Challenge, Inventory, health n stuff

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It’s been a nutty week – with Reg’s basketball team season winding down, my challenge and getting sick.

Reg’s team won their quarter final game on Wednesday by 15 I think .. it was a game that the ref’s were absolutely HORRID and Herman led by at least 5 the whole game. It was good to see it! I had a splitting headache, was sicker n a dog, but enjoyed it. The semi’s are tonite and I’ll be going to this game as well. If they lose, they are out, so I want to be there to support the team.

I spent 2 days being sick and almost missed getting my candle mat in for the challenge. As it was i sent it up just before midnite and the email at midnite :\. This is the candle mat that I entered. I did the birthing method for quilting this. Made it quick to put together – I’m likely going to do this method for all the smaller items that I can; while I wish it had that pretty defining binding as a frame, i can always add an extra 1/4″ to the outside for the appearance of a border. I used green thread for the quilting and did flowers and ditch stitching.

This is the candle mat that I wished was ready. While the colours are striking in the other one, this one just speaks more to me. I used a variegated thread for the quilting and did different flowers, butterflies and ditch stitching on it.

I used mum’s machine on for the decorative / applque stitches for these mats. It only jammed on me one other time and that was right at the beginning just after I did the bobbin. This machine has such a tetchy petal!! It only has one speed – SONIC – so speed control was a huge issue for me .. but all in all, no serious problems while doing it – it was just nerve wracking is all .. thank you all for the prayers, naked moonlight dancing and burning feathers 😉

This is a finished basket; I say finished like that as I still have to tack down the flaps on the inside. This was very easy to make, altho I did have to man-handle this while I was sewing down the flaps to make the basket .. I’m just so glad that my machine was able to do this :D. For this I just did ditch stitching for the sides and meandered along the bottom for stability.

I’m still not feeling 100%, maybe 55% right now .. have another headache, and am still suffering from this cold – but i’m better today than I was yesterday and specifically the day before – Thank God!

Finished Quilt / Kitties subdued .. for now

My Darling Reg wanted me to watch a movie with him last nite. With basketball season turning me into a widow, how could i say no?? Oh lordy did I want to tho LOLOLOL .. specially considering the movie .. super bad .. it was super bad alright .. blech .. but i did take advantage of watching the movie to finish reg’s quilt 😀 😀 😀 .. WOOO HOOOO it’s all done. it’s been washed, dried and labelled. One thing off my quilty to-do list GONE :).

Another thing off my list is getting those kitties in order. Those brats have been all over the map placement wise .. I’ve hesitated to post a pic of them together as it’ll likely have changed by the time you see it. My plan (after a bit today) is to stitch them together – no mind you, this will NOT stop me from ripping the whole top apart as i’ve done it before when i didn’t like the final appearance of something .. would prefer not to frog stitch all that – but it can happen LOL – it’s almost the size i wanted it .. 1/2″ short from top to bottom and I think it will be 1/2″ to 1″ short from side to side. My issue was the middle row- while i wanted space to highlight the twisted tail kitties (focal point), i didn’t want to add to much more space .. i think that there is an excellent balance in that row and another smidge of space might have overdone it .. now I can always add to the first block if I feel so compelled.

I think that i’m changing the name of this quilt to kitty puzzler as it’s like a HUGE jigsaw puzzle with no fast set way to put together.

Kyle’s Quilt – The Nameless Quilt – DONE!

Whew! It’s done!! I was beginning to think that it would never happen! I mean .. how long should it take to sew on 4 strips?? In this case, bout 2 days .. maybe 3 .. it’s all a blur at this point. The quilt was larger by 1/2“ and 1“ at each end .. not one of my measurements was the same .. and the scary part is that I squared the bloody blocks!! BAH .. I agonized and agonized on how to do the borders since the border method I chose killed a lot of my fabric .. gots a LOT of triangles of it now .. frankly i’m not sure i want to see this fabric or pattern again ..

I got the top and bottom borders sewn on last nite, but by the time that was done it was like 4am .. i had had enough of it at that point. I knew it would be about another 1 – 2 hours of work to get it totally finished. Plus I didn’t look forward to crawling on the floor to pin it .. Knew that i would have to since I would have to lay it out flat-ish :S to get the right borders on the right sides. What I ended up doing with the borders was doing vertical pieces of blue with horizontal pieces of red, green and blue of course. Heh .. they actually managed to center some what okay as well .. The green I picked rather melts into the background and you can’t really see it .. I was worried about that, but wanted to use the same green that was in the quilt itself since I had enough to do some diamonds with it. The red and yellow show just fine tho, which pleases me ..

I’m just glad that this quilt is done .. I made a LOT of mistakes when I cut it out / sewed way back when .. and I can’t see that my skill has improved in 10 years since I didn’t sew in that time .. but maybe I am more patient now??

Oh meet the man with the wing-span to hold this monster up .. this quilt covers my king size bed with a smidge going over the edges .. LOL .. maybe I could do a king size quilt in this house .. basting it will a LOT of fun me things .. ya right! Hmm maybe it should be called Crooked Diamond Dreams? Whatcha think? Suggestions for a name?? I’m still to close to the border battle I had with this one to think positively about it and I don’t think that a quilt should carry that for it’s lifespan .. after all it’s not it’s fault 😉

Now off to scan my kitty pp patterns .. then my next plan of action is to baste reg’s quilt.. which he has already reminded me of LOL .. Gotta love him!

Finished Quilt – "Back it Up, Sparky"

Looks like this quilt won’t mutate on me again .. altho one can never be too sure as I still have to quilt it :S. This was my first attempt at more than just strips for borders and it took me longer than it prolly should, but I so wanted to be sure that my math was right as I didn’t have to much of this fabric to spare.

I agonized over the colours for the border on this too .. I knew I needed to use the dark blue and the dark red to emphasize them in the quilt, but those two fabrics are so close in value that it would have been a blur .. so I had to pick a green at that point – but committing myself to that was nuts but then, how to make it stand out .. Good thing that I have a lot of hair; I’d be bald otherwise – i’m sure it was because i’ve not used this many colours in a quilt before and i was nervous as about it, or because this is the first project that I’ve started since i unpacked everything .. (UFOs turned WIPs don’t count) .. Reg was laughing at me because I was scared to start cutting .. he knew how happy I was that everything was finally unpacked and just chuckled at my case of nerves LOL .. silly man!

He’s not seen it totally yet, he had to leave for basketball practice before the final side was put on it .. he’s gonna LOVE it … heh .. i have our stocking holders weighing it down on our tv LOL.. that way I KNOW he won’t miss it .. altho Pixel is going nuts trying to figure out a way to get on it. Poor Pix. I’m pleased with the results of the border .. i was only 2/8″ of an inch off on each side.. one was short, the other was long ..

For the actual quilting, I’m thinking about baseballs and bats in the spaces above the D; basketballs next to the S and P, and footballs under the Lion. OR, I can do a baseball diamond surrounding the D, basketball courts with keys on the S and P and a football field with the lion on the 50 yard line .. quilting it will be the easy part me thinks .. heh ..famous last words!

Kyle keeps saying “Wow mum .. that looks really good” “Reg is really gonna like it” . ya know .. a 12 yo DS don’t look good turning a nasty shade of green .. maybe his quilt will be for easter instead of his bday .. much closer.

World, meet “Back it up, Sparky”

Charity Attic Windows is finished!

I was right, this did take me about an hour to finish. Well technically it’s not quite finished yet; the label still needs to go on, and I need to wash it. BUT it’s finally out of the “I’ve got to get this done” pile into the “one more thing to do” pile. I’ll do the label while watching a movie with Reg. I’m so happy that I find out a home for this to go to. Myself, and 5 other ladies did the blocks wayyy back in 2000 or so – shortly after thatcircumstances, forced me to pack up my quilting stuff and let it languish in purgatory for several years before it’s recent liberation 😉

I’ve shown Reg what his quilt will look like and he was seriously impressed! He goes, it’s gonna look like that?? I said for the most part. Then I explained that my version of Quilt Pro is so old that with the new OS, it won’t accept fabric imports, so these aren’t the actual fabrics, but the tones and hues are the same. I did a paste up of little swatches and he seemed to be good with it. Didn’t even care that it was floral fabric in some cases. Just that it will be done soon. I’ll be cutting out his fabrics tonite me thinks.

After that I’ll be squaring Kyle’s blocks and reputting the top back together.

needless to say, I’ve have a couple of busy days quilt-wise and am loving it!