4 1/2 hrs and counting … then we’re off

Still on the terror-list as a spam blog – ah well .. I should be unlocked by the time I get back from up north – I hope .. please blogger staff .. unlock me .. these verifications are murder

A s a good number of you already know, I’m leaving for up north in about 4&#189 hours from when I started this post. It’s been a CRAZY day getting all the final things together and I’ve already almost forgotten my suit! Esh! Getting all the laundry done, stripping the beds, a quick wash over in the bathroom .. (already gave it a good cleaning on Monday), showed Dad where to find all the stuff for the cats if needed, re showed him how to work the satellite box .. (he’ll mess it up and not being able to watch it LMAO – he always does!) Dropping off some paperwork downtown – (EEEEKKKKK I have library books .. let me renew them right now before I forget – gotta love being able to do this online …. ), grabbed our golf clubs, packed up a cooler of food to bring with us, cooked supper, Reg has the car mostly packed – still waiting for my stuff as I get to hold the toiletries hostage and of course there is my hand work stuff – and of course Kyle’s busy bag (ipod, books)

I opted to bring a whole clothe quit to handquilt .. I have small hoop that I can use in the car if I want and my knitting to make dishcloths .. Also with just having one or two projects I wouldn’t have to fuss and stress out about did I have enough fabric choices, threads, patterns. Doing the grandmother’s flower garden hexagons is great for a few hours as a take along .. but not for a whole week. One of the things I did today was baste it up really quick .. I set it up on the table and of course the afternoon sun hits my kitchen table .. (western exposure) Pixel decides to he’s going to take his nap right on my quilt!! the brat! LOL which was fine as i was all set up to do the first section .. but you sooo knew he would be having to move .. heh ..

But for the time being he was content to just lay in the sun and snoopervise my work .. you’d think he was an expert on quilting or something .. I tell him that shedding on the fabric and laying all over every project known to man in this house does NOT make him a quilting expert .. he just cocked his ear and gave me a look like .. “so you say” .. brat LOL. Needless to say he just sat there and continued to purr and soak of the sun as it is God given right – pfft! I did thread basting and it went very quickly .. and of course no killed back ..

I did manage to get a few packages out today; one to Joanne in NZ who’s been sooo patient with my ineptitude regarding the customs form and some fabric for Judi too … what will be really cool is that I’ll have the flannel for my 1800 quilt when I get back (**remind dad to go to PO) and my red swap blocks should be here anytime!! **kittyhappydance** Heh I bet I forget a million things .. but my coffeemaker (Gran drinks instant – BLECH) and my quilting will NOT be forgotten πŸ˜‰

The plan of action is leave at 6am EST and hopefully be back on Sat the 23rd to give reg a day to relax and do groceries then back to work on Monday – heh then one more week and Kyle is back to school **kittyhappydance** naw .. he’s not driving me nuts at all .. ilovemyson ilovemyson ilovemyson πŸ˜‰

Take care everyone and see you in about a week!! I’ll have no computer or internet access up there, but I can still be reached by direct email to me or by comments on my blog .. I’ll be going no mail on my lists shortly (self defense on THAT trust me!!) – I’m gonna miss you guys – any email I get I’ll answer soonest πŸ˜€


Bits of Quilty – Mostly packing for trip

**Sigh** My blog is still locked .. current message from blogger on my poor blog’s status – “We received your unlock request on August 11, 2008. On behalf of the robots, we apologize for locking your non-spam blog. Please be patient while we take a look at your blog and verify that it is not spam.”

I ‘ve been really really good about not starting any new projects the past few days .. It’s been hard as I’ve been rather climbing the walls, but I am going a wee bit crazy getting ready for my trip too. You know, laundry, cleaning, triple checking things, arranging for mail pick up and cat checkings – Not that my dad will see Shadow much, but we want to be sure that their water is filled as they both drink a lot.

I’ve pulled out the fabrics for Gran’s quilt – I’m making her a crib quilt size of the mystery quilt that we did last weekend .. her colours are pinks, mauve to purples, and blues .. so while it’ll be scrappy like mine and with the same hues, it won’t have as many colours .. I was rather hoping that i could have gotten it done before we left, but there was just no way with all the rest of the stuff that I had to do to get ready for this trip .. So when I get back, I’ll get to work on this soonest so I can ship it to her .. I imagine it won’t be too much to ship it with it being a small quilt. Only thing in the lights that one pink is going to give me issues .. I might just have to pull it and find another one – it IS a light, but doesn’t look like it here .. even the grayscale it looks dark .. **sigh** ah well ..

We are going up to Bobcaygeon, ON in the Kawartha Lakes District .. reg was born in Lindsay (bout 25 mins away) and mostly grew up in that area .. I took a houseboat trip up the Trent-Severn Waterway with my family when I was in my early teens .. It was awesome and I really enjoyed our last visit up there 2 years ago …. so relaxing .. and it’ll be good to see Gran and get descended upon by the rest of reg’s family .. but there’s 5 – 6 hrs in a 94 cavalier with reg, kyle and the dog :\

A while ago, I talked about the time I used cheap muslin in a quilt for filler blocks to make up for the fact that I didn’t get enough blocks in the swap to make a whole lap quilt .. well I’m going to repair it. The book I have Guide to Vintage Quilting shows me how to repair quilts – mostly I’ll need HSTs for 6 blocks, the corner squares on 1 and batting scraps big enough for them … it looks like I’ll have to cut some greens to as some of them have deteriorated since 1997 .. gee wonder why? LOL .. I use this quilt all the time .. and since it was from my first swap ever, I would love to keep it.

I was actually thinking that I wouldn’t bring any handwork with me for trip .. the idea of having enough fabric pieces and patterns and thread varieties etc was rather daunting … I was like Oh Hell NO! It would drive me nuts … I would get overwhelmed with having enough fabric pieces, patterns and colour combinations and 2 prs of scissors .. oh I have table coasters that I make out of english paper piecing, really quick and simple to do, but man oh man … I would overwhelm myself packing for that project .. so I was thinking about grabbing my yarn bag and making dishclothes … but I’m not really in the mood for that .. bah .. I have no small projects that I can do handwork on and I’m not really motivated to do hand piecing .. Then I remembered that I have those 2 whole clothe quilts .. one’s a wallhanging and the other’s a throw .. and my plan was to handquilt them .. So I grabbed the smallest one, and cut out the batting for it tonite .. well on looking at them I should have grabbed the throw instead .. less detailed .. but this will keep my busy … I just have to grab my little sewing bag (make up bag) with my handwork stuff in it and away I go .. I’ll baste this tomorrow as I folded all the laundry tonite πŸ˜€

esh attempt 4 for word verification .. oh I hate these things 😦

Crippled Internet

I‘ve been totally beside myself without my internet .. amazing how much that becomes part of your day-to-day life .. been restless and prowling around bouncing off the walls … unable to settle long enough to work on anything for any length of time – I’ve driven myself to total distraction.

While my internet was gone, I took a vaca from my 1800 quilt – I was rather disgusted with myself for flipping that row around and also for the way the other block finished up.

I’m not sure what I thought I was doing / thinking (??), but my cuts on that one block were 1/8 – &#189″ larger than they needed to be :S .. bah .. so what this meant was, I needed to check and square up those HSTs :S – well it could be worse .. this could have been 12 blocks instead of the 5 blocks for the inner section. Actually they weren’t all that bad .. just the little bit that i normally leave extra to allow me ‘flubbing’ during sewing. My machine pulls a wee bit and I’ve found that cutting a smidge more gives me some leeway .. boty did I have lee way

I did manage to get them squared and my block ended up – are you ready for this 11 x 11&#189″ – bah .. so squaring that one up made things interesting .. I’m not going to have sharp points on part of that block, but I’m not sure I want to cut more pieces out .. I’m just going to be super careful doing the rest of the blocks πŸ˜€

I’ve two whole cloth quilts and I’m half entertaining the idea of basting them to do and have some hand work to do .. There’s a LOT of work to do there and I’m sure it’ll keep my busy for a LONG time. I have 2 kits by American Heritage Quilt Collection – a wallhanging; 40 x 40″ (left image – Victorian Garden), and a throw; 54 x 69″ (right image – Grape Wreath) .. what’s nice about these is that the top, backing and pre-cut bias are included and the quilting design is stamped, washes out in cold water .. so all i have to do is supply the batting, thread and the quilting πŸ™‚ When I got these, my plan was to use coloured thread, and i’m still going to use coloured .. just what colour and exactly how much thread to one of these use?? would hate to run out of thread while i’m doing and not being able to get close to the colour – we all know about dye lots :S

This looks much better in person – I’m still thinking i got wayyy to much brown .. but ah well – I’m sure I won’t be using brown for a while – a LONG WHILE ..

I would have preferred to do the star points in darker greens .. I just didn’t have any that were large enough without having to use 3 or 4 different colours – this quilt is going to be ‘colourful’ enough as it is πŸ™‚

I’ve managed to get the 5 sisters blocks done and my center section. πŸ™‚ I’m thinking the Double X blocks next .. πŸ™‚

No Internet To-do

  1. Center Section
  2. Fix upsdown section in Underground RR
  3. Double X’s Section
  4. start quilting kitty quilt
  5. baste wall hanging – maybe

WOOT WOOT .. i’m back … but bloody well crippled .. blasted dial-up GRRRRRRRRRRR

Plaid cats n schedules

After I finished the 3 blocks above, i quickly cut out and sewed up these next too. These are plaid cats from the Cat’s Meow again. I did sew the shoulders on backwards, thank God I didn’t do the trim first like I always do. The one thing that Janet Kime does in this book that drives me more than a little bug is use the ‘draw a line from corner to corner and sew on this line for your HST’. I really do not like that method, i would rather just cut it and get it over with .. so I cut them first and then sew them on. This time I didn’t and i’m sooo glad otherwise I would have been cutting more ..

I’ll update the kitty quilt page later today .. I’m just to tired right now and I have to fix oen of the uniform shorts for Reg’s Bball team .. kids!!

Watched football and ended up falling asleep during the Giants packers game .. my sleep is so messed up right now .. matter of fact, after being up over 24 hrs, i only slept 5 😐 Was up at 2am wide-eyed and busy tailed .. well i’m feelng sleepy now, so will post this super quick and try to get some rest BEFORE the kid gets up and wakes everyone up. But while watching the game, I did do some handquilting on my WC kitty wall hanging.

My Grandmother’s Quilt

I was reminded of this quilt from a post on quilter’s corner. We were talking about how we got into quilting and I had mentioned all the things that my mum taught me to do, she never taught me to quilt. While typing that out, I remembered that my mum brought me a quilt she found at my aunt’s house when she passed. My mum told me that my grandmother made it for my aunt, but it wasn’t quite finished yet. My grandmother had a treadle machine and I can remember her sewing on it .. i had a great time playing next to her machine while she sewed. heh .. i actually have my grandmother’s quilt πŸ˜€ That is just wayyy to cool – my grandmother died in 1987 and I was pretty close to her .. I was the youngest granddaughter and of course, her pet.

This quilt is velvet, the binding is almost finished, but it isn’t quilted .. i’m wondering if maybe I should tie it?? If anyone has any ideas please let me know .. now what to do with it??? HELP!!

and yes that is my hammy dog (Orion) getting into every picture πŸ˜‰

Bits N Pieces .. Pieces N Bits

Today I perfected reverse stitching :S. I had the 1st two rows sewn together and had added the 3rd. I really wish that I had checked the block BEFORE I finished all 16 of them .. bah .. I had them together backwards .. I’m sure that makes no sense, but when you think of the squared colours going on the diagonal .. that makes perfect sense .. i had row 3 for row 4 and row 4 for row 3. So I perfected my reverse stitching technique :D. Got them all back together again and now his blocks are all going the right way .. I laid them out and am actually liking this. I wasn’t to sure on the background fabric – I still think that I should have reversed it so it was more understated; but Reg doesn’t care and all laid out it looked pretty good. I just have to square the blocks now and will do Kyle’s at the same time.

I also got together the package that needs to go to Ruth; got her fabric together to ship with the attic windows quilt. I’m really excited about sending this to her … I’m just happy that this quilt finally has a home πŸ˜€

Hmmm .. I have my kitty quilt percolated in the back of my mind and may start a drawing of it to see how it looks ..

My To Do for tomorrow is:

  • square and piece reg’s quilt top
  • square and piece kyle’s quilt top

    I actually managed to find **some** of my handquilting thread and will work on my various hand quilting wallhangings while watching football on Sunday .. I’m really looking forward to that .. especially the WC wallhanging that I call my Spats Kitty .. I managed to find a cat fabric where the cat looked very very very simliar to my Spats and with him not being with us anymore, I’m really looking forward to finishing it and getting it up on the wall ..

    It’s nice to have some projects crossed off my To Do list since I’ve liberated my quilting stuff.

  • Charity Attic Windows is finished!

    I was right, this did take me about an hour to finish. Well technically it’s not quite finished yet; the label still needs to go on, and I need to wash it. BUT it’s finally out of the “I’ve got to get this done” pile into the “one more thing to do” pile. I’ll do the label while watching a movie with Reg. I’m so happy that I find out a home for this to go to. Myself, and 5 other ladies did the blocks wayyy back in 2000 or so – shortly after thatcircumstances, forced me to pack up my quilting stuff and let it languish in purgatory for several years before it’s recent liberation πŸ˜‰

    I’ve shown Reg what his quilt will look like and he was seriously impressed! He goes, it’s gonna look like that?? I said for the most part. Then I explained that my version of Quilt Pro is so old that with the new OS, it won’t accept fabric imports, so these aren’t the actual fabrics, but the tones and hues are the same. I did a paste up of little swatches and he seemed to be good with it. Didn’t even care that it was floral fabric in some cases. Just that it will be done soon. I’ll be cutting out his fabrics tonite me thinks.

    After that I’ll be squaring Kyle’s blocks and reputting the top back together.

    needless to say, I’ve have a couple of busy days quilt-wise and am loving it!