And .. it’s done!

20150129_164338[1]I was seriously doubting I would reach this point after last night. LOL I got all the binding down after getting my new foot. Dad called me that night and he said he was going stateside, so I called the area Joann stores, and made sure it was on hold for me. By 3pm yesterday I had my new Singer walking foot. And by God it bloody well worked!!! 30 mins later, I had the binding on and it was time to hand stitch down the binding – course I had to look up if I used single or double thread – *Shake my head*  It’s currently in the dryer and I want to wait until daylight to get some better pictures and will post them tmrw before I go to yoga.  Oh and it’s still unnamed other than me calling it Ruby’s quilt.

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Label eh?

Last night was going to start printing out the design on tissue paper to start quilting – then i remembered … LABEL .. I spent some time trying to find a shorter poem to ‘It’s OK to sit on your quilt … but didn’t . instead I opted for two quotes

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

With a butterfly kiss, and a ladybug hug Sleep tight little one, like a bug in a rug.

20150123_174616The design aspect was easy enough – the issue was with printing on fabric and keeping it colour fast which my printer does not do .. I’ve the wrong type of ink in my cartridges. Before I would use Krylon clear matte and that would do it – I did mention that I had moved – but what I hadn’t mentioned it was a move from HELL. I’m still finding stuff .. everywhere .. I know I’ve two boxes of quilt stuff – my books (all my quilt books) and some of my gizmo’s and gadgets – such as all my pigma pens, quilter’s sprays etc etc etc ..  I tripped over a site that said you could use a vinegar bath for 10 mins and that would make it colour fast with letting it air dry … ummm ya NO!!!  It managed to turn my black ink to something fuzzy and purple .. don’t get me wrong, I LOVE purple . but not here.

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