On to the next …

HPIM2617.jpgAfter posting last nite, I opted to finished up the Michigan Left. It was just a simple matter of doing the hanging sleeve, measuring the quilt for HPIM2614.jpgbinding, cutting it, stitching it and putting it on 😉 After all I had accomplished yesterday it just seemed like a small little bit to finish this and get it put on the binding pile … So it’s there now … waiting for the binding to be sewn on with 2 other quilts. You soooo know that feels good to get this quilt to this point! Almost a year later and it’s ready to be finished. I’m going to take advantage of this finishing streak while I’m in this mode .. Maybe with luck I’ll get all the WIPs in my pile to the finishing stage.

I was all geared up to do my Case 128 big fan quilt (not basted) or my kitty quilt (basted), but I remembered another quilt that’s been oh so patiently waiting for me .. Back last January, I finally got a quilt top done for Kyle’s bed – after border nightmares and everything! And Kyle’s been so patient about it as well .. so I figure his is next .. and it’s NOT basted, and larger than my current table that I use for basting so life is going to get interesting to say the least 😉 heh .. for my bday, kyle bought me the batting for this quilt LOL .. what a kid .. and he got high loft poly **groan

I pulled out the backing I picked for this, and the quilt top – I’ll be pressing both tomorrow and start to baste – I’m going to use Sharon’s method again – but because this is larger than my table, I might have to use tape to keep the back taunt, which is okay … as long as I’m not crawling around on the floor getting crippled for a week! Kyle even asked if I was going to have to do that when I said it was bigger than the table, and I’m like not on your life!!! I’ll make this work.

I’ve been looking thru quilting motifs for most of the afternoon to find just the right one … I have a few plotted out, but need to decide if I’m going to do an allover / continuous pattern or a block pattern .. No frilly fru fru allowed for his quilt, but I’ve a ton of stuff bookmarked and have narrowed it down to about .. oh 50 or so LOL .. Anywho .. the fun begins and my next finish is on the horizon .. Then I’ll treat myself to a new project maybe .. I’m already eyeing one 😉