Square Deal Mystery

With moving the kitties to the binding pile, I decided that it was time to let myself do a new project .. wow my first one this year since ‘The Big Fan’ Mystery that I did (which is up for basting btw). This one’s the Square Deal Mystery  from quiltbug.com – Kris has this listed under free stuff / mysteries – she’s also the list owner for QuiltersBee, one of the Yahoo Groups I belong to.  This is another New Years Day mystery that I wanted to do, but didn’t get to on the day for various family reasons. (Yes I was planning on doing two mysteries the first few days of the New Year ;)) Glutton aren’t I???

HPIM2708.jpgI was planning on doing this with orange as my main colour, and doing it scrappy if I needed to .. now I LOVE scrappy quilts, but there seemed to be a lot of cutting for this mystery, and frankly, the idea of digging thru my scrap bag and getting ‘enough’ colours together in each colour family in each value was just to much for me to even think about .. so I didn’t .. Figured I would would work with FQs if needed (for the orange), and larger scraps .. I won’t bother showing you a pic of my table with with all my fabrics exploded all over it .. it made no sense to me and I was here LOL. I decided on orange, green and purple for my colours for this quilt – and was able to use larger scrap pieces for the purple ..

hpim27101I made a mistake when I started to cut .. I used my dark orange instead of my medium orange for the main colour and since I was using FQs, there just wasn’t any to spare, and it was to narrow for the rectangles .. so I needed to get inventive with another dark colour .. then I remembered the binding that I used for kyle’s quilt .. it was red with orange in it 😀 PERFECT! So that became Colour 1B (dark) for this mystery and while it doesn’t work as well as my original plan did, this works well enough .. I was able to salvage that mistake at least and I needed to cut inventively and creatively for my background material  – please don’t ask unless you want to hear my cry! (Note to self – get blender material!!!) So I took last nite and cut out all my pieces for the clues and labelled just so .. All I need to do is put the stickers on for which square is what number and I’m ready to start Clue 1 😉 I’m tickled about this mystery and am VERY excited to do this .. yes I know what it looks like and that’s the HUGE part of it now for me, instead of the mystery of not know .. I’m wishing I had been capable of doing this on New Year’s day .. but I’m going to love this one!

Altho I do love them all don’t I?? LOL


March Colour Challenge(s)

March is the first month for a series of Colour Challenges for this year. I’ve picked orange for my first Colour Challenge .. I recently learned to like orange through doing Matthew’s quilt and also seeing various friends use orange in their quilts (which are always so bright and cheerful!) .. it’s given me a new perspective on orange which in my head I has always been as “jailhouse jumpsuit orange” .. tends to give it a rather negative connotation me thinks.

HPIM2650.jpgI did two challenges with orange – the first one was an abstract quiltlet using orange as the focus with 2 of my favourites – purple and green. The orange is from an FQ that I bought just for the purpose of stretching my colour muscles, the green is a batik with leaf shapes on it, and the lavender is hand-dyed by me. I wanted to do take a traditional blockHPIM2658.jpg and put a twist on it so to speak. So I took the shoo fly block, used the orange as the central block, green as the background of the block and the hand-dyed as the background. I cut the pieces with my pinking rotary cutter and just tossed the pieces pell mell on my background. The only thing that I wanted to ‘control’ was that the corners of the orange sections were touching .. I do rather like this – I wanted to do a generalized background quilting, but thought it would be too busy if I had done with all the orange and green floating around on it .. I call this Orange Shoo Fly Spring Explosion.

HPIM2660.jpgI got to thinking, some people might not want to do this challenge as one they would be working in a hated colour and then not know what to do with the bloody thing after the fact. One of the members on OST (Joan – she’s listed under the virtual chaper), runs a block lottery etc for QFK (Quilts for Kids). I suggested that maybe they could get an FQ and make up blocks for QFK as their challenge – well I did both parts of the challenge .. The only thing that Joan wanted was that the fabrics are kid friendly and that they follow the block that was chosen for this quarter .. It was the Tam’s Patch off quilterscache. I used a funky kitty fabric, the hand-dyed lavender and another orange with neat swirly hearts on it .. The orange was less than ½ an FQ and I used scraps for the lavender HPIM2662.jpgand orange pieces. I know that the orange was to be the focus, but with this being a kid friendly block, I rather thought that the kitty fabric would be more in keeping with that theme .. so I used it for the 2nd fabric instead .. and could almost be the focus minus one square .. these blocks too me less than 45 mins to cut out, stitch, press and square ..

So I’ve managed to get an abstract quitlet done, stretch my colour muscles, and make up 2 blocks for charity – I feel pretty good about that .. and this all took less than 5 hrs at the most .. and get 4 quilts to my binding pile .. COOL!

Now what to do .. big fan – baste?? kitty quilt – quilt?? hopscotch – baste?? Hmmm decisions – decisions ..

Topped Tiles; Matthew’s Window

I finally got back into the swing of things after finally being able to fall asleep at 3am yesterday after being up for over 36 hours .. oooohhhh I hate it when I do that!! I didn’t oversleep tho, only 9 hours which is good, because normally I would be out for at least 13 .. so that works .. granted it’s 2:27am and I’m still up, but when a muse bites me, I tend to listen .. I don’t even bother arguing with it .. I would have gotten up anyways to listen to it and to finish fussing – ah well ..

hpim2188Erica’s top is done .. no borders yet, but done .. putting the rows together went very very fast! Could be because this is a lap quit – not sofa size, just Erica size 🙂 .. I almost drove myself to distraction with which colour to start with, then I got a grip and just closed my eyes and toss / spun ..

I’m still working on the border, after the reaction to my ‘filler’ border for the tutorial, I rethought it – well the border is interesting to say the least and Carmen is helping .. but alas .. poor Carmen has a dead furnace and is dealing with that .. I do have a few extra options that I’ll put into play if need be .. but regardless – the dark purple that I picked up last weekend at Joann’s will be the darker part of the border .. and I’ve not dyed the rest of the border / backing yet, so no rush on this part.

hpim2197With Erica’s borders curing (so to speak), I moved on to Matthew’s .. I had quite the stack of fabrics pulled for this and I wanted to use them all too! But that just wasn’t going to be feasible! So with working with Photoshop, my digital camera I spent a few hours working things out. These are the hpim2190final choices of what’s made it .. yes there are a few extra greens in there .. well come to find out, I’ve a FQ of that green and while it was ‘interesting’ when I picked it up, I wasn’t in love with it .. but it is PERFECT for this quilt .. but do I have enough .. NOPE .. ½” shy if you can believe that .. Pfft but the butterflies for the windows is just the right touch ..

mattswindow1I redrafted the pattern in quiltpro (no paperpiecing me thinks) and reduce the size of the block .. It’ll work, but is that what I really want to do .. this quilt is only going to be roughly 37 ½ x 42″ .. a good sized wallhanging .. but I really don’t want to go smaller .. Then as I was standing there tossing my options around in my brain, I saw my green batiks from a few weeks ago .. (oh and yes, that orange was supposed to be for me too :'() Now I have 2 FQs of the lighter one and ½ yard of the darker one with orange. So I do have options to keep this block at 6″ finished. I think that the red, green, orange, yellow and black are going to look just striking together .. I still have to dye the yellow and that will be tomorrow’s project 🙂 Tomorrow all the fabrics for this quilt will be ready and I really hope to be cutting on it tomorrow ..

oh jiminycricket .. i think reg wants to head stateside again .. &^$%&&*^&*( pray he forgets .. those shopping days really toss me off my track and whack me out to no stinking end!

On a side note: I’ve pulled my yarns for my earwarmers – babyweight on 4mm needles .. the instructions say 3.5mm circular or DPN .. I have a mess of 3.25mm and 3.75mm DPN, but only 4mm in the circular … even with going thru my mum’s needles .. no 3.5 .. it’s a conspiracy I tell you!! I think the circular’s would be MUCH easier for me to work with as I’ve not used DPN in like 10 years (!) .. maybe just make my tension really tight?? I’ll have to see .. If I had my druther’s I would likely work on the 3.25mm needles – my tension’s usually spot on, but my head is smaller – I wear kids hats – and she doesn’t list a finished size for this one. Crap shoot anyone?? heh ..

Have fun everyone and Good Night 🙂

Thursday is for Quilting ;)

Tomorrow is going to be a great day quilt wise :D.

  1. The attic windows charity quilt has a home with Ruth in Georgia – I just have some diagonal quilting to do as the 90% of it is already done and it’ll be time to put the label on and close up the top where I did the quilt birthing. I’ll be sending this quilt along with some fabric and boo-boo blocks. It is my goal to have this quilt finished tomorrow. God willing
  2. Reg’s Quilt has finally resolved itself in my mind .. i’m going to do a variation of double irish chain. Since my quilt pro is so outdated, it won’t accept new fabric images from me .. so, this is a close representation of the fabric that I’m going to use. The background isn’t country but is off-white in colour and has flowers and ‘foilage’ that pulls most of the colours that are represented together; the greens, reds and blue are pretty close in tone and hue. This quilt is all strip piecing then cutting, so this shouldn’t take me all that long to do. it was fun getting all these colours to work together .. The colours I ended up with are not the colours that I started with for the most part. Reg’s quilt should go very quickly for me. Cut strips, piece, cut and resew 😉 .. voila .. gotta love quick quilts. And he will prolly only use it for the winter to keep his feet and legs warm, so this one needs to get soon!
  3. Kyle’s quilt is finally back in blocks – I finished that this afternoon. I’ll press the blocks then square them up. Then sew them all back together :S .. I hate it when I’m a twit! Hopefully that will teach me .. prolly not tho. I’m going to finish up Kyle’s top after I get reg’s fabric cut out. I still need to get some backing for this quilt so there isn’t that much of a hurry to get this all together until I have the backing fabric.

I’m going to have a busy day tomorrow me thinks .. wonder how much I will get done .. it will be GREAT to cross off items on this very old list .. But Lordy is it GREAT to be back sewing again!!! WOOO HOOOO **kittyhappydance