2010 Recylcing Knit Challenge

While i was hunting around for the rest of my costume for Hallowe’en, I saw sweaters at the thrift shop .. pretty nice shades of green that I liked .. and I thought .. I bet I could frog this and re-use this yarn for something that **I** like instead of someone’s cast off .. (blinding nova light moment .. ) Well geeze why can’t I?? so the mental plotting began .. but I didn’t want to do this alone … this seems like the perfect thing to do with your friends .. thrift shop shopping, frogging and knitting!! Yeah i was a wee bit pumped on it

I want to invite anyone that wants to recycle yarn for a knitted / crocheted project are more than welcome to join us .. we are all on ravelry, so it makes sense to do it there with postings to our blogs, web albums, etc etc etc .. Or if we opt not to do a ravelry group, we can use my blog here for links or even create a new one .. plenty of options to choose from!

To read more of this idea and what’s needed .. click


Time Flew

It’s been a bit since I posted (or did much of anything), I wasn’t feeling well last week at all and basically dropped off the face of the earth. Well I’m back so to speak and have a mess of things to catch up on. The house, laundry, emails, and of course the challenge that was supposed to start yesterday, but I’ve not done anything on. I’ve done some research and have some links ready to go, but that’s it. It’ll prolly take me a week to get caught up around here. But I’m hoping to have the challenge ready to go soon. I hope

I spent last week being a lump on the couch and praying for my friend’s carmen’s safety and her family. They’ve had the threat of a volcanic eruption hanging over their heads and all the other dangers that are associated with sulphur and dangerous gases being tossed in for good measure.

While I was a lump last week I went on a knitting frenzy – heart dish cloths πŸ˜€ I posted 2 of my finishes in my last post and since then have done 3 more .. one of which I designed πŸ˜€ My february KAL is for heart designs .. doesn’t have to be dishcloths, but that was the easiest and required only that my fingers work – minimal concentration, so that was a good thing!!

I did a quilted heart dishcloth, a lacy heart dishcloth (this one is really pretty and I had a LOT of fun doing it!) and my Floating locked hearts dishcloth – this one is more of an abstract design with open ended hearts that float – very simplistic and easy to do πŸ˜€ The directions are on the Fiberbabble Says blog with a link to a pdf file if you want.


Quilted Hearts Dishcloth


Lacy Heart Dishcloth


Floating Locked Hearts

Please don’t mind the green on the quilted hearts – it is the same green as in the lacy hearts dishcloth, but to show the detail, you get to see a nasty green instead. but the green in the lacy hearts is true to life so to speak. All these images are clickable to larger.

I’m planning on getting into gear on severals things, challenge for OST, guest blogger post, website updating, and my 1800 quilt. I’m working on my Kitchener socks again, and have almost 1 sock done .. I’m at the toe decreases and these socks can’t get done fast enough to suit me!

So time to take something for my head and plot my battle at step one for digging out around here. Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great start to your week!

Dishcloth Finishes

Yesterday I opted to just have a quiet day with the family. And of course I catnapped most of the morning and early afternoon :). I grabbed some daylight shots of the lattice hearts, and started another and finished that too!


Lattice hearts - pattern detail


Lattice hearts - yarn colour


Topsy Turvy hearts

This is the one I finished last nite and got daylight shots of today. I wish it was wider than it is – could really use another column of hearts, but it is a really pretty dishcloth and just love the detail in it.

Daylight pic

Daylight is so much better for showing colours and details in items. Flashes are great, but they just washed out the pretty details in the yarn and pattern.

HPIM2485.jpgBut as promised in yesterday’s post – A finished daylight pic of Feb KAL v1. To be added to my kitchen weaponry πŸ˜€

I’m 75% thru the V2 of feb KAL .. this one has a lot of detail and I’m finding I’m having to use stitch markers and crossing off stitches to keep my place .. I normally don’t have this problem and am unsure why this time, but I would rather take the extra time to put in the markers, count my stitches, recount my stitches than to have to frog again and again and again .. yup – I’ve done this a few times.

February Kal V1

Version 1 you say??? Yup, I’ve picked a few dishcloths to do for my February KAL .. the subject is hearts … and of course when I can’t decide, I just do them all .. and well – these I can knit up in a nite or less .. so I imagine I’ll have a ton of hearts for my feb KAL ..

HPIM2482.jpgFirst one is this dishcloth (it has a matching dishtowel too – which I may or may not get / do) called “Two Hearts as One” Dischloth. Made with Lily sugar n cream potpurri – the as I used in my snowflake dishcloth.

This is a shot with incandescent light (tungsten) with no flash .. otherwise it just overpowers the pattern and you can’t see it .. I’ll take some better pictures in daylight tomorrow

The next one is a lattice heart and I’ll do that in sage green .. more a match to my kitchen me thinks πŸ™‚

Tomorrow I have the house to myself and my intention AND plan is to get moving on my 1800 quilt .. I would love to call that finished .. maybe I’m just to nervous about having the freemotion look to radically different and I’m stalling .. heh .. I’m even working up headband patterns in my head and a dishcloth pattern in my head to avoid this me thinks .. well tomorrow I do this!!

MIA while knitting ;)

I‘ve been enjoying some quiet quality time with Reg and Kyle lately … with the snow that we got dumped on us and basketball season, I figured I would grab the time that I could with Reg. I’ve not done any quilting lately – but I’ve been knitting πŸ˜€ In the past few days since my last post, I’ve finished Reg’s Plowhat and a earwarmers for Kristin.

HPIM2390.jpgKristin had asked if she could buy earwarmers from me and I’m like no, but I’ll make some for you – Back last spring, Kristin donated a chunk out of her stash to help me get ready for my first show – Like I would take her money .. oh Hell NO! So after some back and forth, We decided that these might be the best. And she wanted red and black .. ravelry members can see them before hand, but I won’t publish the images until she gets them – sorry about that .. oh my ravelry name?? gquilts Now isn’t that shocking πŸ˜‰ These made up super quick and I’m pleased with how they turned out … tapered at the nape of the neck and with chunky weight yarn – nice and warm! Since I won’t share the pics of the finished earwarmers with you, I will share what yarn I used and the colours πŸ˜‰ A nice compromise me thinks ..

HPIM2378.jpgI did get Reg’s plow hat done which I thought was way cool! I customized this for his larger bones and frame size .. As stated in a previous post, he would want his neck covered so I extended the the neck portion from 5″ to 8″. Also when I was doing this, I am thinking that a provisional cast on would have been a better choice instead of picking up the stitches around the face .. with working with black yarn, this was rather essential .. I didn’t do it with Reg’s hat, but am doing one for Kyle so I’ll try that there. I finally got him to model it for me so you get to see how it looks on him instead of me .. you can see how the extra 3″ was rather necessary for him .. There’s not much left over from around his neck .. Love the look in the first pic πŸ˜€ What a ham .. but at least he modeled it for me otherwise you would have been stuck with me modeling it or Kyle and it just wouldn’t look right as it wasn’t made for either of us .. He’s prolly not going to wear it all the time, but that’s okay .. it’ll be there when he needs it on the bitingly cold nites while plowing and well – that’s good enough for me.

HPIM2389.jpgOkay so to date – 2 earwarmers, and a plow hat .. also some progress on my plow wife socks. Altho I think I managed to confuse myself while doing doing a few rows .. I fixed any obvious mistakes and it rather matches it’s twin – but this is a pattern I’m not overly fond of this particular pattern at all. I do like the the yarn that I used, and the circumstances as to how these socks got their name are good memories for me, but I really don’t like this pattern – In some cases, I’m just being pissy, other’s I think that I’m spot on with my aggravation .. but these could also be **MY** personal quirks and I’ll leave that be .. But at this rate, I’ve maybe 15 rows left to do before the toe decreases and that will go very quickly. Might have these done tonite (will be watching some tv or a movie me thinks) or tomorrow.

hpim2384.jpghpim2386.jpgNow I needed to grab another set of #8 circulars or a DPN of same size – I had planned to head to walmart for the needles, but as it ended up, we weren’t going to be at that end of town, SO – Michaels was just across the parking lot from the grocery store πŸ˜€ SWEET! I figured I would check out what yarn they had while I was in there and was tickled to find a decent selection of sock / fingering yarn (More than joann’s, walmart, etc) had – WOOO HOOO and it was even on SALE!!!!! Heh .. So I grabbed enough yarn for 2 more pairs of socks πŸ˜€ A ‘mulberry’ in the Kroy Strips and what Patons calls “Plum” (looks more peachy / pink-ish to me) in their stretch sock line .. how cool is THAT! Their needle selection really left a LOT to be desired, but the yarns made me happy πŸ˜‰

Finally – normal-ish soon …

hpim2229So it finally begins .. putting my poor sewing room / computer room (AKA the cat cave) back together again. It’s been a few days of chaos at it’s best with getting the new computer up and running .. that has been it’s own saga – but it appears to be all good now and how I want / like it. I’m sure I’ve missed a few things, but that’s okay .. the other system will stay set up until I get my upgraded version of quiltpro .. I’m not about to give my quiltpro up .. no way!

hpim2226Now to put my room back to rights. My cutting table has been overtaken with various things (and all in just a week too – how sad is that??) Altho, I do have the fabric I dyed last week out ready to cut, and yarn and various computer stuff for my mac. This ‘mess’ doesn’t help me organize myself as all I see is a mess when I look here .. it’s driving me nuts .. but you know .. putting this to rights won’t actually take long .. I just have to pack up the various puter stuff and put it all in the box. It honestly looks worse than it is b/c it’s spread out .. but I’ll have a nice working space in no time and will be able to cut matthew’s windows soon .. maybe tonite??? how cool would that be?? Tomorrow is rather shot as it’s turkey day, but I imagine I can can get some stuff done ..

hpim2227hpim2228Heh .. I took out the drawer in my desk to make it easier to hook and unhook the ethernet / firewire cables for the network – yes I can get my arm back there easy enough, but it is sooo much easier with the drawer out of there .. honestly it is πŸ™‚ And this drawer is on the chair I use when I’m piecing .. so you know that will have to go back where it belongs. And this really shouldn’t take the long .. the drawer about 20 seconds if that – and that time involves me getting up from this chair here LOL.

The New Do!!

photo-4photo-5Oh and I actually managed to get my hair done yesterday – I did this right after the dog got her shots πŸ˜€ .. I had a good 6 – 8″ cut off and I got it highlighted .. wonderful way to hide gray hair me thinks .. altho I have a patch on the top of my head and that’s about it .. but it’s a sizable patch .. I didn’t feel like editing out the lens glare off my glasses so got lazy and took 2 pictures. And this was done with a program called Photo Booth on my new mac .. sure beats trying to take a pic with your arm extended all the way and doing about 5 million shots :\ .. and the camera just interfaces sweetly with the new machine – I just love it!


hpim2232I did mention on Sunday that I had done some knitting to get away from the frustration of the migration assistant not working for me .. it’s turning out really cute and when I did my swatch, my tension was spot on .. kyle wanted it so he’s off with it and doing whatever with it .. wanna bet he doesn’t even know where it is?? LOL and that was just yesterday too .. hmmm – let’s see .. “hey Kyle, where’s the swatch from the other day?” Kyle .. “Oh gee, I don’t know .. why do you want it?” LOLOLOL … KIDS!!! *znerk

At any rate, I’ve only worked on it on sunday and that was it .. it’s about halfway done – lining is just straight stitching. I’m rather torn here – once I get this room in one piece, I would like to just finish this maybe tonite so I can see if it fits or if there are any changes that I have to make on this pattern to fit me .. I plan on making a few of these for me in various colour combinations; my fall coat is darker purple while my winter coat is mauve in colour – so purple is a must and the yarn I grabbed for tying gran’s quilt is perfect for this too πŸ™‚ Nice soft colours that pretty well go with anything.

As for the snowflake I knitted the other week, Val finished hers and it IS a mistake in the pattern – she told me what she did to fix it and I’ll make note of it when I find my pattern pages – they are in the living room with all my yarn and other knitting patterns I’m using .. I have to put them into a book or some such thing as I ‘ve not printed them off for years and they are just stuck in my Vogue Knitting book (this is my knitting bible) for the time being.

ToDo List / Timing

Once I get this cleared up in here I’ve a few things to do:

  1. cut out Matthew’s windows
  2. over-dye spinner backing
  3. borders for Erica’s quilt
  4. finish ear warmer
  5. if time, do snowflake cloth giftees

Not sure on time at all right now .. I’ve lost a good week if not 1 Β½ weeks with various shoppings trips etc .. The good news is, the dog went into the vet yesterday for her shots and I got the advantage for her and the cats .. the advantage is the vet prescribed drops that go on their backs .. I’ve not seen Orion or Shadow scratching since yesterday, Pix is still scratching but not going into convulsions like he was .. he’s 98% scratch free now .. so a good cleaning with vacuuming etc, washing floors with flea shampoo, vacuum the beds and couch / chairs, spray the snot out of it and do that once a week for a bit and we’ll be good to go!! How cool is that .. I think we are going to be flea free from now on WOOOO HOOOOOOOO. I rather knew this to be the case, but the vet thinks that pix has a definite allergy to them .. whereas orion and shad are just sensitive .. oh what I said about the scratch-free – Orion just scratched .. but she is done and it was only about 15 seconds .. coo!

More puter geeky stuff
I do have an option of using a program that will allow me to install a kernel of mac os9, but that’s to much reading for right now and I’ve not even tackled it yet. Well I did download it and the documentation and will have to see how it goes .. for the mac ppl out there, it’s called SheepShaver and it looks like to get it via this page, you need to use the terminal mode to get it .. I just did NOT feel like dealing that aspect of, so I found another place to get it at macupdate.com .. and a “how-to” – but that’s just wayyy more than I want to contend with at this time .. So if any of you mac ppl reading this, actually have done this or do this, please let me know .. I feel like with a combination of shopping trips, vet visits, etc, that I’m wayyy behind on my cmas giftees.