out yet – but wanted to share.  Reusable & Reversible Swiffer Sock

I hope everyone is having gorgeous weather – we are having .. I know I should have done some yard work, but my quilts were calling 😀

Fan n Kitties Antics

With Sunday being my last day of ‘freedom’ as it were, I was in a minor frenzy to get stuff done. I wanted to finish the quilting on the big fan mystery and also quilt up the kitty convergence too. I was rather all over the map with trying to settle and start on one or the other. heh .. quilter ADD LOL  Oh and course I didn’t get as much sleep on Sunday as I wanted .. You’ll find out why at the bottom of my post .. bloody cat n bugs!!

HPIM2831.jpgFor the kitty convergence I wanted something rather abstract as this quilt is smaller. The quilting was just to be a compliment not the end all to be all .. I wanted a motif that was looser, but failed rather miserably in that .. but I am happy with the results .. this is a really cool looking motif .. it’s abstract but tulips – which matches the tulip fabric that I used and creates some interesting lines and flow in the quilt. I had one idea for the border, but by the time it was all said and done .. I just didn’t want to do it .. I was rather cross-eyed from HPIM2832.jpgdoing this motif, so I left it for now .. chances are I’ll do what I originally planned, but I just didn’t want to do the math for it to make the borders fit right as I’ll miter the design in instead of doing horizontal / vertical like I normally do. This is going to be interesting getting the tissue off this one .. I might just take Diana’s suggestion of a small toothed comb and a vacuum LOL .. egads what a mess THAT would be LOL

HPIM2834.jpgI finished quilting it on Sunday nite and started to do a bit of shredding of the tissue as well. I didn’t get any pictures until today as you couldn’t see the quilting very well with a flash pic. I do love how the quilting looks on this .. sort of creates waves like on the quilt ..

HPIM2833.jpgI did run out of the variegated blue about 1 row away from being finished but I had a blue that I was originally going to use before I found the blue, so I wasn’t too freaked out .. and this quilt is staying with me .. so it doesn’t have to be perfect – heh .. good thing as there are mistakes in this quilt LOL .. but I know they are there and I learned with this quilt .. so it’s all good. Here’s a nice shot of the quilting in a Continue reading