Wow .. just wow

And I don’t mean White on White .. I mean seriously WOW .. Im rather stunned by how much I forgot – yes that’s to be expected – but not on your own technique!! I had Ruby’s quilt all set up to be quilted last night. But something did not look right to me today. Just couldn’t put my finger on it .. good thing I actually did a tutorial on how to place the tissue paper prior to quilting, I had to read my own tutorial. I had it all glued down sigh So take that all apart and then pin the snot out of it and quilt it row by row. Amazingly enough the one thing that I thought would give me problems did not .. Can I say again how much I love my Singer 15K?? The best damn machine EVER. I think I love this more than my FW. Yes I do believe I just said that outloud. Stranger things have happened LOL

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**Throws Paws in Air …

HPIM2819.jpgThis is almost half way thru the quilting on case128. Essentially 1 row shy of it, and my goal for today. I give up. I’ve had enough for one day! Seriously!

It’s been a battle of sorts all day .. not a HUGE battle, but more like a struggle / contest of wills ..and those can be just as tiring as battles and wars – specially when they are waged over a several hour period. I guess the first one was when I was piecing the batting – I sewed the long and short sides together wihtout realizing it until I had way more left than the other .. RIPIT RIPIT start again .. I wasn’t smart about where my pattern ends on the sheet .. so i’m creating a minor mess of sorts with the tissue there – I finally gave up trying to follow it and just winged it .. hey it’s freemotion after all.

HPIM2820.jpgSince I’m using a cotton batt, this quilt is heavier of course I’m having to apply more pressure with my hands (Thank God I use gloves!!) to move the quilt along .. and of course Newton’s Third Law of Motion “states that any time a force acts from one object to another, there is an equal force acting back on the original object. If you pull on a rope, therefore, the rope is pulling back on you as well. “ Meaning in this case – exerting more pressure causes the tissue paper to RIP. This is just one of the few battlefields where a contest of wills was waged. Good thing by this time I had gotten into a rhythm and it was easy enough to fill in the ‘holes’ so to speak. I didn’t really remember this issue when doing my kitty quilt tho – granted this quilt is bigger – ergo – heavier.

As I stated already, my goal was half way – I think a realistic enough goal and easily doable! I think that someone, somewhere is trying to tell me something .. I really do! Just before I finish the 2nd to last row, maybe 4″ shy of it, the thread in my bobbin runs out .. Okay .. not a problem .. NUTS .. all my bobbins are empty now .. so I grab my bobbins and head into the cat cave to spin up a few more. Okay .. get back and start sewing again .. 2″ left in the FINAL line, and my spool runs dry .. 😐 Are you kidding me??? **sigh Okay .. get the other spool, thread the machine, lock my stitches and finish that row. Check the back and see the mess from the dry spool and NO tension – fix that .. By this time, I’ve been seeing mistakes get made and just kept on going .. SInce I”m rolling the quilt into the bed area, it’s getting harder and harder to move freely and there’s all sorts of bumps and jiggles as I get closer to the middle ..

HPIM2821.jpgI was right here .. I had cut my thread at the bottom and was about to lock my stitches when I see the thread slip thru my fingers and swoop thru the hole in the needle .. 😐 THAT’S IT! I’m done! I’ve had enough .. So here I stopped .. and this will be waiting for me tomorrow – whenever I get back from being kidnapped and praying I won’t be to tired for this .. but I just can’t be .. this is my final countdown this weekend .. so this and a few other things have to be done.

The nice thing is, it’s a new day and a fresh start! I’ll finish this last pass with no issues, flip the quilt and it’ll get easier and easier – Today I’m tired – I didn’t sleep good last nite (I actually had a few nitemares??!!) so my sleep was broken and doing this quilt is hard-er work … Not my normal zoom zoom ..

Case128 Big Fan – 1 | Grace – 0

Until tomorrow then I win πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and do the kitty convergence too – that’s basted πŸ˜€

The Big Fan – Quilting

Or otherwise known as “Case128″… Yes I’m finally back to this .. This is likely going to be the last larger quilt that I’ll be able to get done before I start my new job .. **sighs / cries 😦 Okay I’m over it for now.

HPIM2817.jpgI had quite the adventure printing out my tissue paper today! :P: .. Egads what a MESS. I’m chuckling about it, so you know I solved it. I wanted to do larger motifs for this quilt so it wasn’t so heavily quilted. So I TRIED to do almost a full sheet of tissue paper. Well that was fun and games! This is a different tissue than I had used previously so I was thinking that a) my printer didn’t like it, or b) I had my sheet cut to big. So I reduced the size of the motif and tried again .. well that worked nicely.

I think in order to do a larger motif, I’ll need to do more than stabilize the top with two pieces of tape .. I think this will require me using tape along the sides too. I’ll keep that in mind for next time I try. I just wanted to get this printed out, so I can baste tomorrow and start quilting. The first sheet went just fine .. but the next two, were an unholy mess .. the carriage totally stopped and started to dribble ink on the page – which of course transferred to me when I was unjamming the printer. LOL .. And I was picking out pieces of tissue for the next 5 minutes – **znerk!

HPIM2584-1.jpgI’m going to Edge-2-Edge with this one as well .. I’m not so worried about the seam showing as this quilt is staying with me. This is the mystery that I was going to participate in when I found my aunt was killed in a car accident on New Year’s Eve. And the seams aren’t as close to the edge as the XBlocks Mystery was. I think that will make a difference.

I’m not sure if you rememberΒ  my adventures with the batting for my Hopscotch quilt. That batting was so thin that quilting it was just insane! I had planned to use the same batt (I bought 2 of them – pfft) folded in half to give it more thickness. Well that batt measures 78 x 100″ and this quilt measures 52Β½ x 68Β½” – that just wasn’t going to work folded double and I wasn’t going to do this one with just that batt at single thickness. Do I feel ripped off .. $7.00 CDN for that batt for a wallhanging basically that will measure less than 39 x 50″ .. pfft

I had squirreled away some Warm & Natural Batting that I was saving for whatever. Well my eyes rested on it while I was standing there figuring out what to do – AHA .. I’ll use cotton! πŸ˜€ This is off the bolt, the last of what I’ve got and it’s just not quite wide enough for this quilt .. soooooo .. I get to piece that and a smaller bit leftover from another quilt I did – but that will be tomorrow .. I wanted to get the motifs printed first so the printer wouldn’t bother Reg while he was trying to sleep. hehehehe specially if it jammed again ..

So tomorrow basting this quilt and the Kitty Covergence πŸ˜€ Life is good!

Plodding Along ..

Good thing I’m not in a race for any land speed records .. I’m just frittering away at the motifs ..

Took me over a day to decide what quilt to do first! I actually had my motifs all picked out for both of them, as well as being all set to print to the tissue paper. It was just a matter of cutting the paper and printing. Well you know there’s math involved of course – I want to get the most motif sheets out of each sheet of paper and 20 x 20″ is an awkward size to work with it. Plus I wanted to be sure that I had enough for both.

HPIM1994flutter1.jpgI finally opted to do Hopscotch first – mostly because this one used the most sheets and my motif sheets were bigger and involved some ‘interesting’ cutting. Seems to rather be the case with me, doesn’t it??? For this one, I couldn’t settle on a border motif – and rather wanted that squared away before I started to cut paper. Granted the border is 3″ wide, but I was also entertaining the thought of doing edge-to-edge with this one .. never done that before and the idea rather intrigued me. I’ve been thinking all along of this quilt as a summer type one .. colours, name, motifs – and the fact it rather defaulted to a really thin batting :\, and no summer scenes intrigued me enough for the borders – unless I put butterflies in the borders and a beach, summer or garden scene in the main body .. but naw .. just did butterfly borders for the kitties .. and i love the way this one flits along my quilt top.

hpim2743.jpgSo after doing my math and figuring out how many sheets I would need – I got busy printing .. refined my printing method too and it seemed to go faster with less up and down for me .. and out of 56 sheets printed – only one paper jam .. and that was my first one ever doing printing on tissue paper .. coolies πŸ˜€ Tomorrow is a good day to start quilting me thinks. FINALLY! LOL

I’ve added a new tutorial for printing on tissue paper – figure this will save me retyping it out πŸ™‚Β  Hope it helps you!

From Basting to Quilting Pile

That’s always a good feeling – moving quilts from the waiting to baste to the waiting to quilt pile. Granted I ‘cheated’ and used spray baste, but they are basted!

HPIM2729.jpgI’ve spent Β½ the nite and part of today searching for motifs for the square deal mystery quilt. It was rather tricky as this is a contemporary design, but not a new one – toss in geometric to the fun and you have some interesting ‘issues’ popping up .. I must have tried at least 8 different designs before I finally settled on one – now the only issue is whether to quilt the borders in the allover pattern, or SID them so they stand out. Decisions, decisions!! Now the thread was the easy part .. I’m going to use the thread I grabbed at fabricland for $1 a spool .. Gotta love THOSE sort of specials πŸ™‚ This thread is variegated and has the most of the colours as the quilt does .. but it does have a pretty close match up to the background material The quilting motif will be similar to an orange peel motif but with more flair and another element added in between the ‘main’ motif

As I figured, my dad came over and wanted the quilt .. he was ready to take it down off the clips and take it with him! I said – I’m likely selling that one .. he goes – how much .. I tell him and he goes WHAT??? and offers me $10 – I just look at him, so he goes up to $25 .. I just turn my back and walk into my sewing room and start to grab bits and pieces of the material I used in the quilt .. hehehehehe .. I hand the fabric bits to him and say, here you go .. $25 worth of that quilt LMAO!!! The look on his face was priceless!!! That rather ended that – for now .. we’ll see what he has to say about it when it’s quilted. Then he goes .. make them bigger .. I’m like dad, people are choking over paying $60 for a pieced and quilted baby quilt .. they are NOT going to be $300 plus for a bed quilt .. he goes .. I would .. I just look at him then look at the mystery X – yeah right!


The other one I got ready for quilting is my hopscotch quilt. This was the first mystery I did last summer. Ann Smith from Quilt Talk and Mystery Quilters (I think) wrote this one. From my thread order that came in yesterday I specifically got thread for this quilt. They all it Mediterranean and it is summery in look .. and this quilt reminds me of summer. The motif for this one was super easy .. butterflies with bees in the border .. I think .. not sure on the bee part, we’ll have to see ..



I used the batting I picked up at fabricland and it’s pretty thin .. good thing this will be a summer quilt .. I’ll see if I can double this for the big fan quilt (that would have been basted too, but ran out of backing **sigh) I had already opened this one up to ‘relax’ it and was worried about shifting – I’m not sure I can double it up like that .. Then again – telling me not that I can’t do that is the quickest way to get me to do it – or at least try it.

So, I’m off to print my motifs πŸ˜€ now which one to do first .. the mystery X will be the quickest me thinks. Specially since it’s just over a yard square πŸ˜€

Educational …

HPIM2667.jpgTo say the least .. With fits n bursts of working on the main part of my kitty quilt, I did manage to get that part quilted today. I didn’t work on it constantly – but thru the day.

I decided to try using the whole sheet for the quilting part of it – I can totally recommend AGAINST using the whole sheet for several reasons .. First of all, if you aren’t exact in having your motif repeat on your tracing, your pattern will be off on the tissue sheets when they are all combined. You won’t notice that you are off until you are into the second row of sheets (in my case sheet #4 – middle sheets). The top row went just fine .. no issues, problems – nothing .. the top right corner is me checking how the thread looks with this quilt .. I’ll have to wait until daylight to get a better pic (yes it’s 4am again :/). I didn’t realize that there was going to be a problem until the middle sheet (#5 – the one that looks like it went thru a cuisinart) – that’s when I noticed that my pattern was off and decided to try to ease and work it ..


"repair" on Section / Sheet #5

But the time I got near the bottom left sheet (corner) – it was hair pulling frustration time! I battled thru that with tissue ripping, pins going thru the tissue getting lost (I’ll find them when the tissue comes off), and things just not lining up at all .. I was beyond frustrated – here I am more than Β½ way thru the quilt and it’s getting ugly. I could have just cried! Nothing was lining up at this point and I could see all my work going for naught. But then I just decided to “piece” it as it were .. cut the rest of the middle section into strips and make it fit between the two outer sheets .. Thank God! That worked quite nicely .. I was able to get back on track and things started to go very quickly from that point on ..

As for the bottom, I pieced that one deliberately to have a full pattern fit with no excess bits between the borders. (Note to self – do the bloody math you twit to have full motifs from edge to edge – BAH!) Another reason why you really don’t want to use a full sheet, you are leaving to much of your quilt unbasted (even with pinning) for comfort .. the risk of things shifting is way to high .. I would hate to see how this would have ended up if my batting wasn’t cotton! **shudder**

So from now on, I’ll be printing out my motifs (to ensure accuracy), AND using smaller sheets.Β  I was saying to Carmen .. Even if your quilt is square – exactly how square is it – do you have a measuring tape that measure micrometers?? And exactly how square are your sheets!??! Nope not going to use a full sheet again .. I’ll be limited to the size that my printer will accept which is 8Β½ x 14″. Least this way if something is off, thenΒ  adjustments can be made over smaller areas that won’t be as noticeable as adjustments over a huge 20 x 20″ area .. nor as frustrating!

I’ve updated the tissue paper tutorial as well for this πŸ™‚ Tomorrow the border motif printing – then the quilting .. I hope πŸ˜‰

Design Daze


I think I’ve finally figured out why my kitty quilt has been waiting for me so long .. I had no bloody clue on what to do for the main body quilting .. that realization rather smacked me in the face over the past few days .. the borders were easy peasy .. but the main body .. EEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

Nothing I found seemed to please me one bit! Some was to busy, other’s too loopy, other’s to blah, other’s to fussy .. But I finally found the purrfect (hehehehe) motif. So I went to work cleaning it up, resizing it and tracing it .. it was only AFTER I got all the sheets traced and my quilt ready to go, that I realized I hadn’t done a mock-up to see how it looked :O oops .. LOL ..

HPIM2664.jpgI know this sounds relatively simple .. and believe me it is .. but the right motif isn’t always that simple **sigh Rather like finding just the right fabric or thread or what-have-you .. oh speaking of thread … that was the easy part .. I was going to do white, but then this variegated thread spoke to me and asked to come home with me .. I won’t go into the whole story of that adventure .. Reg is still shaking his head at me .. he does that a lot …

HPIM2663.jpgMy machines all set up, the first tissue sheet is pinned into place (and yes my basting stitches are out) – I was going to start tonite, but I hit a wall of fatigue then started to watch TV with reg and woke up .. **sigh. But I’m not going to start quilting tonite .. The good news is, that the motif is large enough on this so it “should” quilt up pretty quick and this just might be a one day quilting .. for the main part at least .. I’ve not traced out the border motifs yet, so that should take a bit longer me thinks as the tissue needs to be cut to size still and I’ve rather had enough of that today all ready .. oh this is the first time I’m trying a full sheet method .. so we’ll see how that goes .. should be interesting .. for lack of a more polite word πŸ˜‰ SO tomorrow I begin on my kitty quilt – FINALLY

The border has already changed – nope that didn’t take long at all .. i’ll be using nothing in the wonky narrow border, but paws n meeces in the outer border … it’s just wayyy to cute for words!!