Butterflies N Hopscotch

I rather had a dilemma of sorts today. It was time to put the binding on, but my calculations, I was ΒΌ” short .. **sigh .. of course … so that meant I needed to get creative .. which is rather fun and okay .. and this means .. my first pieced binding!!

HPIM2759.jpgI was talking to carmen and started to pull various bits n pieces of the fabrics I had left, as well as some other’s that were close to what i had HPIM2761.jpgin this quilt .. Then tossed them in some semblance of ‘order’ near the quilt to see how it looked .. Okay that works pretty good .. get rid of the two hot pinks, the blue that looks like the purple and that yellow .. to bright .. After picking thru the piles I ended up with these guys here .. and then added up what I had .. okay .. need to whittle it down a bit .. have enough here to do maybe 2 quilts this size LOL

HPIM2762.jpgI had put the quilt aside before cutting on my sewing chair .. well not even 5 mins goes by and Pix decides he’s going to claim this quilt yet again .. We’ve been having a few issues with that him and I … and he generally loses too .. but that doesn’t stop him from trying.

I start sewing my strips together – now I didn’t measure for the seam allowances .. the idea of THAT much math right then was enough to make my blood freeze – so i figured I would just go from there and add if needed .. well after all was said and done .. I HPIM2763.jpgwas 6″ short .. I’m like ..can I NOT get a break today .. and I soooo did NOT want to cut another whole strip for 3 – patches of purple – so I didn’t πŸ˜€ went digging thru my stash instead, the one purple isn’t likely to get noticed, and the 2 patches there have a silvery ‘paint’ on them so they look brighter than they really are ..

HPIM2764.jpgBut all in all with various challenges .. I am moving this quilt to the binding pile:D It’s actually ‘done’ .. there are some issues, but I can live with them and that’s all that counts since this quilt is for me .. not being given away or sold .. pour moi! How cool is that?!!?Β  First pieced binding, seams pressed open so it’s not to bulky to hand sew thru – I think it might actually work!

Tomorrow I get to cut tissue for the square deal mystery πŸ˜€

Shredding Butterflies

HPIM2754.jpgThat just sounds so evil doesn’t it?? But, it really is a good thing .. πŸ˜€ If I’m shredding that means I’m done quilting!! You can see the one corner where I picked some of it off to check my quilting and discovered that my tension wasn’t quite right. I wasn’t the happiest person in the world when I saw that .. rather a heart sinking feeling, I’d been so excited about this quilt and finally getting ot quilting it. I do love how it looks tho and the thread is something else!

It was only about 1 hours work to get it finished – including printing out the last row of motifs that I needed. I was able to adjust and get the right tension – plus I gave my machine a cleaning and oiling as it was starting to clunk. Oh my you should have seen the the lint bunny that was breeding under there (!!) WOWSERS! Surprised that my machine wasn’t coughing up lint balls! Poor thing!

HPIM2757.jpgHere’s a close up of the corner where I started with the tension not right. I ‘fixed’ this by speeding my foot and slowing down my hands. I’ve done a few batting thicknesses on this machine and haven’t had this problem before. I think I finally found it’s limit. I guess there had to be one .. no machine can be totally impervious to everything. And this machine is pretty tolerant!

HPIM2756.jpgI was tickled when I fixed it and the results. Granted the stitching is ‘closer / thicker’ than I normally like to do in spots until I got more even with it, but it’s close enough. And this quilt is for me, so it’s not like it’s a gift, nor one I’m going to sell where I’d have frogged the quilting .. and you KNOW how I hate to do THAT! I just LOVE this thread .. it’s gorgeous .. I nice weight and feel too! I swear it’s like it was made for this quilt and vice versa.

HPIM2755.jpgSo I’m steadily shredding away. it is rather tedious, but once you get into a groove, it’s mindless – just need to hope that there’s a decent movie or some such on to keep your mind busy. I’m maybe 1/3 of the way done, and am hoping to have it done later on tonite. Now I just have to think about binding .. there’s so many different colours in this quilt that I think that I can get away with anything .. not sure I want to do a light colour tho, and a lot of these colours I have no more of .. this was my first mystery and first scrappy quilt .. granted it’s ‘controlled’ scrappy, but still scrappy πŸ™‚

Hopefully by tomorrow, I can get some daylight pics of it before it heads for the binding pile . now wouldn’t that be GREAT. Hmmm ..


  1. Pieced big fan top
  2. quiltedΒ  Michigan Left
  3. got the 1800 together …

Now for March –

  1. quilted Franken’quilt’
  2. Colour Challenges
  3. quilted Kitty Quilt
  4. Square Deal Top done and basted
  5. quilting hopscotch ..


How are ya’ll doing with your WIP / WISP piles???

Butterflies playing Hopscotch

HPIM2744.jpgSo close and yet so far .. I really wanted to get this done today, but it’s just not going to happen .. see how close I am to finishing .. **sigh.

I do just love the thread I got for this! It’s gorgeous! A wee bit thicker than what I’m using in my bobbin, but that’s usually fixable by adjusting your upper tension. Operative word in that sentence is … “usually”!! The batting is causing me some minor fits. Remember how thin I said it was? Yup, it’s THIN! Could almost be like no batting at all. The lack of thickness, with no pressure from the top and bottom (doing free motion with doggies covered) on the fabric isn’t really giving the stitches a chance to ‘grab’ like they normally would. I’m thinking if that’s an exaggeration, but i don’t think so .. I do know that the thinness is causing the tension issues .. as I just did the kitty quilt (cotton batting) and the franken’quilt’ (poly) with no problems.

The ‘lack of a batting’ just made things interesting enough to make my tension adventurous! Easily solved by speeding up the machine and slowing down my hands .. so that’s all good there .. only thing is that when Reg went to sleep, I couldn’t do my slower rate so the machine was quieter .. **sigh There is no justice sometimes! So I opted to stop for the nite.

HPIM2747.jpgTomorrow before I start, I’ll be needing to print a 4Β½” row – some minor adjustments in the graphic and I’ll be good to go .. I rather thought it would be short, but wanted to see just how much short ..

I did get a pic of some of the quilting today .. rather hard to see as it’s a nite shot. I do like the way the butterflies are flitting along the quilt top! And you can pick up a bit of how great this thread looks .. almost like they were made for each other πŸ˜€ OH and for the big fan quilt?? I’m going to double this batting and see if THAT doesn’t solve things!

Plodding Along ..

Good thing I’m not in a race for any land speed records .. I’m just frittering away at the motifs ..

Took me over a day to decide what quilt to do first! I actually had my motifs all picked out for both of them, as well as being all set to print to the tissue paper. It was just a matter of cutting the paper and printing. Well you know there’s math involved of course – I want to get the most motif sheets out of each sheet of paper and 20 x 20″ is an awkward size to work with it. Plus I wanted to be sure that I had enough for both.

HPIM1994flutter1.jpgI finally opted to do Hopscotch first – mostly because this one used the most sheets and my motif sheets were bigger and involved some ‘interesting’ cutting. Seems to rather be the case with me, doesn’t it??? For this one, I couldn’t settle on a border motif – and rather wanted that squared away before I started to cut paper. Granted the border is 3″ wide, but I was also entertaining the thought of doing edge-to-edge with this one .. never done that before and the idea rather intrigued me. I’ve been thinking all along of this quilt as a summer type one .. colours, name, motifs – and the fact it rather defaulted to a really thin batting :\, and no summer scenes intrigued me enough for the borders – unless I put butterflies in the borders and a beach, summer or garden scene in the main body .. but naw .. just did butterfly borders for the kitties .. and i love the way this one flits along my quilt top.

hpim2743.jpgSo after doing my math and figuring out how many sheets I would need – I got busy printing .. refined my printing method too and it seemed to go faster with less up and down for me .. and out of 56 sheets printed – only one paper jam .. and that was my first one ever doing printing on tissue paper .. coolies πŸ˜€ Tomorrow is a good day to start quilting me thinks. FINALLY! LOL

I’ve added a new tutorial for printing on tissue paper – figure this will save me retyping it out πŸ™‚Β  Hope it helps you!

From Basting to Quilting Pile

That’s always a good feeling – moving quilts from the waiting to baste to the waiting to quilt pile. Granted I ‘cheated’ and used spray baste, but they are basted!

HPIM2729.jpgI’ve spent Β½ the nite and part of today searching for motifs for the square deal mystery quilt. It was rather tricky as this is a contemporary design, but not a new one – toss in geometric to the fun and you have some interesting ‘issues’ popping up .. I must have tried at least 8 different designs before I finally settled on one – now the only issue is whether to quilt the borders in the allover pattern, or SID them so they stand out. Decisions, decisions!! Now the thread was the easy part .. I’m going to use the thread I grabbed at fabricland for $1 a spool .. Gotta love THOSE sort of specials πŸ™‚ This thread is variegated and has the most of the colours as the quilt does .. but it does have a pretty close match up to the background material The quilting motif will be similar to an orange peel motif but with more flair and another element added in between the ‘main’ motif

As I figured, my dad came over and wanted the quilt .. he was ready to take it down off the clips and take it with him! I said – I’m likely selling that one .. he goes – how much .. I tell him and he goes WHAT??? and offers me $10 – I just look at him, so he goes up to $25 .. I just turn my back and walk into my sewing room and start to grab bits and pieces of the material I used in the quilt .. hehehehehe .. I hand the fabric bits to him and say, here you go .. $25 worth of that quilt LMAO!!! The look on his face was priceless!!! That rather ended that – for now .. we’ll see what he has to say about it when it’s quilted. Then he goes .. make them bigger .. I’m like dad, people are choking over paying $60 for a pieced and quilted baby quilt .. they are NOT going to be $300 plus for a bed quilt .. he goes .. I would .. I just look at him then look at the mystery X – yeah right!


The other one I got ready for quilting is my hopscotch quilt. This was the first mystery I did last summer. Ann Smith from Quilt Talk and Mystery Quilters (I think) wrote this one. From my thread order that came in yesterday I specifically got thread for this quilt. They all it Mediterranean and it is summery in look .. and this quilt reminds me of summer. The motif for this one was super easy .. butterflies with bees in the border .. I think .. not sure on the bee part, we’ll have to see ..



I used the batting I picked up at fabricland and it’s pretty thin .. good thing this will be a summer quilt .. I’ll see if I can double this for the big fan quilt (that would have been basted too, but ran out of backing **sigh) I had already opened this one up to ‘relax’ it and was worried about shifting – I’m not sure I can double it up like that .. Then again – telling me not that I can’t do that is the quickest way to get me to do it – or at least try it.

So, I’m off to print my motifs πŸ˜€ now which one to do first .. the mystery X will be the quickest me thinks. Specially since it’s just over a yard square πŸ˜€

Tops, sales, commissions??

W hat a whirlwind of a weekend!! First pushing to get Gran’s top done (sans borders) on Friday, then the all day power shopping on Saturday, being totally whacked and two more hours of shopping on Sunday, then our Cdn Thanksgiving on Monday. **whew!! I think I’m getting tired again just typing THAT! LOL

I didn’t even get to touch anything quilt-wise until Monday nite. Dinner was really good if I should say so myself πŸ˜‰ We picked up a 6 lb turkey breast, stuffing, 2 acorn squash, crescent rolls and did corn and carrots for veggies. Turkey cooked in about 2 Β½ hours, and I put the squash bout Β½ way thru (note to share acorn squash recipe!!), mashed the taters and Kyle did the stuffing and rolls, Reg scraped the taters. We were lucky enough that we were able to shift dinner time a bit so my dad could come to dinner. With him working midnites, it makes it rather hectic to schedule anything when he’s on shift. Sorry no pics of dinner, I supposed I could show the leftovers LOL, but naw – we ate a good chunk for supper, sorry .. oh and we had a apple crumble pie for dessert (sorry that’s gone too). NUMMY .. I am NOT stepping on a scale for at least a week!! We had a nice dinner together!!

The acorn squash recipe is super easy – it’s made with apples chopped up into it.

Baked Acorn Squash and Apples
2 acorn squash
2 apples, cored and chopped into smaller thin pieces
canola oil
nutmeg, cinnamon, ground cloves, brown sugar

Preheat over to 350Β°
Cut your squash in half, and scoop out the seeds
put your squash face down with water and bake like that for 30 mins.
Meanwhile, mix the oil, spices and apple bits together and let sit.
After 30 mins, take the squash out, flip them over and fill with apple bits.
Drizzle remaining oil / spice mixture over squash and cook for another 30 – 45 mins or until soft when poked with a fork.

As I was typing this up, I got a notification of payment rec’d. I was like ??? .. So i click on the email and open it .. someone actually bought one of my rice trivets!! Well 2 of them actually. WHOO OOOO **kittyhappydance!!!!! Isn’t that great!! This is the pair she bought. How cool is THAT!! My first sale off my website πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ .. Yeah, I’m tickled!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post ..

Last nite I finally got to work on quilt stuff. I did gran’s borders and attached my borders to my hopscotch quilt.

Gran's Quilt

Gran's Quilt


I like my quilt better, but I like her borders better – hehehehheeheh .. Not sure if the borders for mine are just to dark, but I still really love this quilt! So hopefully later I’ll get gran’s quilt to the kitchen table to tie it .. I’m going to use turquoise, purples and maybe pink threads to tie. I’ll still have to stitch the borders down won’t I? I’ve never tied a quilt before so I’m not even sure. It would make sense to me to stitch on both sides in the ditch of the borders. Her backing is going to be the blue turquoise flannel I picked up at fabricland last week. Oh and this border idea is courtesy of Mary. Thank you Mary .. It’s just a perfect touch and a great way to extend the design of the quilt top .. granted I goofed, but no one but me will know exactly how .. and there was NO way I was going to frog all those blocks .. nuh uh .. forget it .. it looks just as nice this way! (Hint if you need it .. my mediums and dark values were switched in the border pieces, and that threw off the pattern I ‘created’. See told you you wouldn’t have figured it out )

I’m not sure how I’m going to quilt mine .. if i’m going to do an allover pattern or just follow the flow of the layout. I’m sure it’ll speak to me sooner or later. This on the left is what I’m using for Gran’s backing. $2.75 / meter! When I was in before it was on sale for $5 / meter .. Very nice deal me thinks!!

Oh on other business news .. I met a new neighbour down the street. She stopped by asking about the swing in our back yard that we are using. And this lady’s as chatty as I am .. (i know .. that’s super hard to believe LOL) At any rate during the course of our chat fest, we started talking about our hobbies, she does some sewing and furniture refinishing, and I mentioned that I quilt. Long story short – she LOVES quilts and wants a queen for her room. She hasn’t picked her colours totally yet, but is going to pick the border she loves and goes from there. I basically told her that if she gives me the border, I should be able to find colours and make a queen sized quilt for her πŸ˜€ .. how cool is that .. I told her cash / cost of materials UP FRONT an she had no problem with that .. so we’ll see how that goes .. isn’t that cool! A sale and maybe a commission .. oh and i did tell her that doubles run about $200 in materials and a queen will be more .. she didn’t even blink and has NO problem with that – WOOO HOOOOOO

And I can’t forget that I went and did my duty as a citizen .. Today is the voting for our federal election .. we’re sunk no matter who wins ….

Finishes n Starts

Q uilt stuff happened again .. You’d think this was a record for me – heh .. Well I like having a ‘finish’ to cross off my ToDo list .. all the border pieces for my Hopscotch quilt are finally done! That always feels good .. granted it has to be attached to the quilt and my corners need to be stitched on, but that’s nothing. Easily manageable. I really do like doing border pieces and other small low priority projects with the leaders n enders. it gets these pesky ‘chores’ done without you even realizing it .. So it’s a nice gift to yourself πŸ˜€

So my priority list has changed a wee bit. With the 2 of Kyle’s blocks (see below) done for now, I want to get some other projects moving again. I got the flannel for Gran’s backing yesterday and getting her top pieced and the backing put on really nothing – I’m not sure if I’ll quilt it or tie it. I’m thinking tie it because it’s just the 2 layers, but with the backing being flannel .. I was thinking to tie it at the ‘4patch & HST’ intersections’. So that would mean it’s being tied every 4″ – that should be close enough?? What do you think?

Got another of Kyle’s blocks cut out and stitched yesterday. I have to be cagey about how much I show n tell here. The bugger likes to poke his nose into my blog and read what’s happening .. I’ve managed to keep him off the puter and have purposely put it at the botton of the page, but have decided to code word it Spinning Stars and will make no more reference to it being his quilt. That’s all I need for him to twig to the fact that it’s his cmas present .. and yes the brat would figure it out .. he’s to smart for my own good sometimes πŸ˜‰ But here are the two blocks together – WOW! I’m pumped bout this quilt .. I honestly actually think that this is the best design I’ve ever done!! Honestly! The red in the 2nd block is closer to the actual Reg Wings colours, but I only have so much of that and actually didn’t remember I had it until last nite. I think the challenge for me will be finding a close enough yellow. The middle of the star is prolly closest to UofM’s colour, but that was my only charm of that colour. The yellow polka dots that I’ve used (go ahead and click on it, it’ll open in a new window) is pretty much what I have. Why do I always seem to not have enough yellow??? Why can’t this colour breed when I’m not looking pfft

Blocks 1 & 2

At any rate, doing Grans’ quilt, finishing the top for my hopscotch, quilting my Michigan Left and of course the 1800 quilt .. yup still have a list and a half .. plus maybe doing some Cmas stuff to sell .. we’ll just have to see how it goes.