Art Illusion Mystery

I just can’t seem to help myself πŸ˜€ I’m not complaining, but here I am – off doing another mystery that I squirreled away. Now I don’t do them all mind you .. but this one appealed to my sense of style and design.


Part 1

As usual, my cutting table looks like a war zone when I start to plot and start. For this one I wasn’t even sure what my background colour would be .. I tend to be at almost a critical shortage of that right now .. sooo I’m going scrappy with this one πŸ˜€ Granted I’ve ordered from Joann’s .. but by the time they got to cutting my order, they don’t have the 3 yards I ordered (a week ago plus), and I jumped on another great sale – and of course every fabric that I ordered – SOLD OUT! Where’s the justice in this world!?!?!? PFFT!! Ah well that just means that I have to stretch my creative colour muscles and see what I’ve got to work with.

Now I had a few issues with this pattern; The fabric guidelines were vague to obscure – in a conversation with a lady at the company that sponsors this, she said she can’t wait to see what colours I come up .. my response .. Me either!! Ya’ll know how I feel about using a whole square to create a HST then do nothing with the resulting orphan .. well one step required that, so I reworked it to so I didn’t have that orphan πŸ˜€ And another step the amount said to make for one block part wasn’t all used .. so I basically printed out the final layout, counted the blocks there, and went from there .. even with these hiccups and whatnot .. now this could just be me missing vital stuff or just being quirky .. but this pattern is gorgeous and i’m glad that I’m moving forward on it :D.


Part 2

I’ve spent all day choosing and cutting, choosing and cutting .. choosing and cutting … well you rather get the idea I’m sure! I’m pleased with my final fabrics – this is going to be end up as a very delicate feminine quilt with a lot of floral fabrics. Amazing what’s lurking in the bottom of your scrap bag .. heh .. If I don’t use all these bits and pieces that I’ve cut, then I’ve at least got 2Β½” strips or pieces ready for something else πŸ˜€ So that works for me .. tomorrow I start to piece πŸ˜€

Very pretty – BUT

Y esterday started out innocently enough – heh that should have been my first warning .. well actually it wasn’t all that bad .. just super busy .. By the time I was able to get around to cutting / sewing, the big push was on for scheduled ‘life’ things.

Kyle was being picked up by my dad to pick up his hockey equipment after school – free ice hockey – can you believe that!?? Equipment, sign up, everything FREE .. I’ve never been able to afford to put him into ice hockey and this was just great – so my dad brings him there, but wants me to come with him .. BUT, I have to get supper cooked, finish the laundry etc, and eat before we left at 6:30 for a meeting at the church for Kyle’s confirmation this year .. oh and Kyle’s off school at 3:30 .. yeah things were a wee bit tight .. so I declined my dad’s offer to accompany him (can we say the word snit), but he was in one of those overgrown kid modes that drives me insane anyways .. so it’s better to have him in a snit than ME bout ready to kill him. We get back home from the church around 8:15 and reg is just getting home from basketball practice .. since my basketball widowship has officially started, I do like to spend time with him .. sooooo – no cutting til Reg heads for bed around 10.

hpim2148So at 10pm last nite, I finally get to start cutting. As per her instructions, I cut out a 1Β½” strip of each colour and a 3ΒΎ” strip for Fabric D. I start to read her instructions and realized that she’s left out mentioning another Fabric A strip .. so I cut that – then I start to think, let me cut out what I’ll need for one set of blocks from these strips ..

According to the instructions I should get roughly 25 4patches from one strip .. I got 28 – close enough .. This would all depend on your fabric width, be it 45″, 42″ or 40″ I guess I got lucky :D. So I’m happily stitching away and decide to make this quick, so I use my June Tailor short cut ruler .. zip zip zip, put my 4patches together, go to square them, and holybiblebatman, they are all smaller than they should be and I definitely used a ΒΌ” seam – then I remember, whenever I use the June Tailor ruler, I end up with my units being smaller than if I used my fiskars or olfa ruler .. I’m not sure why, holding my cutter at an angle?? The fact that it’s OLD and maybe has nicks out of it?? but that means I have to adjust for the next few rounds when I put the logs on .. no big deal, my seam is a smidge smaller than ΒΌ” but it can throw me off when I piece so I have to remember and take that into account – it gets nerve racking at times.


My 12 4" blocks

So merrily doing the blocks, this method is great – rather like crumb piecing, but you do need to watch yourself so you don’t have to much space between them – (remember you have to cut these) .. so out of the 28 4patches, I ended up with 17 patches on logs, I move onto the next strip, I managed to get 12 patches put on logs. I squared up at this time due to my smidging to make my life easier .. I manage to get all 12 patches on the last log, then add the outer log (separate – not strip piecing involved here). I press them, take them to the cutting board and I have a gorgeous 4Β½ block .. !?!?!?!?!?!!? It was supposed to be 6″OHBLOODYHELL. I instantly knew what I did. Lord, please save me from my own stupidity!

It’s actually quite simple really – I knew that in order to have 6″ blocks, I would need to have my logs and patches have 1Β½” FINISHED strips, which would mean, I would have to cut 2″ strips .. dingbat here read 1Β½” strips in the instructions and toddled along blithely in her ignorance (arrogance???) pfft!! TWIT Understandable, but not acceptable. She did state in the pattern just how large the blocks would be – but that was in the intro, tucked into a sentence – I’ll be doing some rewriting I guess.

So at this point, I have 12 blocks that are 4½” and enough 4 patches for 16 more blocks, with 5 other’s with a log on them .. BLOODY HELL

I am not doing this quilt with 4” blocks .. Oh hell NO! I’m only down maybe 3” of each fabric but the blue and that is more like close to 6” .. Plus I have those bad cuts from the june tailor ruler .. So I scrap it and start again .. Good thing I only cut what I needed based on 1 set of strips. Based on quilt pro, I’ll need Β½ yard of each colour – the one I will have issues with is the dark pink – not sure I’ll have enough now, but I do have a lighter pink and will just put the light blocks in the center or the corners, we’ll have to see how it plays out .. I could dye more fabric, I have that flamingo pink dye .. And I can do 2 yards instead of 1Β½ to ensure that the dye is light-ish and not NEON pink ..

So it’s fixable with a few options – Lord save me from my own stupidity please – grant me the intelligence to check things twice before I do stupid stuff like this …

Well I guess I have the makings for a wallhanging for this (**rolling eyes)

Time vanished? It’s a Mystery

I t’s been a super crazy busy weekend – and I didn’t go anywhere (!)

First of all I woke up late on Friday – I had an extra large tim Hortons (potent coffee) on thursday nite and was ZIIIIIIIIING BOINGGGGGGGG WIRED and didn’t get to sleep until like 9am Friday AM .. woke up to Reg home from work at 3:30 – and it was one thing after another until later that nite.

After Kyle left with his dad, we went out to supper at Vang’s for Thai food .. **slurp**, and then a stop at Fabricland πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ They were having a pretty nice sale going on .. 50% discontinued fabrics, 33% off others, some notions were 50% – so I reconnoitered my battlefield and plotted my strategy .. I wanted to get some purples for the “All in the Family Colour Mystery that I and 4 other ladies were test driving for Carmen .. well that didn’t work out to well there, but I did get some colours that I’ve not really used before .. This up coming year I really want to “force” myself to use colours other than my favourites .. each of these cuts is a metre and the bottom three on the left could actually be used for a quilt with the yellow as sashings or what not .. i honestly didn’t even look for that! The solid red and black will be used for my discharge dyeing (when I can revisit that!)

After that it was back home and to the cutting table .. I found clue 1 in my inbox when I got home, so the race was on πŸ™‚ Since I didn’t have full yardage for all 4 colours, I was using small cuts and scraps .. and as you all know, cutting the smaller pieces into 3″ squares takes TIME! I think it was like 4 or 5am when I got done cutting and wasn’t even about to start on the mystery.

I gets up Saturday (late due to stupid bed time) and got kidnapped for a ‘2 hour shopping trip” .. we booked out the house around 3 and didn’t get back til 8 – i should soooo know better LOL .. but that’s okay, we always manage to have fun together πŸ™‚ Get back and like a good detective, I start at clue 1. I worked all the clues until clue 7 when my brain just went pfft It just didn’t want to think anymore – so I gave in .. off to bed I went and of course, it’s like 5am or later again.

Before I started Carmen’s mystery, I finished up the last cut Ohio Star block – knowing me I would have lost the pieces and would NOT have been a happy camper at all! I just have to cut two more blocks and then I start to piece the sections!!!!

Between the clues for Carmen’s mystery I did the leaders n enders to get all the way to clue 4 for gran’s quilt (QT summer mystery) I’m maybe 1/3 of the way thru that clue .. so this quilt will be done in no time with using this method .. the next project to get done with this will be my lady bug court wallhangings that I designed a million years ago ..

I did get the rest of the mystery tested and we had an absolute blast .. I just have to put borders on it – sorry no pictures until after we start the mystery on the group and only then it will be the current clue solutions – but I can show you my fabric choices as she’s already uploaded that part to the group. I’m going to do the next one in blues .. I forgot my aunt had given me some fabric and there’s blues in there – so blues the next one will be πŸ™‚

Poor puppy has fleas again and gave them to the cats, so part of Sunday was spent giving her another bath, giving the cats flea ‘shots’ defleaing our house, sweeping, vacuuming, washing everything NOT nailed down .. now wasn’t THAT fun pfft! and of course we’ll be doing this at least twice a week (the house defleaing part – not medicating the animals)

I have a list of things that I want to get done this week

  1. last 2 Ohio Star blocks
  2. piece 1800 sections
  3. September abstract challenge
  4. catch up on mail / ppls blogs
  5. gran’s quilt
  6. put this wc together – have some great ideas for the quilt part
  7. fix my 97 swap quilt
  8. quit n baste projects that are missing me

I’m sure that there are more, but these are the ones that I screamng to me right now .. I’m sure with just plodding along and doing what I do, it’ll be done in no time πŸ™‚

I hope you all had a great long weekend ..

I’m my own worst enemy somedays :S heh

You know, I just couldn’t figure out for the life of me why my rectangles in these sisters blocks were giving me so much grief .. my test block went off without a hitch .. so – I decided to get very extra steps .. with each star point that I did, I square up the pieces .. the squared pieces would be 4&#0190″ square, so i squared them up and then realized immediately, that my rectangles were cut for 25/8 x 45/8 – Oh Bloody HELL!! NO freeping wonder – AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH – **deep breath** Okay .. no big deal, sew my seam an 1/8″ shorter – well that worked .. my block laid flat – whew!

I discovered another issue while doing this .. with my ‘testing’ my sewing and doing the speed piecing method, I did those HSTs at a spot-on &#0188″ seam, well my math / directions etc called for a smidge less .. so my HSTs aren’t exactly 25/8″ when finished .. talk about being your own worst enemy. I’m going to end up with squished points on these stars, but some will be okay.

So these next 4 blocks with this blue, will be done VERY carefully .. but they will be a nice flat 11″ unfinished block πŸ˜€

Thank God I only have 8 more of these blocks to go after these 4 – the strips are cut out already so I can correct the rectangle for the next 8, and will do my smidge seam for the HSTs .. those blocks might actually be ‘perfect’ .. heh .. I certainly don’t have to worry about this quilt being perfect .. it’s well past that LOL

Good things do come πŸ™‚

My son has been trying to get back into my good graces by doing some yuck work in the basement .. well in his workings yesterday he found a box that I’ve been crazy looking for – you know … the one that is listed in my projects to find?? The one with my dyes, green pigma pen, pooh bear stamps, handing quilting thread and all those betweens?? I asked him this morning to please keep his eyes open for a box that had this stuff in it .. wouldn’t you know, the little darling said, “Oh, I found that yesterday!” I dared not hope too hard – but he brings it up and voila! There’s my missing stuff .. the box wasn’t labelled so no wonder I couldn’t find the blasted thing!! But I have my fabric dyes again – oh and novelty buttons that I forgot I had .. altho, I thought I had more of them – He’s going to keeps his eyes open for other sewing related stuff .. this is just GREAT news!!!!