Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial

I saw this and thought, what an awesome idea … i know i’ve a ton of FQs I’ve picked up here and there because i liked them, and they would be awesome for this idea ..

I’m not the author on this, just sharing, so if you’ve any questions, please contact the original writer 🙂



Got leftover Fat Quarters, or an FQ bundle you haven’t found a use for yet? Here’s how to make a cute and comfortable summer skirt from from your FQ stash! *

It’s a drawstring design (no zipper!), fun to make, and I’ll walk you through the details of every step. This method is very flexible and forgiving, and hard to mess up, so relax. [Continue Reading … ]

Oh My .. that’s not a &#189 yard, that’s an fq :\

I decided to start on the my smallest yardage for the foreground colour for the underground rr sections .. good thing, as when i went to open it up, i discovered that it wasn’t a &#189 yard, but an FQ – oh my .. but i was pretty lucky as I had another FQ that went well with this one .. good thing!!!!

I went over my math again and to see how much I could get out of the FQs .. I had an idea and thought that I would try to make it fit as best I could .. I wanted to have the middle sections of the blocks all the same fabric and then the outer 4 patches could be the other FQ .. It worked, BUT, I would be about 6 blocks short .. which actually worked out as I managed to get a pretty cool design element in with the other FQ. I had the second FQ be the outside 4 patches and also the end of one of the arms in my ‘circle’.

I’m being VERY careful as I sew these pieces together . normally i would take all the HST pieces and just zip along with them .. but I’m doing them block by block right now .. I’m ‘numb’ enough at this point that I am being SUPER careful, and I really want to preserve this design element ..

I’m back to piecing this part together .. I just wanted to take a break and share this with you ..

Oh – I KNEW that wasn’t a &#189 yard .. just blocked it out for some reason .. but I think this is going to look just GREAT!!!!