ArtIllusion – Finished / Termine / Terminado / Finito

Heh 😀 I think you rather get the point .. the top is DONE for this .. pics are so-so .. I got kidnapped today and lost the last bit of daylight so nite pics and flash were the order of the day (nite??) But tomorrow is another day for a killer shot for this quilt … I think it’s going to look just awesome in daylight!!


Layout done 😀

I think I like it. it’s got a nice look to it and gives you a nice spring-y feeling looking at it .. still thinking that one colour family would have been better for the star arms. I see a few spots where I could have kicked myself, but I certainly wasn’t going to frog it . no way! it’s a scrappy quilt and while I tried to not have the same colours next to each other (example – the 9 patches on the bottom left), there just wasn’t a choice in some cases .. but I did okay and I think this will look all cool quilted up and on a girl / woman’s bed 😀

Now this top is going to be entered in a contest .. IF I win, (which I don’t think I will as I did scrappy) then I’ll ship the top, backing and binding to them, they quilt it professionally and it becomes the cover for the pattern that this quilt was made from ..and it is eventually returned to me LOL

I’ve several people ask me where this pattern is from – this one was a one day mystery hunt in honour of National Quilter’s Day and the pattern is no longer available. But you can sign up to participate in future hunts – there’s one starting up on May 1st – I have a lot of fun doing this and get to find some neat online quilt shops.  So I’m looking forward to the May Flowers Hunt.